Catherines Intrigue

Catherines Intrigue It s always fun when you find a brand new author that you love Paige Edward s debut novel Catherine s Intrigue is amazing This book is romantic suspense And, wow, it was super suspenseful I loved every bit of it.Catherine has just graduated from college She s gone to England to visit her brother and fulfill her mother s last wish to find a missing ancestor I really loved the way you could almost feel Catherine s apprehension about telling Jack why she was really in England at the beginning She knew he would be against her working on the family history problem And he was.but she was determined Catherine is a strong female character The way she and Nick meet was so fun Jack had Catherine drive his car home from the airport where he picked her up, I have no idea why Catherine wasn t used to driving on the wrong side of the road And they ended up in the ditch That s where Nick comes in, saving her from the cold Nick saves her so many times in this book I loved that What s better than being saved by a handsome English gentleman The plot of this one is full of intrigue I loved the way I never knew what was going to happen next There were tons of things I never would have even imagined could have happened in this book It really kept my attention.Make sure you read this great book You won t regret it. This book was interesting and took many unexpected turns I couldn t put it down I HAD to see how everything would play out and I read long into the night to finish it I loved the element of suspense with the danger romance There were some great supporting characters, and the third person perspective allowed the reader to get inside the heads of our two main protagonists and our antagonist as well Religion is interwoven throughout this book, and plays a big role in the progression of the story If you aren t familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, some parts could be confusing Catherine and Nick were such fantastic main characters I loved their romance and the deep love they felt for one another I also loved her brother Jack and the fun sparring between the siblings Catherine is on a quest to find information about her family history while visiting her brother in the UK, but at times it really felt like that was only brought up when they needed to move the story along Getting inside the antagonist s perspective lent some insight into the story, but I often felt like it took away much of the suspense since we always knew what the antagonist was thinking and planning There were many parts in the story where the danger reached a climax, only to end the chapter and start the next one with Four days later It drove me nuts how often this seemed to happen Just because the immediate danger or threat is over doesn t mean we as readers don t want to see how the characters react to and deal with the aftermath of a difficult situation I still really liked the overall story, and am interested to see what this author writes next She definitely has a talent for keeping your attention and on the edge of your seat To Fulfill Her Mother S Last Request, Twenty Four Year Old Historic Design Specialist Catherine Pressley Coombes Travels To England In Order To Investigate An Elusive Family Line Armed With An Illegible Diary, She Is Determined To Discover The Identity Of Her Mysterious Ancestress Distracted By An Elizabethan Manor And Unused To British Country Roads, Catherine Runs Her Car Into A Ditch Luckily, Nick Davidson, A Handsome, Hard Working Local Rides In On His Tractor To Save The Day As The Down To Earth Manager Of His Family S Estate, Nick Also Happens To Be One Of England S Most Eligible Aristocrats Nick Is Certainly Not The Kind Of Man Catherine Would Fall For A Man Dogged By Media And Rumor So Why Does She Find The English Lord So Irresistible Even Though She Can T Overlook Their Differing Values And Beliefs, As She And Nick Spend Time Together, Their Attraction Deepens While She Battles Through Romantic Turmoil, Catherine Is Beleaguered With Far Sinister Concerns A Series Of Unexplainable Misfortunes That Are Not Mere Accidents With Her Heart On The Line, Catherine Discovers Her Life Is In Jeopardy, And She Has No Idea Who The Perpetrator Is But She Has A Growing Suspicion That The Danger Might Be Connected To Whatever Secrets Lie Hidden In Her Ancestor S Diary A suspense novel centered around family history makes for one wild ride It was fun to delve into the story of Catherine and Nick My favorite scene was one involving a treasure box I felt like the author captured so well the things that are important to us as individual and spiritual beings If you are in the mood for romantic suspense, this is a good one Catherine s Intrigue is the debut novel of author Paige Edwards This romantic mystery suspense novel takes place in England and includes a speedy romance, an English Lord, murder, and action This book had so many elements that surprised me full of twists and turns, even though the reader knows who the bad guy is from the beginning The romance is sweet and I loved the hero, Nick, and I also loved main character Catherine who is a strong and a very likable female character who is no Mary Sue.This novel s main character is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and has elements where aspects of the religion are discussed and shown to motivate Catherine in her life choices As Catherine investigates a family secret, her life is threatened and she finds herself is danger quite often This novel also has the very serious subject matters of human trafficking, some violence, and mild kissing At 311 pages, this novel with good pacing and exciting action will keep you reading non stop all afternoon Come follow me at my blog to readreviews Like my Facebook Page Wow This book was quite the ride and I really liked it I enjoyed the English setting and terms This book is centered in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints principles and they are mentioned throughout There is a different twist of knowing the antagonist right from the start and their motives It was maddening in a good way to see this interaction between the bad and the good It did take away a little suspense since we knew what would could happen, but there was one scene where they had a thought of what to do to Catherine, and it didn t turn out how they wanted This book has a great balance of suspense and romance Nick is a dreamy to the rescue suitor While Catherine is battling her feelings for him and wanting to date those of her faith Things moved fast for them at the beginning, but I appreciated the development of their relationship as the book progressed I did feel, at times, some scenes were not needed and I wantedfocus on the mystery of Catherine s family line, but all in all the book is well done. Edwards does a fabulous job engaging the reader Fascinating details, fresh vocabulary, and a twisting plot that will pull you in till the end make Catherine s Intrigue worth the read. Debut author Paige Edwards has written an intriguing contemporary romantic suspense novel that readers will enjoy The story is well written with a captivating story and interesting characters This novel will be sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next One idea that might help readers better understand the main character is to better introduce her religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints earlier in the story Also, the cover does not match the story it tends to give the idea that the story is a thrilling murder mystery, where instead it is a romantic suspense novel Overall readers will enjoy this edge of your seat contemporary romantic suspense.Genre romantic suspense, mystery, contemporary, LDSPublisher Covenant CommunicationsPublication date March 1, 2019Number of pages 240A review copy of this book was provided by Covenant Communications A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are my own. This book was different than I expected I m not sure what I was expecting, but this book surprised me in some ways First off, Catherine is visiting her brother in England She is trying to solve the family mystery that genealogists have not been able to unravel Armed with an illegible diary, a first name, and a general location she is set to find her family roots.The book holds romance and suspense elements Catherine and the local noble are drawn to each other from the moment they meet Nick is the kind of man that makes romance fun to read He is a hero who swoops in on his tractor to save the day Yes, tractor There are religious differences that are a concern and the romance doesn t run smoothly.Catherine is also being targeted by a villain This person wants to claim the inheritance that comes to the descendants of the ancestor mentioned above You know from the start who the bad guy is You also know what is being planned to take Catherine out of the running for the inheritance You see the disaster about to happen and can t stop it, because it is a book and the events have been predetermined Ugh I really enjoyed this book This book contains religious aspects Catherine and her brother are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Source I received a complimentary copy All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. First I have to say that this book is LDS fiction with lots of the story revolving around the LDS religion Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Praying, reading scripture and other things specific to the LDS religion are a prominent part of this story.I love a good mystery suspense story Usually in a mystery suspense book I am as clueless as the characters, waiting until the very end for the big reveal But not this book From the very beginning I had a clear idea of the bad guy and every single move they made It made me feel both knowledgeable and crazy I was always cringing and thinking Don t talk on that phone Don t go there Don t do that Look over there Watch out And those characters never, ever listened to me The story had a good build in intensity and the story moved along with decent pacing The religious aspects slowed the pacing down a bit but still, the build was there and I felt it I liked the story, the concept and characters.Content some violence, human trafficking, death Religious aspects mentioned above Kissing I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own.

Born and raised in Southern California, Paige Edwards is a multi award winning author who enjoys clean romances and thrillers A BYU I alumna, she went on to graduate summa cum laude from NOVA with a degree in interior design Her husband s job transferred their family to the mid Atlantic states where they have lived ever since She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and presi

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