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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Dark Fate
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 08 October 2017
  • 9780373117635

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    Re Dark Fate Charlotte Lamb continues on in her quest for the Ultimate Mystical HPlandia experience She totally succeeds in this one and it is so whacktastic, it is Fantastic.Saskia is a total revert to CL s old skool fragile flower heroines She has no spine, no calcium and never intends to even think about such a toxic subject, even in her subconscious mind She does have pretty, dark colored hair that bells out around her Madonna like face, accenting her big blue eyes and she loves to garden Saskia can also read people s minds.Not all the time, mind you More like she gets flashes of what they are thinking and feeling at random moments Particularly when the people around her are in the grip of a big emotion She doesn t understand why some people freak out about it, for her it is just like channel surfing on the TV, but Saskia doesn t worry about it too much, she likes her own company anyways and growing things.Saskia and her bossy boots boss, Jamie, are doing the garden tour route of Italy When the story opens we are in Venice and going to the Baroque Palladian Gran Teatro Fenice a famous opera house to see Verdi s tragic story of a fallen women who gives up happiness for the sake of her true love s family La Traviata But Saskia is very agitated and it isn t cause she had to go get a cavity filled at the dentist earlier Nope, Saskia knows that she is being hunted, she can FEEL it and she also knows who is doing the hunting her estranged husband she ran away from two years earlier, Domenico When the theater darkens and the opera goers are happily singing the first act drinking song along with the opera cast, Saskia opens her mind and does some hunting of her own She soon locates Domenico, glaring at her from a box in the pricier regions of the theater.Saskia makes an excuse and leaves after the first act, totally missing Violetta s dramatic death scene, as she rushes to escape the pursuing Domenico Jamie, who is a bossy boots, but also a decent English bloke, escorts her back to their group tour hotel and tells her to have a nice cup of chocolate before going to sleep CL goes ALL out on the food porn on this There is dish after dish of delicious Italian cuisine and I had to go hunt up some truffles in white sauce with bits of Parma ham before I was finished with this one Saskia can t sleep for fretting about Domenico s startling appearance in a town she never thought he went to, and we learn that Saskia fled her husband two years earlier after a bad miscarriage and Domenico s father trying to kill her The next day, while touring the Gallerie dell Accademia to view the Bellini paintings and studiously avoiding looking at The Madonna and Child, Domencio arrives Suddenly Saskia KNOWS that he can read her mind back and he is BETTER at it than she is even tho he always laughed at her before.Saskia tries to escape, but Domenico is a full fledged CL Alpha Male Italian HP H and resistance is futile He soon has both Saskia and Jamie whisked off to his original Palladio designed home on the Brenta Canal, when he corners Jamie in the salon of the hotel the tour group is staying at and invites him to come look at his overgrown, in need of restoration gardens.Since Jamie owns a garden centre in England and Saskia is his rose specialist, Domenico lures Jamie with the promise of a big rose order for a garden he wants to put in Saskia is resistant to the idea, she is wanting to go with the tour group to Murano and she has told nobody about her life before going back to England two years earlier.Jamie is adamant they go, business and mucking in gardens are his favorite things While Jamie is indulging in discovering rare Renaissance plants in Domenico s garden jungles, Saskia is reunited with her guard dog, Suki, and Domenico is demanding an explanation for her running off on him He has been frantically searching for her for two years, when he wasn t working, and he wants to know what could possibly have happened to make her put him through so much torment and anguish So much anguish that it even put his mind on the same psychic connection wave as Saskia s We learn that Saskia was a regular, middle class girl who lucked into a garden job and liked it She and Domenico had a bit of whirlwind courtship and then she found out Domenico was seriously rich when he took her home to meet the family.Domenico s family were all very Aristocratic Northern Italians and Domenico s father was appalled that D had brought such a nobody with nothing into their midst The faithful family servants, except for the head gardener, were rude and abusive to Saskia following the lead of D s father, sisters, friends and the rest of the people that Saskia was forced to live and socialize with.Domenico worked 10 to 12 hour days and Saskia wasn t allowed to work She also couldn t leave the heavily fortified estate without an army of bodyguards, because the entire family was at risk for kidnapping Which was a real issue in Italy back in the 70 s and 90 s, wealthy and powerful people were kidnapped for ransom and then executed Saskia isn t a social person at the best of times, so in the misery of a life that stiffled and smothered and frightened her, Saskia took refuge in the gardens Domenico wouldn t even take time off for a vacation and when Saskia got pregnant, she had a fall and suffered what sounded like a very late term miscarriage or still birth Domenico was so angry when he came to the hospital, that both the nurses and Saskia were convinced he was going to beat her A major depression followed for Saskia, especially when her doctor told her she would probably never be able to carry a child to term Knowing that children were the main reason that Domenico s family even marginally tolerated her, Saskia felt even isolated and alone and then there was the final, unrevealed altercation with Domenico s father that sent Saskia fleeing Domenico then reveals that he knows about the misery his family put her through and also that his father had a major heart attack the day she left and has been seriously ill ever since, he doesn t have too long to live and Domenico has taken over as head of the family.Jamie makes his reappearance from the garden roaming at this point After finding out that Saskia is Domenico s wife and having a delicious food porny lunch with lashes of truffles in white sauce amidst the decadence, Domenico demands that Saskia accompany him in his helicopter to Padua, his father wishes to see her.Saskia does NOT want to go, she is terribly frightened But bossy boots Jamie is adamant that Saskia HAS to go visit a dying man and he and Domenico bully her until she agrees to go Then Jamie goes with one of D s bodyguards and disappears into the HP mists, never to be seen again.Domenico and Saskia have a huge reuniting Purple Passion Lurve Mojo moment and Saskia knows that there will never be another man for her, but she also knows she just can t live Domenico s lifestyle and so she also can t stay, she just isn t good enough to be with Domenico and she KNOWS it.Domenico assures her that she never has to see his family, except for maybe his youngest sister, Anna, whom Saskia really liked He has this fabulous house he inherited and restored for her All new staff, except for the head gardener that was Saskia s friend, who will cater and bow to her and many, many minions who will make sure EVERYONE treats Saskia with the respect her fragile flowerness is due So she will never have to entertain business clients or do social things, cause Domenico is all about keeping delicate rose Saskia happy now and he can mostly work from home.Saskia knows she has to go see D s father, so we all go to get into the helicopter when DRAMA strikes The heli pilot is a kidnapper and he and the co pilot have guns They shoot Domenico s body guards, they live btw, and shoot at Saskia, even tho D tells him she is his secretary and put a black bag over Domenico s head and spirit him away on the helicopter.The police are called and Anna and her husband show up Saskia tells the police about her psychic network connection with Domenico and they don t believe her Even when she tells them that Domenico is in the mountains in a hut somewhere and that his former femme fatale wanna be OW secretary had something to do with the kidnapping Saskia explains that she knows all this cause the Domenico Saskia mind meld is on full broadcast mode.The police are very doubting of ESP, however they discover that the wanna be OW secretary has a Sardinian husband of dubious business practices and a brother who is a helicopter pilot After a night of worry and waiting, Domenico is rescued, the OW and co are in jail, and Domenico is joyously reunited with Saskia.After the lovely reunion, duty calls and Saskia and D are off to Padua, to see D s father Saskia gives us the scary details of the day she ran away in flashback, as we make the journey by car this time Saskia had been moping around the family estate and wandered into her just finished decorated for the baby nursery She is overwhelmed with horror at all the things her precious child will never get to use and so she starts dismantling it in her grief Domenico s father comes in at this point and makes hideous accusations that losing her baby was all her fault He hits her and he shakes her and then he tries to strangle her Saskia is so out of it she doesn t even fight, until D s father has his hands around her neck This snaps her out of her funky fugue state and when D s father storms off, Saskia grabs her wallet and her passport, gets a lot of money out the bank and sneaks of to England to hide She knows she can t bear to have another child and she also feels she just isn t worthy enough to be Domenico s wife She believes that Domenico will be able to get an annulment in the finest feudal Italian traditions, as soon as her barrenness becomes public.Saskia returns to the present as the gates of Domenico s father s hospital open Saskia is terrified, but Domenico holds her hand thru the big confrontation and Saskia is torn apart by pity as she sees D s father is a shrunken, fragile old man.Domenico s father makes his big confession, in front of Domenico, and then Saskia forgives him The old man wants her to come back later, he still has to say and apologize for, but Saskia is very non committal She just doesn t fit into this world, she and Domenico met when he stepped on her foot at the Chelsea Garden Show for pity s sake.We get a cute little flash back of how Domenico nearly trampled Saskia at the Chelsea show and then he fell in love in a heartbeat and wooed her and won her sweet little unicorn petting self in two weeks Saskia was so lost in love, it never even occurred to her to ask what kind of life she and Domenico would lead.Domenico is adamant that Saskia stay with him forever now, so when a big thunderstorm pops up, Domenico gets them a suite at a local hotel After marvelous food porn, Domenico does the big I love you and I am never letting you go even if we have no kids speech it was really, really well done Saskia finally gives in, cause she loves Domenico madly and Domenico has very carefully arranged the entire universe around everybody and everything Not Upsetting Saskia, Ever Saskia knows that Domenico is a very Alpha Guy who has the money, the adamant will and the power to always get his way in everything too So with a sigh of relief and a huge roofie kiss that is surely leading to a massive Purple Passion True Love Sparkly Transcendent Bliss moment, we leave Saskia and Domenico to their very Mystic Lurve Connection HEA and another really entertaining dramatic CL HPlandia outing This book is Fabulously Whacktastic and so OTT in Trainwrecky Avalanches that is should probably be on the Cultic Whacktastic HP list I enjoy this one enormously every time I read it and highly recommend it if you want to walk on the seriously wild side of HPlandia.

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    That was hilarious The book starts like any old Harlequin romance Alpha Italian millionaire check Virginal country bumpkin girl check Big Terrible Misunderstanding check And then, there s the telepathy.Uh, what Apparently, h has been telepathic her whole life No explanation is really given for this except some vague musings about television airwaves Whatevs I thought it was hilarious that h and H can read each other s minds, dream the same dream, and even send each other sexually explicit images the telepathic version of sexting I guess but neither could figure out how to resolve the Big Terrible Misunderstanding that had torn them apart for two years But wait Just when you think they have reconciled and headed towards finally solving that Big Terrible Misunderstanding, suddenly a kidnapping plot complete with helicopter, armed gunmen, and ransom demands abruptly disrupts the plot And h is now solving the crime by using her telepathic powers to reach her husband So deliciously OTT This was overall a very entertaining,very sweet read, if reading an old timey, non pc, fluffy piece of Harlequinny goodness can help you pass the time before your next heavy read.

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    So many great reviews, so I won t go into plot details Charlotte Lamb has a genius for opening a novel With a few words we re at the opera, we re plunged into an emotional vortex as the heroine senses her estranged husband in the same room with her It s been two years that she s been on the run from her wealthy Italian husband but their feelings toward each other are as strong as ever.I enjoyed their encounters and the mystery of why the heroine left until the kidnapping That felt a bit intrusive to the private emotional adventures they were having Also, the heroine forgave the hero s father a bit too quickly for my liking She was having nightmares for two years because of him I don t think deathbed forgiveness is a get out of trauma free card, but it seemed to work here.I do wonder if they will try for another baby after she designs the rose garden That kind of question would have been answered in an epilogue which they didn t do much in the old skool.These quibbles aside, this was a very solid story and a very enjoyable vintage Hero is great and his love for the heroine shone through.

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    I enjoyed this for what it was A pretty good older HP It had the interesting twist of having both the heroine and hero have pyschic powers although for the hero just with her I liked that, although the heroine had left him 2 years ago, he had spent the two years searching for her He had tried hard to figure out what had gone wrong with their marriage and change it for when he found her again It would actually have been interesting to be in his POV as he searched for her That would have been some melodrama But this starts once he has finally found her She had had a miscarriage and had been so depressed and had felt he blamed her, which along with some in law issues, made her leave Okay, I always kind of think that romance authors make a bigger deal of miscarriages than is realistic If they were writing about late term ones I could see it but early ones, while disappointing and sad, don t really tear you up so bad that you never want to risk trying again I had 2 so I m going by my own experience Perhaps if you d had 5 or 6 and couldn t keep trying it would be a bigger deal However, those of you who don t like epilogues where the hero and heroine are shown with their lovely new baby will be happy to know that this one ended with no baby in sight.

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    The hero is a 4 the heroine is a 2, and barely that.Sturm and drag story of poor pitiful heroine, not good enough for patrician Italian snobby family She is totally justified in her feelings about the H s family view spoiler After losing her baby, she s packing up the nursery when her FIL, who hates her, comes in, belittles her and grabs her by the neck saying he could kill her She runs away hide spoiler

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    Even though I have some issues with this book, I loved it SO MUCH that it s going on my favorite HP shelf SPOILERS AHEAD Things I loved1 The crazy woo woo factor I love paranormal biz, and it s very rare to see that in a Harlequin Presents The fact that the heroine could read minds feelings, and then the husband developed the same talent that connected him to the heroine, is soooooooo weird and lovely and swoony romantic Gothic LOLOLOLOL In a HP LOVE THIS SO MUCH Also, the first scene is fantastic She is at the opera in Venice and just knows he is there, somewhere in the darkness, looking at her Hot diggity damn That s awesomesauce 2 The setting was fabulous So many wonderful details about Venice Just gorgeous and lush and utterly romantic More swoony time 3 Since I have a background in botany horticulture, I LOVED the fact that the heroine is a horticulturist and was working as a gardener and all of the discussion of renovating the historic rose garden.MORE SWOONING PLANT SWOONING 4 I totally loved the hero He is just madly in love with her and heartbroken she left him and has no clue why and is begging her over and over again to come back to him Oh dear Lord GO BACK 5 99% of this book was perfection for me However.now onto the 1% that was a muck upBad Stuff I just had to laugh about thisthe husband is kidnapped in a super melodramatic waygun men grab him, throw a bag over his head, drag him into a helicopter and fly away with him After some woo woo communication, the wife helps to find his location and he is saved.Now, you would think that the trauma of a kidnapping and near death experience would be a black moment for a book.But no.Five seconds after he s kidnapped, the plot continues on as though it never happened and the H h are bickering again.LOLOLOLOLOL At one point, I read some dialogue and thought, Seriously This guy was just kidnapped and no one seems at all traumatized Umokay But I just let it go, because it was sort of part of the whole Gothic melodramatic feel However, the ending There was no ending They were working towards a resolution, having a good open discussion about their future, and then.Nothing.Hee hee WHAT IS THAT It was sweet and a bit romantic and hinted at a resolution and happy ending But the kid thing was left unresolved It was just a really disappointing non ending.Weird.But then again, this whole book is pretty weird Which is probably why I like it so much In spite of the non ending, I m giving it an A.

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    Dark Fate I reread this again to get a second feel of it and to my surprise, I actually liked it a lot the second time around Dare I say I might even love it, except I didn t love the h The plot line is that H and h were married two years ago He s a rich, powerful blue blood with a family from hell She s a poor, young, naive girl with a special talent of telepathy They met, fell in love and married His family hated her, especially H s father She was intimidated by his lifestyle, feeling out of place and bored He was too busy to notice that she was miserable, that his family except for his youngest sister treated her like crap She got pregnant and had a miscarriage Because she s telepathic, she felt that the H blamed her and hated her H s father almost killed her one night in rage so on the brink of a nervous breakdown, she left a note for the H and ran away Two years later was when the story begin She was on a business trip with her boss when she saw H again During the past two years H never ceased to go look for her He never gave up He s the star of the book Probably one of CL s best, most underrated H I overlooked him until the second time around Although still an arrogant, jealous alpha, he never hid his feelings from the h He was very open about his live for her, his struggle and pain to find her, his devotion to her After he found out how she d suffered while married to him, he took steps to reconciling it by buying a new house in a new city, new servants, changing his lifestyle to fit hers He was just waiting to find her again He admitted he s been faithful to her Seriously, heroes should take lessons from him Heroine, on the other hand, wasn t worthy She was constantly running from him, even towards the end Shoot, if she doesn t want him, I know plenty of women that would Rich, handsome, faithful and devoted Very un HP I don t hate the h, just didn t like her as much Definitely a recommendation for this book.

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    Kind of bland in spite of the smitten Italian hero, paranormal aspect, and a kidnapping believe it or not The resolution at the end fell flat too This romance just lacked some good ole love and passion on the heroine s part What s the point of giving wet noodle Saskia a telepathic connection with Domenico if her feelings are just lukewarm I understand she put them into storage after the trauma view spoiler of a miscarriage and nearly being murdered by her dear father in law hide spoiler

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    Dark Fate is the story of Domenico and Saskia, and oh SO MUCH DRAMA This book has everything An estranged couple A runaway heroine A dark incident A jealous, crazy in love husband Telepathy Kidnappings yes no yes omg no plot Evil FIL Lovemaking Angst HEAIm sucker for a devoted, celibate couple and this had it However, I wish we had an epilogue in order to see if she ever got over her fear.Safe4 5

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    I found this book pretty mediocre The telepathy element didn t work for me, if you can read each other s mind, there shouldn t have been mis communications or misunderstandings, right The kidnapping part was too outlandish, and the ending was abrupt The main reason I give this book a 2 star is because I didn t feel any sense of loss, despair, fear, sympathy, etc.

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