Damek's Redemption

Damek's Redemption Myths And Legends Are Than Just Passing Interests For Sonia Agostino She Holds Degrees In Folklore And Anthropology, And She Comes From A Family Of Keepers, Humans Charged With Helping Paranormal Creatures Survive In The Modern World Recently, Her Research And Her Intuition Have Led Her To Chicago S Inhibitions Nightclub Its Enigmatic Owner, Known Only As Damek, Could Be The One Paranormal Creature She Has Never Seen A Vampire Except He Won T See HerDamek Has Good Reason To Refuse An Audience With Sonia One Look At Her And His Gut Reaction Is She S A Serious Threat To The Simple, Highly Disciplined Routine That Keeps His Bloodlust In Check Worse, She Has Unwittingly Led Vampire Hunters Far Too Close For ComfortYet When She Stubbornly Shows Up At The Nightclub A Second Time, He Cannot Refuse Her The Force Of Their Attraction Explodes With Erotic Power And Danger For When Sonia Discovers That Her Suspicions Were True, She Finds Her Loyalties Unexpectedly Tested And Her Choice Will Forever Change Both Their LivesProduct WarningsThis Book Contains Smokin Hot Sex, Intrigue, A Mysterious Sexy Vampire, Vampire Hunters, Werewolves And A Huge Greek Family

Once upon a time N.J had the idea that she would like to quit her job at the bookstore, sell everything she owned, leave her hometown, and write romance novels in a place where no one knew her And she did Two years later, she went back to the bookstore and her hometown and settled in for another seven years.One day she gave notice at her job on a Friday morning On Sunday afternoon, she receive

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  • ebook
  • 290 pages
  • Damek's Redemption
  • N.J. Walters
  • English
  • 11 September 2017
  • 9781619212909

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    I hadn t thought about Damek getting his own book because I thought the focus was on the werewolves and for some reason I thought Ms Walters would go back to the pack living North Caroline with Alexandra and her father James Riley the alpha there Damek getting his own book was an unexpected, but wonderful surprise In the previous books I didn t really think Damek was hot I read about him gliding and how he s entrancing, but I kinda though he was like a smarmy Bela Lugosi character I actually thought he was a bit gay because of his fascination with Craig Quinn s and Chrissten s fully human halfbrother.

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    Maybe it was because the previous books in this series painted Damek as such an intriguing, dark and mysterious character that I expected I was disappointed I can t say what I expected his story to be, but I do know whatever it was, it wasn t this Still liked it well enough.

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    5 Stars My Rating Scale 1 Star I hated it.2 Stars It was pretty bad.3 Stars It was okay.4 Stars I liked it.5 Stars O.M.G It was AMAZING My Review Will Contain Spoilers Sonia Agostino is a university professor, she is also a Keeper A keeper helps paranormal creatures live their life in the modern times She knows many things about werewolfs, mages, and shifters, but nor a lot about vampires, and she really wants to meet a vampire After doing some research, she has a feeling that Damek, a wealthy club owner in Chicago, is a vampire She is right, but she has no clue about how old he is or how quickly she will fall in love with him.Sonia went to Damek s club to find out the truth about him When Damek first sees Sonia, he thought that she was the descendant of Elizabetta, a past love, and is instantly intrigued, but he refuses to meet with her He sent her away and then followed her.While he is tailing her, he finds a vampire hunter lurking behind a corner He has a brief conversation with the hunter the then compels him to forget about him Damek then follows Sonia back to her hotel and invades her dreams The next day, Sonia goes back to the club to try to see Damek again She recognizes him from her dream and freaks out a little bit At the end of the book, the vampire hunters break into Damek s house at noon to stake him, assuming he is asleep, and find Sonia there too Sonia tries to hit one of the hunters over the head with a skillet, but before she can hit him, he stakes her in the stomach Damek then wakes up and comes to attack the three hunters With his powers, he holds the hunters against the wall and goes to try to save Sonia Just then Sonia s family shows up and kills the hunters while Sonia tells Damek to turn her into a vampire They exchange blood, a voila, she is a vampire Soon she and Damek tell each other that they love one another and they have their very own HEA.

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    3.5 sThis started out as my favorite Legacy book, but it went downhill from there Sonia whipped back and forth between being scared of Damek and trusting him so fast and so often that my neck threatened to snap And they fell in love in spite of this in something like a day Also, we were left with unfinished business, but maybe that was deliberate.I do have to say that I loved the character of Damek He was powerful, suave, and sexy Yet he was also vulnerable, as a good alpha hero should be.

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    I really like N.J Walters, but this wasn t my favorite book by the author I think it would ve helped if I d read a few in the series before this one I think it would ve given me a better background of the characters and made the overall story enjoyable for me That said, I would still recommend this book to readers who love vampire novels It is entertaining And if you ve read the previous novels in this series, you ll probably really enjoy this book.

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    I liked this one, but it wasn t as good as the others in the series The beginining was slow and didn t pull me in as fast as the other books There was a loose end in the book that bugged me and that I won t mention in case some feel it is a spoiler Sonia was a good match for Damek and I could see the 2 together, but they just lacked the chemistry and fire that the other couples in the series had This is not one I am likely to re read.

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    Damek has always stayed with me so I was delighted for him to get his own story I loved Damek and Sonia, they were well suited and their interaction and that of the support cast was engaging and well delivered This story is definitely a keeper, I have purchased each of Legacy books as soon as they were released and the only reason, I didn t devour it before now is that I knew this, and Craig s Heart would finalise the series series that s how If you haven t read the Legacy series, I recommend you start today.

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    Not my favorite in the series, I found Damek a bit too much of an asshat, he was cold and distant, even after they got together and had Sonia been a stronger character and less pitiful I would have been ok with it ,but it just felt like he was being cruel to his puppy.

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    Really good read My Second favorite out of the series Finished in a day

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    Another awesome book from N.J Walters Reading the earlier books being introduced to Damek in the previous stories was just a glimpse, making the reader hungry to know about this character Damek s past is still a mystery but we get to see his soft side We see his ability to accept the feeling of love even if he is not sure what the feeling is Sonia is a level headed, strong intriguing character I found myself really liking Sonia I felt the pull of wanting to know about her family right away I wanted to learn about the Keepers what they were about I wanted to know about her ability the supernatural background in which it came As the story progresses you see Sonia fall for Damek Damek questioning his feelings for her Damek feels the lose of Sonia not being in his life with just the thought that she might not be tries everything within his power to make sure that she is safe The vampire hunters are seen here showing that they kill all in their path regardless of human or vampire This makes the Vampire Hunters enemy 1 in my book.Looking forward to the next book in this awesome series.

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