Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom

Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom Only One Woman Is Worthy Of His Secrets They Are The Renegade Royals, Illegitimate Sons Of The Royal Princes, Each Finding His Rightful Place In Society And The Woman Destined To Be His Perfect Match Some Men Are Born Into Scandal Others Pursue It With A Passion Griffin Steele, Secret Son Of The Duke Of Cumberland, Is Guilty On Both Counts Yet Somehow London S Most Notorious Scoundrel Has Been Saddled With An Abandoned Baby Boy And With The Unflappable, Intriguing Spinster Summoned To Nurse Him Justine Bright May Be A Viscount S Niece, But She S Also A Spy S Daughter, Determined To Safeguard The Infant When His Suspected Royal Parentage Makes Him A Target Yet How To Protect Herself From The Rakish Griffin Marriage Might Shield Her Reputation, But It Can Only Imperil Her Heart, Especially With A Groom Intent On Delicious Seduction or at

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  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom
  • Vanessa Kelly
  • English
  • 02 July 2019
  • 9781420131246

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    Griffin Steele, bastard nephew of the Prince Regent, is a notorious owner of famous gambling hells and brothels Just when he intended to slowly transfer his business ownerships to others in preparation to leave for the Orient, an infant is mysteriously delivered on his doorstep with a note that it s in danger Frantic, his mentor cum annoying guardian Dominic Hunter also Justine s godfather sends over the indomitable Justine Bright to be the baby s nurse, and when an accidental scandal occurs, Griffin has no choice but to take Justine as his wife Will their marriage ever brew affection, and possibly, love Also important, just who is after that infant While the plot of this novel can be easily divided into halves first being Griffin and Justine s earlier interactions as caretakers of the baby, and second is the trials of their marriage of convenience their characterizations are far complex, Griffin s than Justine s Justine, being the daughter of a well known spy, had her fill of adventures from her unconventional upbringing by relatives since her father was often away for his agent work , and wants only a quiet, respectable life in the countryside She came to help Griffin as a owed favor to Dominic, and life with him is the exact opposite of what she intended, or what she thought she wanted Justine s innately inquisitive nature clashes well with her outwardly prim and starched demeanor her modest nature contrasting the nerves of steel within her, exhibiting in her not afraid to shoot a man down if necessary Brava, Mrs Kelly, for writing this wonderfully vulnerable yet tough heroine.Griffin, on the other hand, fits the Bryonic hero of mad, bad, and dangerous to know In truth, he is one giant puzzle box that perplexes Justine to no end He is fiercely protective of his independence after being oppressed by others while growing up, which shifted his loving side into those in his care In this, he and Justine are the same both are always trying to give and take care of others, without regard to themselves Griffin, though, hides a world of pain with his mother abandoning him as a baby, his unwelcomed royal parentage, which creates the current him that is in between light and darkness While his reputation is earthed in darkness, he himself baths in the light that was robbed from him in his childhood, and this melancholy realization endears him to Justine As Griffin and Justine come to understand each other, they discover something new of the other in every day of their lives, and the mystery surrounding the infant heightens to a climax as well While that mystery is fairly predictable, I felt the action was too crammed near the end of the novel that seemed almost like deux ex machina. Aside from that, it may be a bit frustrating for Justine s insecurities to cloud the pages of her wondering if Griffin truly love her, but given her character, I overlooked it as a sign of her inversion revealing of her true self than the one she has attempted to mold Overall, I enjoyed Vanessa Kelly s writing and her nice blend of romantic action Griffin s paternally antagonistic relationship with Dominic was a delight to read as well, and I can t wait to read Dominic s book with his lost love Chloe, Griffin s mother Then he ll become Griffin s stepfather _ Published on Buried Under Romance Review copy courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley yes it s an honest review

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    Griffin Steele, is one of the most notorious men in London, and suddenly has been left with a abandoned baby on his doorstep The last thing he needs is a fussy infant, so a friend and mentor, sends him a woman to nanny the baby until his parents can be found and returned to them Justine may live in the countryside but her childhood was anything but boring Her father being a spy and her uncle a viscount, she is tougher than she seems When she comes to London, to take care of a infant next door to a brothel, she has her work cut out for her, and the owner Griffin who is overwhelming to the extreme but takes her breath away with his smoldering gaze Circumstances lead these two to closer together, being forced to protect this baby at all costs, and then the sexual tension rises between them and if Griffin wants a future with the only woman he could trust with his secrets, he will have to share everything of himself and prove to her of his genuine feelings for her or he may lose her forever.Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom is the second book in the series and the first book I have read from this author I was given a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review Especially lately I have heard a variety of mixed reviews when it comes to Vanessa Kelly, but I have to say after reading this title, she has just been put on my radar list I wasn t sure how much I was going to enjoy this one, but I found myself captivated by this story the moment I started reading it One of my favorite aspects of this story was the suspense and intrigue side of it It wasn t a simple regency romance, and even the characters weren t your normal characters you would see in this sub genre I did find myself fascinated with these characters though They just clicked instantly, and even though at first they have this teasing flirtation going on, you sense there is something even deeper developing even from the beginning The heroine did bother me a little in the beginner, I felt she was a bit too whiny, she complained quite a bit But she grew on me and I found her very likable especially at the end The hero was very fun to watch, and he is a scoundrel and I enjoyed his secretive nature, made him unpredictable and even sexy.Such a riveting tale of twists and turns, mysteries and passions, and a tale of two who need each other than either realize A unique story that will set your heart racing and see that emotions go into a tail spin A romance that pulls the reader in with a stimulating writing style INTRICATELY SENSUAL

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    I really liked this book The dynamic between Griffin and Justine was so appealing I liked that Griffin was a bit of a pursuer and I felt the chemistry between Griffin and Justine was well done Readers who have a weakness for Spinster Rogue historical romance should pick this one up Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur magazine.

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    Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom had Amanda s catnip potential written all over it prim and proper miss marries rakish businessman to avoid scandal all while they try together to solve a intriguing mystery involving a baby and signet ring Unfortunately, the execution of it fell flat and well short of expectations I really disappointed not to have enjoyed this one since I loved Griffin in his sister s book, My Fair Princess Here however, Griffin, and the book by extension, was less than impressive.I think where the book lost me was in the romance between Griffin and Justine Because there really wasn t one A romance, I mean These two meet via Justine coming to live in Griffin s household as a nurse nanny whatever to a baby left on Griffin s doorstep by an unknown woman Already that plot is pretty far fetched I know but I was intrigued and excited to see where this forced proximity between two wholly different people would lead The answer NOWHERE First, all Griffin seemed to do was whine about the fact that he couldn t take Justine to bed because she was too innocent and well bred for his carnal desires Then, once circumstances led Justine s reputation to be compromised SHE WAS RESIDING NEXT DOOR TO A BAWDY HOUSE WITH AN UNMARRIED GENTLEMAN OF SCANDAL FFS, ruination had to have been the endgame no matter what Griffin and Justine are hastily married soon after and all he can think about THEN is getting his new wife into bed SIGH So, Griffin had a severe case of sex on the brain all while maintaining a zero degree chemistry with Justine I mean if I m of the way through a ROMANCE NOVEL and I STILL feel absolutely no emotional connection or even the slightest hint of any kind of chemistry be it sexual or not between the main couple, WHAT IS THE FREAKING POINT Caps rant aside, I will say that I adored Justine She was a bit prickly and uptight but I tend to love those traits in both heroines and heroes because it makes it all the fun when they become unraveled by love And don t let the prickliness fool you, Justine held her own against Griffin just fine, better in fact She never backed down or let him bully her into submission She had her own working brain and natural instincts to guide her, as well as a handy pistol at the ready she was the daughter of a spy after all I also liked how she kept slowly but surely pushing Griffin out of his comfort zone, as well as breaking down her own walls of protection that she d built up around herself since her father s death Justine and Griffin s scenes with little baby Stephen were really sweet as well And the mystery of the plot at the very least kept me interested, if not wholly enthused because the MEH romance was a huge downer for me I still think Vanessa Kelly is a wonderful writer and I fully intend to read the rest of her books.

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    For all their many and varied differences class, background, personalities Griffin Steele and Justine Bright have one thing in common They have their lives well under control Justine lives the quiet life in the country she s always wanted, as an companion to an elderly lady, while Griffin is getting the last of his affairs in order in preparation of a long trip exploring the world A wrench is thrown into both of their well laid plans for their lives, however, when a young infant is mysteriously delivered to Griffin s doorstep, and Justine is called in as a favour to care for the infant What seems at first to be a puzzling mystery takes a disturbing turn when it s discovered that the child s very life may be at risk The edition I received also included a story placed about 30 years prior to Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom that gives insight into the background of the Griffin and his mother, and how their situations evolved though the story itself doesn t centre around any of the characters from the main story I still find this section a bit confusing first I thought it was a preview, then realized it was of a short story The plot seems to match one of the summaries for one of the prequels in the series, Lost in a Royal Kiss it seems they published the novella as part of Confessions rather than on it s own as a novella in print format It was printed as itself in e book format, though.I m fairly neutral about the pairing and the characters for this one, though I appreciate the insight into Dominic and Chloe s background they were probably my favourite characters out of either story view spoiler While you feel for the characters, and continue to hope for the best for them I found it hard to feel too sympathetic with the main characters lacklustre attempts at helping the two, knowing how poorly everything turned out from Confessions You could read the novella first, I suppose, but that gives away quite a bit of spoilers from Confessions, so either way you re losing out on some of the surprises from the plot 2.5 stars So this is the second historical romance I ve picked up this year, and both have included a forced engagement as part of the plot Apparently it s a popular trope in the genre Unfortunately, while I did find this book to be an improvement overall from the last one I didn t find it much engrossing Pros The overall plot line was well thought up, with an interesting mystery The characters and their backgrounds were quite interesting, as well from Regency era spies, to a former street urchin descended from the highest family in England The characters themselves were likeable enough, though Griffin fits the alpha slot personality wise making there than a few moments I wouldn t have minded the ability to reach in the book and smack him upside the head for being an a Some of my irritation is probably due to the difference between time periods, as well Victorian propriety, and all Justine s entire job for much of the book is to care for the infant, but after she and Griffin marry she s suddenly expected to simply drop much of the task and leave it to the servants I can understand it in context, but Griffin complaining about it was still irritating The two leads seem suited to each other, being equally pig headed I can t say I found the romance between them to be very believable as it was built on lust than any real basis The interactions we see between them, however, do show them growing closer and learning about each other and the forced marriage would expedite things for them I just think they seemed like they had a tentative friendship by the end, then the sudden passionate romance The author also did a decent enough job of writing the scenes where the two of them eventually become intimate, though they re kept fairly short and are sparse throughout the book The author seems to be well written, with a good grasp of grammar and spelling though I can t speak as to accuracy for the era As far as I noticed, there were no major plot holes that stood out and ruined the believability of the story I also didn t notice anything that stood out as being inaccurate to the era, though truthfully it s not a time period that I m all that familiar with On the negative side, however While I did think the general plot was well done, the writing itself didn t pull me in, and I had a hard time sitting and focusing on the story The mystery was very drawn out and kept us guessing until the end of the book, but it doesn t actually get much attention from the characters A clue will show up, be investigated for a page or two off screen primarily by a Dominic, who then reports back , then it fades into the background for another two chapters while Griffin and Justine dance around each other Overall I d say it was a decent enough read, and I wouldn t be against reading of the authors work in the future If you like historical romances, and won t mind the fast relationship build up, I d recommend giving it a go I received this book through Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review hide spoiler

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    The second book in Vanessa Kelly s historical romance intrigue series, the Renegade Royals, about illegitimate sons of the royal princes who battle society s cruelty and find success on their own merits.Bastardy often has a place in historical romance Despite the attentions to civility and decorum, people will always be human and this includes human frailties and foibles In this series, all three heroes are the bastard sons of the Prince Regent and his promiscuous brothers, unacknowledged and cast out of society through obviously no fault of their own They become strong, successful, and willful men in their own right yet they each harbor painful hurts deep inside Until, of course, they fall in love and meet a woman who sees them for what they are, not the unfortunate circumstances of their birth.For my full review on my historical romance and history blog

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    Absolutely fabulous Everything I love in Regency romance.

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    I love Vanessa Kelly She writes romance that sweeps you into the story and before you know it its four am and then you are still living the story after you finish you can t get to sleep This is book two of her Renegade Royals series and in it we fall in love with the brooding bad boy, tattooed Griffin Steele, and we watch, watch , as he finally meets his match in the prim and proper Justine Bright I love everything about this book the characters, the setting, the writing, and the cover.Griffin Steele is the son of Chloe Steele who we first met in the novella, Lost in His Royal Kiss, where she is seduced by the youngest prince and ends up with child Chloe s uncle takes charge of Griffin and send his mother way saying she would be a bad influence on him still a young and confused she feels she has no other choice but to do as her uncle wishes Unbeknownst to her Griffin is raised believing she died Griffin doesn t learn the truth until his Great Uncles is on his death bed and after his death Griffin tries to find her but to no avail Griffin then at the age of fourteen journeys to London and starts his life over Sometimes nearly starving to death until he finds a compassionate couple who take him in a help find him a job Griffin makes a name for himself on the streets on London as a notorious whoremonger, and game hell owner Griffin could careless he has made him self enough money to finally retire Caring not one bit about his royal blood, the higher ilk of the ton or what they think of him he goes about his business dodging the meddling hands of Dominic who keeps trying to reform him.Griffin s life however is turned upside down one day at the appearance of a bouncing baby boy at his doorstep The baby, Steven, is found with a note explaining that he is in need of protection and that he will be picked up as soon as the danger is clear Also with him is a signet ring and the only clue as to who Steven really is Their is only one person Griffin trust enough to help him deal with this problem and that is Dominic Griffin entrusts Dominic with the ring and the letter to find out who the veiled lady that abandoned the child He also asks Dominic to find him a suitable nanny to take care of the child while he is under Griffin s protection Enter one very prim and proper Justine Bright.Justine Bright is the daughter of a spy and being such she has no love for adventures she craves orderliness and structure Raised by her aunt a bluestocking widow, who is outspoken and free minded Justine is afraid to make the wrong move to draw attention to herself or made the center of attention Justine loves her position as a lady s companion and making her own way in life but when her Godfather asks her a favor she can t turn him down She accepts the position in order to help the baby but all the feelings she has for the notorious Griffin are unwanted, or are they Justine s sense of justice and protection cause a stir and almost damage her reputation until Griffin steps in and marries her Griffin and Justine fall in love almost right away but the unlikely match have a hard time dealing with the forced wedding and the dangers the baby has brought on them they are having a hard time working out their own emotions.Dominic is the spy of all spies and has his finger in just about everything the only thing that has eluded him over the years is Chloe Steele after some years she seemed to disappear and no matter how hard he looked he couldn t find her He made due though keeping an eye on her son and trying to do right by him, even if the attempts are unwanted However with the sudden appearance of the mysterious baby and the veiled woman Dominic maybe closer than ever to finding Chloe.Can Griffin trust his lust for a woman who wear the most god awful caps Or is it maybe something than he ever expected And can he convince her that he truly wants her and just her Can Justine give in to her sense of adventure and find happiness with Griffin I really love this series and can not wait for the next Renegade Royals to come out, which unfortunately doesn t come out until next year

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    I m not sure how to rate this second book in the series On the one hand, the hero, Griffin, is a slightly better hero than his cousin, Aden, the hero from Book 1, but then again, I shouldn t compare the two characters since they are two completely different people whose pasts shaped them into who they are On the other hand, I didn t care for the plot of this book a baby is left on Griffin s doorstep because his life is in danger So I m gonna go with 2 stars because I didn t like the plot The attraction between the H h wasn t shoved in your face like it was in the first book The H h have a lot of conversations and got to know one another after their wedding and maybe before their wedding Griffin refused to speak about his past at first, but he gradually opened up to Justine He feared that she would end up pitying him and no one wants to be pitied Sometimes I wonder if characters know the difference between pity and sympathy It s not the type of romance I would prefer to read about, but it was somewhat of a nice change to see the H h getting to know each other I hope to learn about Sir Dominic who was also in the first book and in the prequel that I still need to read in the novella after this book He was acting a little odd and secretive in this book, and I don t think it was ever fully explained.

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    Can a unique FAIRY GODDUDE bring together a fashion challenged wallflower a NOTORIOUS BAD BOY I guess y all will just have to READ it for YOURSELVES to find out Justine Bright is the daughter of a spy after her mom s death, her blue stock quirky aunt helped to raise her her younger brother Her father was always off on 1 dangerous mission after another, but soon Justice found herself as his homebound agent spy helper Her life was always controlled chaos, but her father did love her her brother Justine did have her godfather, Sir Dominic Hunter, who was the head of England s Intellect Agency was the only dependable person in her life she would do anything for him After her dad s violent death at the hands of another spy, she became a paid companion finally had a normal non chaotic life she always CRAVED Griffin Steele is the illegitimate son of the royal Duke of Cumberland his mom, Chloe, was the 14 year old seduced daughter of the royal tutor Chloe was banished to her vicar uncle until the Griffin was born then he became the abandon unwanted ward of his great uncle He was raised to atone for his sinful beginning when he learned that his mom die, he was devastated At 14, his great uncle told him on his death bed that his mom was not dead, so when his great uncle died, he went looking, but never found her Soon he found himself on the cold dark streets of London only survived by his wits, quick hands the only true kindness he has ever known, by Mr Mrs Phelps Griffin soon became the errand boy of gaming den, The Cormorant worked his way up to become the owner of The Cormorant the brothel next door, The Golden Tie Now he has surrounded himself with his adopted trusted family filled with whores the Phelps family, but he does have Sir Dominic Hunter as the PITA of his life, as he tries to make Griffin into a pillar of the Ton Griffin is in the middle of selling all he owns in England, so he can leave for light warm in Egypt India, but all is halted when a veiled lady leaves a screaming possible royal baby named Stephen at his front door he has to beg Sir Dominic for help Sir Dominic brings help in the form of the uppity, prim proper completely fashion challenged Miss Justine Bright as a nurse Justine doesn t want to live in a former gaming den that is attached to a brothel, but her godfather needs her help with protecting the mysterious endangered Stephen Soon Justine life is filled with the chaos again the yummy moody Griffin is driving her girlie parts into overdrive making her brain want to whip out her trust pistol taking aim All Griffins wants to do is find out the mystery of Stephen sail to warmer climates, but his body wants to strip off Justine s ugly caps clothes take her hard against any available surface Soon all London learns of Justine living next to a brothel by her wielding her pistol in defense of girls, but when Griffin arrives to save the day, he announces that Justine is now Mrs Griffin Steele Now they need to get married Dominic is pleased as punch now that Griffin is married needs to kiss up to London Society for Justine s reputation Justine demands a marriage of convenience, but Griffin has other ideas soon begin a campaign of SEDUCING his reluctant bride So they must solve Stephen s mystery, derail break ins, kick than 1 baddies a find the veiled woman, while Justine s heart must survive Griffin s toe curling kisses, undies scorching moves all her screaming ORGASMS Can Griffin prove to Justine that she wants his kind of yummy chaos Will Justine prove to Griffin that she is all light warmth he needs Who is the veiled woman Will baby Stephen ever be truly safe How much PIXIE DUST will Dominic sprinkle on these 2 crazy kids Now this Renegade Royals series sucked me in with the first novella, Lost In a Royal Kiss, which just so happen to be my introduce scrappy Dominic pregnant Chloe I love myself some yummy naughty BAD BOYS Ms Kelly has a whole new twist with her illegitimate sons of royal dukes Griffin was scarred by his past had a crappy childhood, but he didn t let it define him He always CRAVED light warm he didn t trust easily, but he collected a unique loving family that knitted his bruised heart a soft, warm huge cozy Ms Kelly outdid herself with Griffin s quirky family filled with loving giving women of ill repute the Phelps clan, but they were what Griffin s heart needed Now poor fashion challenge Justine grew up in her dad s crazy surprise every minute spy life, but she truly blossomed in chaos She was a girl after my own heart because she would do absolutely ANYTHING for her family, but she NEVER let her loved ones do for her until Griffin Ms Kelly made her h h complete opposites, but they both CRAVED absolute pure love, but didn t think they DESERVED IT They both made 1 another better also compliment each other Ms Kelly can write some scorching romances HELLO Griffin was a owner of a brothel a complete NAUGHTY BAD BOY she built up such great sexual tension between her h h, but I was disappointed in the lack of NAUGHTY scenes That was my only complaint with his tale she did make up for it with her outrageous PIXIE DUST sprinkling Sir Dominic Dominic is my absolute favorite Fairy Goddude to date he loves to protect his little clan of royal BAD BOYS wants them to be better men, but he has no problem with screwing up their lives with their perfect female I am super excite to read her next book starring Dominic his lost love, but I don t to do a SPOIL ALERT Ms Kelly totally earns my score of 4 fingers up 8 toes for this royal opposites attract romance filled with OUTRAGEOUS

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