CrescendoOne Awful Moment Shattered Her LifeBasslea Was A Haven, And Marina Was Totally Content There She Had Her Music And Her Innocent Childlike Fantasies Nothing Seemed Capable Of Changing Her World Until Gideon Firth ArrivedHe Was Everything She Was Not Sophisticated, Urbane, Powerful And She Found Herself Responding To His Magnetism The Way No Unawakened Girl ShouldHe Seemed To Wield A Power She Didn T Understand, Until He Forced Her To Recognize The Truth For Herself Then Marina Realized What Was Happening To Her And What Had Happened

Sheila Holland,

➤ [Epub] ➞ Crescendo By Charlotte Lamb ➮ –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Crescendo
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 14 January 2019
  • 9780373104512

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    Gideon Firth sees a young girl on the edge of a cliff and thinks she is ready to jump off He rushes to rescue her but he is mistaken She Marina tells him that she is just out for a walk on the cliffs near her home in Basslea Gideon says he is on holiday and he needs a place to stay He eventually ends up staying with Marina and her grandfather at their cottage.Marina feels that Gideon and her grandfather know each other, and that they have some secret between them But Marina has never seen Gideon before, or has she Marina was a childlike and naive heroine until later in the book after some revelations are made about the past Then I felt that Marina was hanging onto her anger towards Gideon longer than she had to Gideon was a very jealous hero, which I always enjoy But he was also self absorbed and concerned mostly about himself, even though he did care for Marina and stayed around at the end to prove it He had a suffocating relationship with his demanding mother who wanted him to be a pianist and that relationship spoiled his outlook on women in general So, though he wanted Marina and pursued her, he didn t want to get too attached to her or to any woman But he found he couldn t resist Marina An enjoyable and intense read by Charlotte Lamb with a lovely setting, the cottage by the sea.

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    This was such a great ride I love Charlotte Lamb, even at her most un PC but this one is just a terrific story, period The first part starts with a young girl enjoying the view on the edge of a cliff when a dark stranger come barreling up to her, thinking she s going to take a dive off the edge After some introductions, he ends up renting a room from her and her grandfather and starts pursuing the h There s a lot of secrets and intrigue while you try to figure out what s going on The author makes it obvious that something isn t as it should be, but we get our answers soon enough Then starts the angstfest that just leaves you gutted view spoiler We find out that the h has been suffering from selective amnesia for the past year and has had no recollection of the H or their history She regains her memory to find that the H is her husband We are the taken on a flashback journey to discover that the H was a child prodigy who was raised by a possessive mother to be a narcissistic manwhore with commitment issues The H sees women as playthings that are there for his use and disposal However, he had fallen for the h despite his reluctance to be hog tied The h, who was just a baby of 18 when they met he s 15 years older , knows that she can t compete in his sophisticated world and that her heart would be stomped into the dirt if she lets him get close, so she takes evasive action, never considering that the H could feel anything special for her However, time and persistence, as well as a breakdown of that protective wall for both of them, ends in an affair that results in her getting pregnant The H, who very readily admits he had no desire to get married, insists that they do and is secretly glad that he s been put in this position He gets to keep the h but doesn t have to admit to that constraining love thing, so he never tells her he loves her and she continues to wait for the other shoe to fall In a big angsty scene, the H is staying over in London on business while the h is in the country with her grandfather The grandfather suggests she go and visit the H in the city When she gets there, she walks in on the H and his former mistress in a passionate embrace this is explained later, though I wasn t totally sold She is devastated, stumbles out in a fugue, immediately walks in front of a car and ends up mentally cracking and developing amnesia after the H shows up at the hospital creative license says it can happen Of course, she loses the baby, too The story the picks back up in the present with the H in hot pursuit, determined to win back the love of the h While trying to win her over, we learn through a bout of verbal diarrhea that he had been fighting the love for the h that was consuming him, much to his irritation As related above, because he was spoilt rotten and also due to the control his mother exerted over him, he swore never to allow another person to ever have power over him, while also feeling he was within his rights to use people as he saw fit He goes on to tell the h all these horror stories about his attitude towards women and how he tried but failed to keep her in the category of plaything to be discarded when he tired of her She s insecure anyway, had seen him in action during his manwhore activities, so it just freaked her out She was convinced that he was lying or that his feelings would change, despite his assurances that his love for her had him by the jugular There were a couple of scenes where the h sticks it to the H by giving him some of the medicine he d been giving women over the years The h stays strong for the most part and made the H work hard to win her back hide spoiler

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    I have been on a bit of a Charlotte Lamb kick lately This is the third Harlequin I have read by her and it is so different than the previous two I have read If nothing else, I commend her for being diverse in a genre that dictates using the same paint by number formula After Dark fate, a mad caper involving, I kid you not, a super serious but unintentionally loltastic telepathy plot, and An excellent wife , a humorous romance that was reminiscent of beloved thirties screwball comedies, Crescendo took me back to a conventional Harlequin blueprint Angsty, dramatic, with a lot of sweeping winds over the moors, a cliff perched over an angry sea, an ethereal girl woman as the heroine, and a brooding, much older, dark hero There s mystery, sleep walking, secrets, conspiracies, passion, a femme fatale rival, thunderstorms, ancient ruins, and a lot of emotional piano playing Bit like a modern Gothic lite overall My favorite were the characterizations of the protagonists because I felt the author went a bit deeper than the required cardboard cut out of the willowy virgin and the dark knight It may seem like a creepy May December romance at first but once the layers of the story are peeled away, you realize this isn t just any run of the mill seduction stories between a cad and an innocent, it is a bit complex than that My only dissatisfaction was that there was not enough groveling Anyone who knows my reading tastes knows that I adore big fat jerk heroes stories but only if there is an Epic grovel to conclude it.

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    3.5 starsIf you want to know how to make your man suffer for real or imagined crimes, read a Charlotte Lamb or Sally Wentworth revenge themed manual romance This book s main theme isn t technically revenge, but the heroine s transformation from innocence to ice is a sight to behold, with her sharp putdowns to the hero a lesson in steely resolve If you don t like the way I look at you, you have an option Go and don t come back I can t, he groaned, his hands hanging loosely by his side and that pain in his dark eyes I love you I don t care, Marina said flatly Just go You re boring me LOL Point to Marina.Marina did have some reason to feel anger, but I felt she held onto her bitterness a tad too long, unwilling to let Gideon even explain himself I was sympathetic up until it was clear Gideon hadn t done this view spoiler Hadn t cheated on her with his ex girlfriend, whom he d dumped to be with Marina I believed him when he said the ex kissed him and not vice versa Gideon s only true crimes Not being in touch with his feelings, and not breaking things off cleanly with the OW he d gone on platonic dates with Marina while still with OW Otherwise, the man was super besotted Based on his courtship of Marina and the way he treated her, I felt it was true After Gideon explained all, did Marina believe him or at least try forgiving him Nope It s not until he finally left after she repeatedly told him to go that she bent And then hated him for not saying goodbye The man couldn t win It was clear she loved him, but wanted to make him pay as much as she could hide spoiler

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    I don t get what everyone sees in this book Marina is the most unsympathetic heroine I ve ever read She s all Gideon is a conceited betraying selfish swine who has done me wrong Um, let s see He was never an ass to you He didn t seduce you right off the bat He spent months taking you out doing lovely date type things with you without putting a single move on you He was jealous of you seeing another man but begged you to tell him what he d done wrong and why you dropped him He only made love to you after a year when you seemed to be attracted to him He offered marriage as soon as he realized you were pregnant He didn t, in fact, cheat on you His only crime seems to have been not telling you he loved you soon enough You on the other hand stopped seeing him without any explanation Fair enough you were trying not to get hurt by this worldly man But when he asked you why you d broken things off, even though you knew he was jealous of Paul, you never had the balls to say so what s with you and Diana I don t think you should be seeing both of us Keeping in mind that you weren t in an intimate relationship, you weren t even in a kissing relationship and exclusivity had not been in any way promised I blame you for not saying I don t want to be just another babe on your hook so it s either just us two or no thanks Then of course once you ve recovered your mind, don t even give him a chance to explain, just keep hammering home the fact that he s a louse When finally he gets a few words in edgewise and explains all and tells you over and over that he loves you and hasn t even seen another woman since you hooked up much less slept with one You don t believe him He s still a criminal WTF He should have just left you the first time you told him to get out He can do better than you, you cold unfeeling selfish piece of work.

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    Self note if you sleep with your mistress while dating someone you want to pursue, it IS cheating As from the other reviewers mentioning platonic dates, I don t understand this concept You either date someone, or you don t Every date is platonic at the beginning I don t understand how it is ok because it was platonic dates WTF Is a platonic date When you date someone you have to be single and available You don t wait until moving onto third base with your date before you break up with your current girlfriend because now your date has become un platonic and you no longer need their services That s called cheating If you can t practice abstinence until third date, stick to staying home with your mistresses or go to bars to hookup for ONS.And secondly, I can do without the love which hero only realised when heroine almost dies.And he may not have technically cheated according to many readers, but he had the intention, as he DID keep his mistress around because heroine is too young and he wasn t sure Well that is just barftastic How about you DON T pursue her then Three strikes, and you re out.

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    The heroineThe heroIt may have been published in 1980, but it has a late 60s kitchen sink vibe to it.No school like Old School, and no ones does it better than Charlotte Lamb I love her writing with its atmosphere, drama, and angst Just beautiful Here we have a young girl lead astray by a self centered and selfish H She jumps from the usual grotty flat stasis that inflicts modern day HP heroines and goes straight for amnesia From there she sharpens her claws to rip and tear the H down to his clay feet It s not pretty, but she says all the vicious things any woman who has been dumped wants to say but is too afraid to come across as ugly and bitter She is bitter, and she is not afraid Stealing a quote from the book from KC 2.0 s review, Just go You re boring me Ouch Has any heroine said anything devastating to a hero in an HP Soooo, HEA or murder suicide

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    Wow I thought this book was practically perfect The pacing and the plotting were so well done, I couldn t tear my eyes from the page I loved the mystery in the beginning, and the flashback to the big event Then the epic grovel where our heroine speaks some home truths to the besotted Hero She did not melt like a puddle at his first look, and made him EARN it I loved this book Safety view spoiler Some OW drama as the H still sleeps around even after meeting the h They spend time as friends getting to know each other so they aren t a couple but it breaks her heart to see him with his mistress all over the place The H had a tragic childhood that makes him the way he is, but he grovelled so well and understood his transgressions and the pain he caused by his selfishness.Once they are married, there is no cheating even though the h thinks he did hide spoiler

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    I don t even know what to sayexcept I fail to see why this is a positive HEA I m certainly no raging literary feminist, I m not easily offended by traditional triggering topics in old romances incest, bloodspray, complete WTFery Whether Gideon cheated or not who cares That s not what squicks me Rather, it s Marina s bizarre attitude of forgiveness re their extremely unbalanced relationship that gives me the shivers It s true that Alpha Assholes are jerkoffs they require alpha females to level their obnoxious tendencies with screaming face slapping kicking out of the bedroom, or at least a strong, silent lover who narrows her eyes so that the Asshole withers under her oh so polite domination which, one might argue, is merely a delicate branch of alpha female behavior But the extent of Gideon s domination creepy stalker behavior in this book is little better than psycho Christian Gray his cronies of the newer romances How many times does she tell him to leave How many times does Marina say she doesn t want Gideon touching her How many times does Gideon REFUSE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE added creep factor Marina s grandfather isn t physically strong enough to throw him out How many times does Gideon CONTINUALLY FONDLE HER DESPITE PROTESTS How many times does Gideon justify this behavior by referencing the indisputable fact of their marriage HER OBVIOUS DESIRE FOR HIM, so why doesn t she just admit they belong together This kind of manipulative emoz isn t sexy, folks It s Creepy Psycho Stalker bullshit she should ve called the cops, seen a lawyer, gotten a restraining order But hey, both Marina Gideon stopped their emotional development around age 12, so there you go Maybe it will work in the long run snort I actually did like the first half of this book I don t mind large age gaps in romance, it was interesting to see how everyone except Marina herself knew that Gideon wasn t just a random visitor to the coast The mystery of their obvious hidden past was intriguing, the whole aura reminded me of VC Andrews especially the mind fuckery of My Sweet Audrina But the second half after the chapter long flashback of their initial relationship was a seemingly endless series of conversations wherein Marina tells Gideon to GTFO, Gideon refuses, Gideon gives her punishing kisses and or shows psycho jealousy when she talks to other men, Marina orders him to leave yet again, Gideon refuses, etc etc Boring and creepy.I ve said it before I ll say it again There s the sexy kind of romantic possessivenessand then there s petulant foot stomping adolescent possessiveness The latter is NOT sexy, even if the guy spouting it is 37 years old, shirtless, dripping wet from a rainstorm And yes, that s an actual scene of reconciliation P

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    Hello Red Riding Hood I m the Wolf Crescendo by Charlotte Lamb starts like a hazy dream A beautiful girl stands at the cliffs, and a strange man, thinking she s about to jump, runs to save her She isn t she s just admiring the savage beauty of her coastal home There is an instant connection between the girl, Marina, and Gideon, the stranger, who is much older Marina lives with alone with her grandfather, plays the piano beautifully and at night shares her thoughts with her best friends, two dolls There are secrets hidden in this tale that slowly unravel to reveal a different story altogether Crescendo deals with an issue that has always puzzled me Why are so many heroes in romances absolute sluts It s not simply about being good in bed A man doesn t need to sleep with legions of women to know how to do this He only needs to know a few, or just one, very well There is a perceived allure of getting and keeping the one man that no other woman could keep But there s something bizarre to me with how this situation is dealt The hero s lovers can number in the hundreds and he doesn t really care for these women, just uses them sexually until he meets the heroine often virginal or inexperienced Then she changes his man ho ways forever Usually the heroine appreciates her man s experience as it brings great sexual pleasure in bed The hero appreciates the woman s inexperience, as this pleases him emotionally There s something that rings so false about this I am a great believer in the special ying yang, complementary nature of male and female relationships, but I prefer the pair to be equally yoked so to speak I d like to see virgin heroes paired with virgin heroines Conversely, I d like to see mature, sexually experienced men with women of a similar familiarity That doesn t mean I want them to be walking STDs though So here in Crescendo is na ve, innocent Marina and Gideon, a cad with women, loving and leaving them without a care for their feelings There is a great depth to Marina s character and she is far insightful than Gideon She learns from her painful past and demands accountability when wronged I don t like having heroes grovel endlessly for their hurtful deeds, but major penance is required here Gideon is so cold hearted in his pursuit of Marina, that he doesn t take anyone feelings into account, not Marina s and certainly not his disposable mistresses.When Charlotte Lamb was bad, she was awful, but when she s good, there was absolutely no one better Her works often pose philosophical queries, questioning the nature of love and desire How does a man like Gideon come into being In Gideon s case, he s not evil His mother spoiled her boy rotten, at the same time micro managing every aspect of his personal life, thus creating this hateful, self centered male creature.He says to Marina Women stifle you, smother you, and cling round like ivy I decided when I grew up that women had their uses but had to be firmly kept in their place I learnt to use them, and then kick them out of my life Yes, it isn t pretty I could lie to you and hide all of that, but I don t want any secrets between us, Marina I want you to know what I am, what I ve been So how can a man date a woman, leave her, then date her again, make her fall in love with him, seduce her, impregnate her, marry her and then betray her, all the time never giving any love in return while siphoning every ounce of feeling from her and be easily forgiven In Crescendo, he isn t No human being has a right to put his own desires in front of the happiness of anyone else Gideon s brilliance did not give him that right For all his brilliance as a musician, Gideon had been stunted in his emotional growth in childhood unable to coordinate the demands of body and heart, like an autistic child which never makes the right connections and is isolated from those around him by his own self absorbed internal life This is the antithesis to all the romances where the hero is jerk to the heroine, then on the last few pages he makes a declaration of love and they embrace and walk happily off into their ever after Not here Marina makes Gideon hurt as she wrenches his heart out of him she s ruthless in her cruelty to him You don t love me you never have You wouldn t know how to love Frustrated desire was all you ever felt for me, and it s all you feel now And I don t love you If anything I despise you It had given her a tortured pleasure to say that to him, to be aware that she had finally hurt him as deeply as he had ever hurt her Lamb s language here is so beautiful, so haunting and so thoughtful The conclusion is believable and fitting I love Marina Some readers may judge her as too harsh, but she s so young compared to Gideon that she has to have a strong sense of herself before they can be together Gideon has to understand who and what he is and that he can t remain that way if he wants a monogamous, life long relationship with a woman he loves The fairytale must yield to reality They had each taken a silent, bitter journey into themselves, but they had returned, like characters in a fairy story, with miraculous discoveries 5 stars A

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