Dark Dominion

Dark DominionHow Could Such A Love Have Died Caroline Asked Herself The Useless Question Her Marriage To The Distinguished Lawyer, James Fox, Had Been Nearly Ideal Now There Was Nothing Between Them But Cold Contempt In Her Loneliness Caroline Turned To Her Old Friend Jake Redway, The Successful Actor He Offered Companionship And Was Willing To Offer Much But She Could Not Relinquish The Austere, Driven Husband Who Had Once Held Her Heart He Had Become Brutal, Icy Every Encounter With Him Was Dangerous Caroline Had To Save Him No One Had Ever Needed Her

Sheila Holland,

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Dark Dominion
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9780373103454

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    I had a stress related migraine by end of Friday this legendary classic was the best OTC remedy I wouldn t say it s mindless cuz it s haunting, fascinating, provoking for a 188 page controversial magnet, it packs quite a punch So then I went on a tear read 3 HPs in a 24 hour span cuz outta the blue I had an insta HP craving my TBR skyscraper was looking scarily tall Madness indeed, cuz it s contagious LOL Now I see wot the fuzz is all about This oldie has all the ingredients that should hold v li l appeal on paper yet it s oh so unputdownable, revolving around a hero who s a lean, mean prick breaks his code of honor by committing the most heinous crimes in romancelandia raping bitch slapping his wife, all in the name of the sacred jealous rage a heroine who only bears it justifies his actions cuz she s a glutton for punishment, e.g the back of her head a little voice asked warningly if she could take this endless effort to soothe his jealousy, but she brushed it away.This problematic couple is unable to break free from their toxic relationship H H are textbook example of why they should stay far, far away from each other, yet thru a tumultuous journey, they still end up w a dubious HEA If there s such a thing as a 12 step jealousy management program, James should be the 1st one in line on lifelong meds He keeps her in a gilded cage He systematically isolates her from her circle of friends He s cold tight lipped He scares the bejesuz outta her, to the point that she has to rehearse in advance what she wants to ask him The significance of that symptom alone shoulda been a major Mayday Mayday red alert, alas, this chick s not the brightest crayon in the box She has no freakin idea that all this time her mental case hubby has been harboring unhealthy, disturbing, jealous possessive thoughts his inner rage boils over the moment he meets Jake last He didn t wanna impregnate her cuz he wanted her body, mind soul was not too keen on sharing her w their baby Some books reach the wall banger hall of shame if they have a deal breaker hero can t keep it in his pants due to estrangement wifey s inability to enjoy marriage bed after such a harrowing trauma of losing her baby This book has a heroine that almost strays James is a hotshot barrister on the rise, whose flinty, professional persona frightens the daylights outta her, the 1 only time she witnesses him in action Caro was an aspiring actress It s insta luv for both H H when they bumped into each other on the street The book opens w a glimpse to H H s sad state of marriage He makes a disparaging comment bout his wife s drab, ghost like appearance suggests her to do some shopping It gets better better, w a familiar I can t look away from this hypnotizing trainwreck cuz it s so bloody intense formula, which makes this a purrfect guilty pleasure Caro s been existing in a vacuum for months She got preggers plunged into months of deep post miscarriage depression A chance encounter w a former BFF snaps her outta her trance Her friend gives her a physical emotional makeover Caro hooks up again w her platonic thespian pal, Jake, who pulls some strings gives her the 1st acting gig since she gave up her career for marriage She starts to realize that he s always carried a flamin torch for her since dwama school she s the only 1 in the universe who wasn t aware of it Things get chilly home The heroine s conviction in terms of which of the 2 men she has feelings for was as deep as a broken fingernail times I actually felt sorry for the poor bloke the violently jealous hubby cuz of course he keeps a tight lid on his insecurities vulnerabilities She was stringing both men along for way too long For the men s sakes, she shoulda put em outta their misery by not being so wishy washy It seemed to me that Jake had screen time than James I didn t quite grasp Caro s rationale in not making a clean break w 1 or the other times There s a vibe that she was eff ing w both men s minds, which was so wrong on so many levels the most pivotal juncture of decision making She still did not know which of the men she preferred, but something in her nature turned finally towards the dark uncertainties of James s character, partly because she knew in her heart of hearts which of them needed her, wanted her the most.I gathered that the decision she tentatively made, was NOT based on which man SHE luved , her foundation was which man was needy pitifully obsessed w her I scratched my crooked wig Is it urban myth that gals tend to be attracted to the dark allure of bad, domineering boyz Keep in mind, that s just my interpretation This must be why all those romance books w the word Dark on the covers, are perched on top of bestseller list cuz they sell like pancakes I think if it were me, I hope to hell I d have the option of ducking under a witness protection program change my identity B4 losing my health sanity over 2 men unless they re hawt like Giulio Berruti Brandon Routh hehee. , cuz the maintenance would be too damn exhausting in the long run James, if you seriously think that keeping me away from Jake will alter the way I feel you re blind emotions aren t altered by circumstances If I loved Jake I would go on loving him even if I never saw him I kinda disagreed w Caro s B.S cuz methinks in some cases, removing yourself from the ultimate temptation is the key to success in making relationship work Even if love doesn t enter into the equation, human beings are not always resilient in the face of temptation Sometimes peeps end up together due to circumstances or proximities or whatever In all fairness to James, where there s smoke, there s fire He reveals that his dammed up insecurities stem from the fact that Caro subconsciously mentioned Jake s name innumerable times pre marriage Now that Jake Caro hang out again, Jake hounds her after being given the greenlight by her reaction to his kisses, not respecting that she s married Outta consideration for her hubby, Caro shoulda found another gig that precluded Jake, esp cuz she hubby were going thru a rough patch She obviously never heard that 3 in a marriage is a crowd, but what the hell None of my beeswax The purpose of reading a book was only to work out the kink in my nerves All my niggling doubts made no difference in the end, cuz it s still a stupefying, thrilling, pure escape, tho I gotta say I didn t quite buy the hero s drastic turnaround luv is like the amoeba theory I figured that anytime she so much as blinked another man or noticed another chap in her peripheral vision, he d go off the deep end again the vicious cycle would go on Sharing has been his weakest link If there s a epic HP saga featuring a wobbly, dysfunctional H H who got nuthin in common but chemistry, I d luv to read em, only as a scientific character study, of course wink wink James takes morbidly jealous heroes to another dimension Coincidentally, this was the 1st of 3 books I ve just read in a row that have gray eyed heroes 2 of em were Brrrutal w heroines Whazzup w that If U like alpha gamma heroes, knock yourself out It s an addictive, dwamatic, memorable tale of WTF H H gone wild There s nuthin romantic than when a hubby professes his undying luv for his dearest wife by threatening to kill her, numerous times not that I counted 2 They do lotsa damage to each other s psyche Caro tries to delve deeper into his background, in her vain attempt to find a reason for his barbaric thoughts actions, but there s no family neglect abuse anything, it s just him That s all, folks I thought she sold her soul by letting him shape her into his ideal wife She s a walking, talking poster gal for domestic violence victim.This female empowerment saga has high tension Luv it hate it, it s the kinda stuff that makes readers like me fall in luv w HP all over again cuz it s so good.

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    This certainly isn t a romance in the usual sense It s an intense marriage in trouble story between a neurotic, beautiful actress heroine who is a tad self centered and a jealous, insecure, successful man who doesn t know how to cope I ve read this one before and I think I liked it better this time I really didn t like the hero all that much the first time I read it he s not meant to be a likeable character and that s the strength and weakness of this story The heroine s actions seem perfectly reasonable the first time you read it You think oh, poor dear her husband s so cold She s had a miscarriage He kept her from her friends Now he s making it with a fellow lawyer at work.So it s okay to stay out all night and not let anyone know It s okay to let the hero think she s having sex with the bff It s okay to talk about how she doesn t know which one she wants It s okay to pretend to stroke egos and to star in your own drama so that you have two guys growling over you sigh I know the two rapes by the hero are considered shocking and horrible and they are But reading them again, these two encounters were also points of connection for the heroine That indifferent cool husband of hers was putting her front and center and showing her his feelings I m not apologizing for the rapes To me, CL is using them to show the H s state of mind and the heroine s craving for connection It also seemed the heroine reveled in the pain during and after the attacks There s a point where she talks about being glad to feel again after the six month depression she had been in even if the feelings were painful.The hero seems to be the opposite he feels everything and tries to control it by not showing his emotions That they come out in violent ways is all the surprising and dangerous If this guy weren t at the top of the socio economic pyramid, he d be in jail for these antics I find it ironic he s aiming to be a judge when he can t get his own life sorted out.The bff his HEA comes later in A Secret Intimacy is an actor and someone who likes to create drama wherever he goes I didn t get the feeling he cared the same way as the H for the heroine He loved her as friend and fancied her but that was it Part of his pursuit of her seemed to be about getting a rise out of the hero as it was about getting the heroine into bed He backed off easily and seemed to enjoy the heroine s discomfort, which is not hero behaviour, imo That the baby is the catalyst that allows the hero to realize that love isn t a fixed amount seems like such an unsophisticated idea for these sophisticated brittle people And for the hero to realize that the bff is the only person who would be just as enthralled with the baby as he is well it s almost unbelievable But then you realize this hero is really a primitive guy behind this sophisticated fa ade Charlotte Lamb uses the word tribal to describe the camaraderie of these theatre people and, ironically, I think it s the hero who yearns for that sense of belonging even than the heroine Seeing him again in A Secret Intimacy, I think that s what CL was going for he s the lonely one, the judged one, the introvert who hides behind his intellect and status The heroine is starting to understand this at the end of DD This is an interesting psychological character study with plenty of blame to go around for the shakiness of their marriage Heroine needed to grow up and learn her own mind Hero needed to express his feelings using his inside voice It s not a feel good story although the dad and baby scene is sweet and touching at the end For those who wonder about these things the hero never cheated on the heroine She overheard something and misunderstood.The heroine never went to bed with the bff, but she did kiss him and was tempted She was a virgin when she married the H.

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    read this because I thought it was going to be full of the crazy old skool But it failed me I didn t like the heroine I didn t like that she was wishy washy about who she loved after having been married for 2 years That s not what I m looking for in my HPs And while he was jealous he lacked a bit in the follow through Some of the spots where it seemed that he might be the most unreasonable, he was all talky and communicative They spent most of the book apart.Nope not a fan Gotta read the next one though to see what happens with Jake And by the way thank goodness there was an actual other man who challenged the hero instead of the other man having a weak chin or a job as an accountant or a wandering eye etc., as so often happens in the HP world.

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    This one made me stay up WAY too late last night

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    One of the better vintage Harlequins that I ve read At time I thought the heroine would end up with Jake the other man , but James her husband had gray eyes and everyone knows that Charlotte Lamb heroines always love gray eyed men The heroine didn t think the hero loved her, but really he acted indifferent to hide his intense, possessive love of her When Jake came along, she finally gave him something to be jealous and possessive about

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    This Hero, he is an intelectual Looking down at others He is a lawyer, he should be for Justice Incongruous view spoiler he rapes his wife, because he is jealous Does this justify anything Noooo hide spoiler

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    This is one of my favorites It has the elements that are expected in an HP A stuffed shirt who is a barrister and very jealous of his young, artsy wife who is his opposite means fireworks and a lot of misunderstandings The marriage was not a solid one and when Caroline lost her baby the marriage hit bottom She became depressed and very lonely and he was not very sympathetic or understanding Throw in the other woman and the other man you have much tension and a lot of passion of sorts with the husband hanging around though he gives the impression that he wants the marriage to end.There are so many twists and turns and so much talk about divorce by both the H and h and a lot of leaving and returning, it is enough to give up on these two CHeating seems to be on the scene which in this case does not turn me off I have reread this book many times and for some weird reason I like it There is a sequel A Secret Intimacy that tells Jake story.

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    3.5 stars.This rant may contain spoilers I wish there was a warning that things turned rapey Not just once but twice And the way the heroine react to the second rapey act was disheartening The first one, she got angry and distance herself from the hero Good for her But then the hero did that again, plus some slapping, and she forgave him What He even knew what he did was wrong and he want to separate himself from her afraid that he might hurt her but she said it s okay blablablaI kind if lost interest then but I m curious how things ended It s HEA of course, he suddenly overcome his jealousy and possessiveness because the other man called him After the heroine try to convince him that she loved him and never had an affair with this other man and he didn t believe her, but a phone call from him made the hero saw the light It would ve been satisfying if the hero go see a therapist to deal with his problems.It s too bad, because at the beginning I like how this book portrayed the reality of a relationship.

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    as much as i enjoy reading about a jealous possessive hero, this one was wayyy over the tophero was so jealous that he didn t want to have a baby, just so he could have all of the heroine s attentionhe wanted her to cut off all relations to her friendsand as a running vein throughout the entire story, he kept saying he loved her so much that he would kill her one day seriously AND the final straw was when H was so rough with the h that he caused bruiseshe is a dark dominion indeedbut just not for me

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    don t care about the hero and heroine they both are unlikable it s a wonder they could make a couple.there s a little bit cheating heroine too just not my thing.

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