Chasing Prophecy

Chasing ProphecyI loved this book Full disclosure, Jim Moser is a friend of mine, but he also happens to be a terrific author Chasing Prophecy is fantastic, and you should read it.Its strength lies in three places First and foremost, the characters Mo, Kazzy, and Max are authentic, funny, and easy to like and care about Their dialogue zings with one liners and legitimately funny wisecracks It never seems forced, which is an accomplishment Second, the story sucks you in and keeps you turning pages You care about the characters from the jump, and Jim keeps raising the stakes The two main storylines will Mo and Kazzy wind up together Can Kazzy be saved from the cult keep you fully engaged Finally, there s just enough of an allegorical and mystical quality to the novel that when the unexpected happens and it happens it feels natural I attribute that to the overall strength of the story.I could pick a few nits with how things unfold in some of the book s courtroom scenes, but it would be exactly that picking nits The book wasn t written for lawyers although lawyers should read it Because it s great and the story doesn t suffer a bit for it, even if I try to imagine a federal courthouse in the Cascade foothills.In any case, this is a wonderful story with memorable, credible, and funny characters Read it. Tormented By Bullies And Crushing Hard For A Girl Named Kazzy, Mo Kirkland Is A Teen With Everything To Prove Kazzy Lives On A Once Peaceful Commune In Boulder Creek, A Mysterious Mountain Town Known As The Bigfoot Sighting Capital Of The World When Her Communal Family Starts Down A Dark Path, Mo Discovers That Real Monsters Don T Always Hide In The Woods Scariest Are The Ones Found Much Closer To Home Chasing Prophecy Is A Heartwarming Coming Of Age Story About A Boy Who Risks Everything For One Chance To Save The Girl Of His Dreams Read The Gripping New Book That Kirkus Reviews Calls A Stellar Read For Teens And Adults, Full Of Hilarious Growing Pains, Tenderness, And A Few Surprises Mo Kirkland tried to stay off the radar of bully Richard Handel at his school, but he was a short wimp and prayed for someone to help him evade the toliet that Richard planned to dump his head as the crowd cheered SURF S UP His best friend finally appeared to save him as well as the girl he had a crush on but dared not let her know, Cazzy or her cult name of Prophecy Bethlehem How embarrassing when your best friend and crush had to save you James Moser spins an incredible story that most readers will enjoy about two teenagers getting caught up into being mules to carry meth into the United States by the cult s leaders son, Clean Abel and Clean are determined to fight the government and prevent them from taking their land, but money has run out and they need a way to pay their high priced lawyers and keep the family together and Cazzy s mom is the unofficial bookkeeper that had to launder the money Full Disclosure I was given a free e copy of the book in return for an honest review.An enjoyable read, a POV character with a distinct voice.I thought the description of this book sounded interesting and original enough that I wanted to check it out I initially read just the sample available on and found that I liked Mo so much that I really wanted to hear of his story He has a distinct, believable voice While the story took an unexpected turn from how it started out, I rolled with it and it was an enjoyable story The ending was a little weaker than the rest of the story, with peril that you see coming from a mile off and a Deus ex Machina that strains believability a tad A few typos and errors as typical in all ebooks, but nothing egregious and I m a real stickler Overall, a good read, well worth checking out This is going to be a tricky one for school librarians because it is only in eBook format That being said, I know it will appeal to teen readers, especially those who have enjoyed stories about survivalists, cults, etc The teen characters in this story are strong and have traits that draw in the teen readers The plot twists enough to keep readers wondering how will it work out As I read, I couldn t help thinking about BREAKING BAD and the drug tie in to this novel I know teen readers will enjoy this book, I m just not sure how school librarians are going to get it into their hands. Great young adult story with fast pace and some suspense A bit of romance, too, seen from male perspective Definitely recommend it Ever since he laid eyes on her from am early age, Mo has been in love with Prophecy Bethlehem She s come to mean a lot to him, and he d do anything to show her how he feels about her The girl has come to his rescue against the school bully on many an occasion So much so, that people give her grief about it For him, however, it s shown him just how much she cares.Deep inside, Mo wishes he could tell Prophecy how he feels It doesn t matter that she s different, or that she lives in a community that most people consider to be some sort of cult His heart is set on Prophecy, and there s no changing the way he feels If only revealing yourself to the girl you love were a tad easier Only then, would he be able to unburden himself and truly show her what s in his heart.When life takes an unexpected turn, Mo soon realizes that things will never be the same He and Prophecy might be living two very different and separate lives, but their friendship is the one thing holding them together No matter what card life seems to deal them, they re determined in holding close the one constant in their lives each other In their eyes, it s the only way they ll be able to deal with whatever else comes their way.A truly stirring and very emotional story, Chasing Prophecy is a tale that will capture your heart in many ways James has penned a story that s certainly relatable Drugs, uncertainty, pain, heartache, loss you experience this and the further along you get in reading the story The author brings forth characters who are tied together for years, striving to overcome to the adversities coming their way In addition to that, he s given them unique personalities that strengthen the story as it goes along No matter what happens, these characters hold on to the friendships that bind them together This is a book you re definitely going to enjoy. What an enjoyable book Chasing Prophecy is one of the few books that I ve read lately from a male s PoV, and it was a refreshing change of pace for me This story surpasses the usual offerings of YA fiction It easily carves out it s own place in the genre as a standout coming of age read What I enjoyed most about Chasing Prophecy was the characters I felt like I connected to all of them so well The way that Jim wrote them made them feel like real people that I actually cared about As the events started to unfold in the book, I couldn t stop myself from devouring it because I wanted to make sure that Mo and Kazzy were okay That s a rarity for me as most of you know that I read multiple books at a time With Chasing Prophecy, I put my other reads on hold because I was so invested in the characters Kazzy was my favorite character because of the connection I felt to her It was very insightful to view her from Mo s point of view Jim definitely has a talent for writing, especially with the YA genre His story flowed so well Never did it feel clunky or tedious There are several underlying themes that thread through the story in such an effortless way, and I enjoyed them immensely The sprinkling of paranormal also adds a different edge to this book I feel like I cannot stop gushing about this book Whenever I agreed to review this book, I never imagined that it would captivate my attention in the way that it has Without hesitation, I recommend this book to all fans of the YA genre, teen or not I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review My thanks to James Moser. Chasing Prophecy by James Moser is a first person narrative featuring Mo, the leader of a trio of creepers trying to survive in a hostile environment of cliques and factions in Boulder Creek, Washington They find their own niche among a survivalist cult called the Bethlehem Family, where the teens are turned onto drugs and coached into going on a vision quest This coincides with the Government demanding payment on back taxes, which results in the tandem setting out on a crusade to resolve the debt It takes them to the Canadian border where Breaking Bad meets South Park in Moser s intriguing YA adventure.For literary buffs, Mo s first person dialogue is reminiscent of Catcher in the Rye as Maurice Kirkland becomes a rural Holden Caulfield, groping his way along a paranoiac landscape fraught with dangers from bad guys to Bigfoot Though there are a number of adult themes, Moser s novel will undoubtedly strike a chord with adolescents due to its insights into teenage angst and alienation The teens end up smuggling meth into Boulder Creek and find themselves as targets of the U.S Marshal s Office as a result of their escapades Yet Mo never loses heart, and Moser s tale is upbeat and sassy all the way to the final chapter.The author provides us with pictures that enhance and inspire our imagination throughout, especially Bigfoot prints that leaves us with a friendly reminder that you never know who s watching Just keep an eye on this author, as Chasing Prophecy by James Moser suggests there s pleasant surprises ahead. Chasing Prophecy by James Moser.This book was anything and everything except what I expected I hadn t paid much attention to the blurb for the book and had based my opinion largely on the cover photo Shame on me Then again, in hindsight, had I read the blurb I might have decided that Chasing Prophecy wasn t my kind of book and then I would have missed out on this great strory.This is something than a classic Coming of Age story The best part of Chasing Prophecy is the prose The writing is descriptive without being intrusive I felt myself transported to the location of the story without any preachy, descriptive passages The writer clearly has a grasp on how young people talk, think and even send text messages The pace of the story was great it kept moving me along, wanting to find out what was going to happen on the next page.It was an easy book to read, completely entertaining, thought provoking and I d say Mr Moser s goal of writing a book that any and all teens and young adults can read and enjoy has been completely met James Moser captures the essence of what it is to be a teenager Chasing Prophecy mixes the pain, humor and romance of High School and adolecence with an unusual plot about an off the grid commune that slowly transforms into a cult The ending was a head shaker to say the least and reminded me of one of my favorite books A Boy s Life by Robert R McCammon I look forward to reading from James Moser.

James Moser lives in Bend, Oregon, where he drinks too much coffee and dreams of magical lands, far, far away like Portland Kirkus Reviews recently asked why he prefers to write teen heroes The author replied, Because they re the only ones who can save us He is working on a 3 book series.

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