Compulsion Should She Believe A Stranger S Words Lissa Had Never Heard Of Luc Ferrier Before But He Was Well Known As Lucifer At The Hotel Casino Where She WorkedAll Her Instincts Cried Out That He Was Dangerous Not Only As A Gambler, But As A Man So Why Should She Blindly Accept The Shocking Things He Was Telling Her About Chris, Her Longtime Fiance And Even If He Was Right About Chris, Trusting Luc Would Be Like Jumping From The Frying Pan Into The Fire For She Knew Exactly What Luc Was After Loved reading this book 4.25 stars. Charlotte Lamb does romantic suspense, and it s fabulous Seriously, it was as good as any of those Great Linda Howard covert agent numbers I just wished she had been able to push the envelope further into a full length suspense story Because of the constraints of the Harlequin format, she unfortunately had to cut it short at a crucial moment view spoiler the H and h get away from the baddies on the high seas, without a death defying pursuit or further retribution down the line hide spoiler Nice but unmemorable little story Noteworthy elements No Other Woman present here at all and a passionate, handsome, criminally dangerous Other Man Hero helps heroine escape from mafioso like OM s island and they live happily ever after Cute partsYou don t hate it when I touch you I know you say you do, but your body tells me something very different My body s a liar, then No, Lissa, you re the liar You re too young and I d be a swine if I married you You ought to marry someone of your own age, someone suitable I ll start looking around for someone You damned well won t You ll marry me, Lissa, however insane it may be because if you go away, I couldn t stand it Compulsion is the story of Luc and Lissa.Lissa works in a hotel casino for her fiancee Chris, and works their as an evening singer She has known Chris since childhood, and when he eventually proposes she accepts, not noticing the kid gloves he and everyone around him treats her with.Her illusions are shattered when the notorious gambler Luc enters her life and takes a liking to her, showing her the truth about her fiancee with a lot of bruising kisses, and ultimately whisks her away.Good story with atypically low angst, devoted hero and an innocent heroine CL has done this plot many times before, but this time it was executed well.SWE3 5

Sheila Holland,

❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Compulsion  Author Charlotte Lamb –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 189 pages
  • Compulsion
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 03 March 2018
  • 9780373104222

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