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Code Name Jack RabbitI have to agree with Caroline s review of this book Until I looked here I didn t realized I was already missing so much information from another book and it was just too much information thrown at me in the first few chapters It made it confusing and not enjoyable Please read the other series these people apparently are a part of so you know what is going on. This sounded like an exciting read but I read a few chapters but just couldn t seem to connect to the book The beginning of the book was like a spectacular explosion of information diarrhoea with so many characters and their partners I was lost I may be judging a little harshly but I think I would need to read the previous books to get up to par with all the goings on as this is a spin off even if this is the 1st book in this series I felt lost and that I d missed something, obviously you would need to read the sleepless city series first At the moment 2 stars, I might review again once I ve read the previous books but for now it was a DNF. A Joyfully Jay review 4.5 starsI m going to start by saying this is a paranormal mystery suspense with romantic elements, not a traditional romance by any means I knew what I was getting into with this book, and it s clear from the blurb that the romance is not focus Instead it s about these four men being recruited and solving a deadly case And because this isn t a traditional romance, this review is going to deviate slightly from my norm.Noble drops us into the world she s created, one where the paranormal world is hidden from the contemporary one I found this both worked and didn t for me There s not a lot of background given about how and why and what paranormal creatures are And I found, at times, that I felt like I was missing key information However, I really liked that there were no big info dumps or awkward paragraphs or dialogue about the beings in the world All we learned about vampires was from seeing we them in their everyday I have to admit, I thought the vampires could use a little development, as they basically seemed like men Besides an occasional mention of blood or biting, and one scene where a character uses his abilities, they were portrayed as ordinary men On the other hand, it worked in that these guys could fully integrate into the world without question Werewolves were better explained, I think, in what their limitations and abilities were The author also used comparison between the two species to a great advantage to explain things further So I definitely enjoyed the unique world Noble created here, thought there were times I could have benefitted from explanation.Read Kris review in its entirety here. This story is a good start to a series, once you get a hold of who everyone is I made a list so I could keep them straight until I became familiar I think this could really go somewhere as a series 4 guys 3 Vamps a Werewolf, and no that s not the start to a joke recruited into a secret agency that protects humans as well as Supernatural beings Vampires, werewolves, and the like The beginning reminded me of something out of Get Smart The story is filled with a lot of action and adventure and keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat On top of which, the 4 guys are completely lovable and unique, as a group and individually One of my problems was sometimes I was confused Mainly at their banter I feel like I m missing a book, even though this is book one There s a lot of backstory that would be interesting as heck to read, especially about Blair I would love to see how he came to be and when Forge found him It sounds like it would be funny as hell Also, there were a few moments I was confused about the timeline Days all of a sudden passed when I thought they were still on the same day Regardless of all that though, there really is something here and Elizabeth has a great imagination I can t wait to see where this goes 3.5 given as an ARC for my honest review So fun This series takes off right from the Sleepless City Series 4 books Love it and so happy to see these guys keep going Reviewed on The Blogger GirlsBefore I got into my review, I feel the need to let readers know this is a spin off series from The Sleepless City series with Anne Barwell If you haven t read that series first, be aware that you might struggle a bit with this book in the beginning because it deals heavily with Forge Blair Declan Lucas, which had their backstories portrayed in The Sleepless City series.With that said, this was a great spin off I was hoping we would get of these guys because they were my favorites so when I saw this coming out I was both intrigued and excited I mean, I can t see Forge as anything other than a police officer and I can t see Lucas as anything other than a medical examiner but now I definitely can see these guys as than they were in their original books I won t go into much detail because I feel like this story needs to be discovered as you read it The blurb and the cover do a pretty good job of showing what the story will be about But it also contains a ton of action and suspense and a good amount of mystery that kept me intrigued Add to that, Ms Noble created a very alluring world that deals with secret agencies, unique vampires werewolves and mythical creatures.I loved being able to see Forge and Blair again It was great to see how far they ve come as a couple and seeing that they still have a bit of things to work out such as Forge s jealous and Blair s fears Lucas and Blair are definitely my favorite couple so getting to see how they are now was interesting Specifically that Lucas and Declan still have things to learn about each other and their mission definitely opened up the paths to some areas of one another they didn t necessarily know before.My biggest problem with this one, though, is the timeline There were certain parts that would end and then jump to days later that I was a little disappointed in I wanted to see those days pass by such as when Declan and Lucas were on the island what happened right after that Aside from that, there were a few questions I still had about the creature such as how it was even possible to get transmitters on them without them killing someone or what exactly the creatures are called aside from being named after the lakes But I m hoping we ll get to learn about them as the series progresses.Overall, this was an amazing spin off I loved where the author took these characters and where they will be going next Getting to see the guys again was a total blast and I m so glad there will be of them I can t wait to see what type of missions they go on and how they get to save the world Definitely give this a go if you ve enjoyed The Sleepless City series and liked this author s writing Title Code Name Jack RabbitAuthor Elizabeth NobleSeries Vampire Guards series, book 1 Publisher DSP PublicationsReviewer KathleenRelease Date July 12th, 2016Genre s LGTB, Paranormal RomancePage Count 211 pagesHeat Level 3 flames out of 5Rating 3.5 stars out of 5Blurb Meet the newest members of the Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.Jonas Forge, vampire Once a spy and soldier, now a cop, Forge enjoys the life he s built with his friends in Flint, Ohio.Blair Turner, PhD Blair, a vampire and computer hacker with exceptional skills, shares a powerful empathic bond with Forge, his soul mate.Declan, vampire, ex pirate, ex fur trapper, thief, and con man Declan is Forge s former lover and soul mate to Lucas Coate.Lucas Coate, MD, Flint s medical examiner A werewolf living among vampires, Lucas is also one of Forge s best friends.Their lives become complicated when an impending presidential visit throws them headlong into a world of high tech vampire spies and espionage Recruited into the Vampire Guard by the secret society of the Akhkharu Nasaru, they uncover a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.Together they must thwart a murder attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiguan a weapon that may very well mean death for one of them Review It s so incredibly rare to find four main characters in a novel that when I picked up Elizabeth Nobel s Code Name Jack Rabbit, I couldn t have been any surprised had you told me there was a pink elephant in the room I have to come out and say it right away that as amazing a feat it was to accomplish, there was also so much information to retain about all four that I had a feeling that I missed a little of the charm that makes a novel a story since I was trying to situate myself Paranormal with vampires and werewolves are some of my favourite genres to read and Code Name Jack Rabbit follows four men , vampires Jonas, Blair and Declan, and werewolf Lucas, the newest recruits of the Vampire Guard Mated partners Jonas and Blaire, as well as Declan and Lucas relationship are put to the test as the Akhkharu Nasaru want to prepare them for the worst that is yet to come, uncovering a terrorist nest made out of werewolves This novel had so many details about the background of the Vampire Guard, the four men and what is about to happen with the terrorist group, Qiguan I struggled to keep up with all of it the plot, the twists, the storyline and the numerous information, and at the end I wondered if I should read the novel once again in the hopes it would help Knowing that there is an entire series before the Vampire Guards series that would actually enhance the experience absolutely change my opinion for the best In the end, I never did read the book a second time but I did take a few days to reflect before writing my review I appreciated the first instalment of the series I can only imagine how amazing it ll be simply by the details Elizabeth Noble has added These four men are intriguing and manly the type of men that I ve come to expect from vampires and werewolves, fast, strong, ruthless and protective of what belongs to them Even though there isn t much romance throughout the book, I could still see the connection that existed between the couples and the friendship between the four men Knowing that another series exists before this one and explains the history behind Code name Jack Rabbit, I personally recommend starting from that point, which is what I ll be doing as well, but i still believe that he storyline was amazing Review Copy of Code Name Jack Rabbit provided by the Publisher, DSP Publications for an honest Review Reviewed by Kathleen from Alpha Book Club This story was a great setup to a series We have four intriguing men three vampires and one werewolf living together with other roommates , who are asked by a secret organization to save the world They all, of course, have a unique knowledge base and different skills in infiltration, information gathering, and physical prowess, but what makes them invaluable is their relationships with each other The four men are composed of two bonded pairs, a sort of special connection exclusive to the paranormal, and the secret organization who hired them wouldn t even consider them as potential partners until they had bonded Interesting.Most of the novel was spent setting up backstory and the relationships between the characters, with some nifty puzzles for them to solve to show how well they work together Quite a few are characters introduced, with complicated dynamics, but I was supremely impressed with how Noble made me feel as if each one was important In order to make it easier to digest, she did limit the point of view characters to two, Forge and Lucas, which helped immensely As I was reading, I wondered if she could have limited the POV to just Forge, but that was of a thought experiment than an actual critique.Declan, a centuries old vampire, was probably one of my favorite characters He s a fussy sort, kinda naughty, and very scary when the mood suits him Of the four, he lives most outside the box His relationship with Forge, who actually isn t his bonded partner, was supremely interesting to me, and did cause some jealousy among their mates However, if anyone had spent as much time with each other as those two had, they would also have an irreplaceable relationship with that person, no matter their past in this case, tensions could have been a bit higher than expected because Forge and Declan did have a sexual history with one another wowza.As for the bonding itself, there was a lot of referencing to it, but I m not certain I could tell you what said bond actually entails A bite is involved, for sure, because these bonds happen between werewolves and vampires and whoever they choose as a mate, human or paranormal , but other than that No idea How do they know they ve found the one Chemical signaling Love at first sight Noble mentions vampires used to be human before turned, but werewolves are a separate species, neither human nor canid, so whatever the bond is, it s complicated and not necessarily magical I have questions after reading than answers I love it I ll definitely be waiting for the next book.There were quite a few pop culture references which alluded to the genre of this story It s very akin to the X Files, and there are some superhero vibes to it, a la League of Extraordinary Gentlemen It s clear that although we ve seen the origin story for this dynamic group, we haven t seen the origin stories for our four heroes, which may be even intriguing I m looking forward to them.On a heat scale, it s pretty low, but this is a DSP Publications release, so I wasn t expecting sexy times when I went into it These characters are also in established relationships, so despite some drama here and there, there isn t a romance hook, which I really liked about the story.If you enjoy urban paranormal or spy novels, superheroes, or the X Files, I d check this book out.Reviewed by Brock for The Novel Approach Reviews Code Name Jack Rabbit Book 1 of the Akhkharu Nasaru The Vampire Guard By Elizabeth NobleDreamspinner Press, 2016Cover by TL Bland211 PagesISBN 978 1 63476 894 8Four starsThis is a first in my experience a spin off book series Elizabeth Noble and Anne Barwell co wrote alternating authors the Sleepless City series, which teamed up werewolves and vampires working as much as normal guys as is possible in the human world This start of a new series takes two couples Lucas and Declan, Jonas and Blair from the Lake Erie city of Flint, Ohio, and spins them a new future We have to leave behind Ben and Simon at Boggs Castle, along with the ghost of Mr Boggs to guard over them But, interestingly, there s one last adventure on Lake Erie Our merry men discover that they re being head hunted by a couple of eerie vampires with ties to the Secret Service By unorthodox means that leaves them rattled and mistrustful, they learn about the Akhkharu Nasaru, an ancient order of Sumerian origins called the Vampire Guard It s a sort of Mission Impossible organization, but made of vampires and a few werewolves, for fun The plot revolves around a series of mysterious boat sinkings on the Great Lakes and other large bodies of fresh water sinkings that being to take on a sinister pattern as our boys start to recognize the common denominators This adventure focuses a lot on the complex interrelationships between the two couples, and how that works with the much older relationship between Declan and Jonas With Lucas and Blair being relative children, both their hard ass do gooding skills and their ability to deal with being part of bonded vampire couples is challenged I liked the Sleepless City books, but find that I had the to struggle to connect emotionally with the characters, even though I like them all Perhaps it s merely the awkward transition from one world to another, and the lingering sense that you re missing stuff if you haven t read the earlier series I think this is a matter of style rather than content In other words, it s me not the author But I very much appreciate the different take on supernatural creatures as potential superheroes, and the complex interweaving of plot and personal story in the narrative Once Flint has been finally left behind, I suspect that a whole new kind of energy will drive this new series forward I look forward to the next book Meet The Newest Members Of The Vampire Guard, Where Legend And Myth Meet Science And TechnologyJonas Forge, Vampire Once A Spy And Soldier, Now A Cop, Forge Enjoys The Life He S Built With His Friends In Flint, OhioBlair Turner, PhD Blair, A Vampire And Computer Hacker With Exceptional Skills, Shares A Powerful Empathic Bond With Forge, His SoulmateDeclan, Vampire, Ex Pirate, Ex Fur Trapper, Thief, And Con Man Declan Is Forge S Former Lover And Soulmate To Lucas CoateLucas Coate, MD, Flint S Medical Examiner A Werewolf Living Amongst Vampires, Lucas Is Also One Of Forge S Best FriendsTheir Lives Become Complicated When An Impending Presidential Visit Throws Them Headlong Into A World Of High Tech Vampire Spies And Espionage Recruited Into The Vampire Guard By The Secret Society Of The Akhkharu Nasaru, They Uncover A Werewolf Terrorist Organization Known As The QiguanTogether They Must Thwart A Murder Attempt On The Open Waters Of Lake Superior While Tracking A Previously Unknown Biological Weapon Controlled By The Qiquan A Weapon Which May Very Well Mean Death For One Of Them

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