Crystal Warrior (Legend of the Crystals, #1)

Crystal Warrior (Legend of the Crystals, #1) Larissya S Life Changes Forever When Her Grandmother Gives Her A Magic Crystal That Shows Her Glimpses Of The Future Hunted By Mercenaries And An Evil Group Known As The Triad, She Is Rescued By A Large Brute Of A Man Named Talos And His Band Of Diminutive Followers She Soon Discovers That Everyone Thinks She Is The One Referred To In Legend As The Crystal Warrior And That Her Destiny Is To Gather The Magic Crystals And Lead An Epic Battle Against The Triad A Battle That Will Determine The Fate Of Agorai Itself But She Doesn T Yet Believe That She Is The OneThe Triad Has Other Plans Plans That Involve Capturing The Crystals And Using Their Powers For Themselves Plans That Involve Murder, Madness And Pain They Have Been Waiting A Long, Long Time For The Warrior To Awaken From The Magic Swords Shakari And Antare, To The Gigantic Reptilian Bird Known As Taradahn, To The Mysterious Worm Of Power Called Ishak, To The Magnificent Tree City Of Frizl, Larissya S Story Is Full Of Wonder And Darkness Will She Triumph Over The Forces Of Evil Will She Obtain The Power Of The Crystals Will She Be Able To Save Her Friends Or Will They Die At Her Side Didn t hold my interestNot able to put my finger on it but this just didn t hold my attention so I kept skipping ahead, may have been due to the constant switch of views, I really have come to dislike it when authors do this. I wanted to really like this book There are the makings of a really good story here, but the book fails for me for a number of reasons In my opinion, the world building fails I never get a sense of what Larissya s world is like Elim, Alorn, Onan are they names of residents of different countries Different races or ethnic groups Different sub species of humans That question is never answered Widgens appear to be a different sub species Why is she the Crystal Warrior Why does her grandmother have a crystal bonded to her Why is it passed on to Larissya How come it is the only crystal embedded in a person None of the other crystals are so embedded What is the Triad, why and how are they evil Why have they been waiting all this time to act A prophecy is talked about, but what is the prophecy How did it come to be How were Layissya s Companions chosen What impelled them to help her They don t seem to know themselves.Strangely, except for the Triad, Larissya and the Companions and a few others gathered along the way, the entire population of Larissya s world appears to be unaware that an epic struggle between good and evil is going on And the resolution of the quest for the crystals, for me at least, negates the entire previous struggle, and raises questions that I can t ask here without a spoiler, and I won t do that Show, don t tell Sure, but in the Crystal Warrior, there needs to be telling, because the answers to the questions I ask above are neither shown nor told A content editor could have made many suggestions to improve this fantasy novel Several rewrites could lift it from mediocrity to a book worth recommending as I said, there is the germ of a very good story in the pages of this book. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review The author has a unique and refreshing imagination I did enjoy reading this quite a bit It was wonderfully written Cooley described the worlds wonderfully, I was able to mentally see all the scenes However, I had a harder time imagining the different characters He could ve gone in depth with them I would ve loved to know. This is the first book by Mike Cooley It s a high fantasy adventure story Larissa, the main protagonist, is supposedly the legendary warrior, who is destined to get all six of the magic crystals and save her world Standing in her way is the Triad, who want to use the crystals to bring about death and destruction.The books starts off gritty and relentless and doesn t stop Within the first chapter, Larissa is running for her life, and the book continues at a nearly breakneck speed The chapters are short, adding to the pace of the book, which is good for a story about people running from place to place.The world building is excellent in this book Cooley has clearly thought about Agorai very carefully, giving names to various plants and animals, cities, food, and The book is full of detail about the world, with strange wondrous names, something I knew threw off other reviewers I really liked it, it gave me a sense of the world and a being there feeling This wasn t Earth with a few strange names, it was Agorai That being said, some of the animals were not given any sort of comparison to draw from There are birds and small animals constantly referred to but no description, I didn t know if they were supposed to resemble rodents, squirrels, or what The same thing with some of the birds.Directions are very important to the story, and it would have been nice to have had a map printed in the book to see where the cities, rivers, and islands were in relation to each other But each city was unique and well thought out Cooley put a lot of love and thought into this world.My biggest problem is the pacing The fast pace suits an adventure book, with opposing forces racing for the same objects But it leaves little room for character moments The biggest flaw is the budding romance between two of the minor characters They meet, travel, then one is killed and the other grieves and cries and tells how much they loved each other I never, ever, got the sense they had a relationship Some of the journeys take place over several hours, sometimes days, and these lulls would have been perfect opportunities for character building moments We don t learn much about the characters outside of the legend and their mission, and if feels like a wasted opportunity Some of the characters are quite endearing.I also wished for of a character arc from Larissa Sometimes she seems very unsure if she is indeed the legendary warrior Sometimes she acts very warrior like A clearly defined arc would have been better, in my opinion.There is a techinical glitch in the ebook in which some sections of paragraphs are immediately repeated I don t know if it is in the original manuscript, perhaps something that happened in the editing stage, or if it was a glitch in the formatting process In any case, it is jarring but should not prevent a reader from enjoying the story or giving this book a try.This book is a fast paced adventure full of magic and excellent world building The ending sets up the sequel nicely I really recommend this book for fantasy fans.

I have been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for many years My writing has an edge to it I enjoy exploring the dark and surreal landscapes of the mind My first fantasy novel, The Crystal Warrior, has just been released I am currently working on book two in the series I also have a science fiction collection called Skin of Giants.I grew up in Washington State, went to college in New

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