Cataclysmic Shift

Cataclysmic Shift Super Cat, Aloysius, May Be The Most Powerful Witch S Familiar In The World, But When He Takes A Blast At The Hand Of An Evil Witch He Loses It All Power, Memory, And His Feline Form To Become The Ethereal Human Beauty, Alain Bellarose When Alain Wakes Up Naked On The Floor Surrounded By Dogs And Cats, His Eyes First Set Upon Luke Elliott, The Handsome And Mysterious Veterinarian Suddenly, The Prospect Of Being Human Doesn T Seem So Bad Luke Has A Lot To Hide And He Likes Animals Way Than People, But He Can T Resist The Flamboyant Boy Who Washes His Face With The Side Of His Hand And Tries To Lick His Own Privates The Loss Of Aloysius Depletes The Power Of The Witch Master, Killian Barth, And That Of His Secret Weapon Sammy And Leaves Their Coven Sitting Ducks For Two Very Nasty Females When Alain Discovers That He S Really A Powerful Cat, He S Faced With The Ultimate Choice To Protect His Community, Or Stay With The Man He Loves

Tara Lain never met a beautiful boy she didn t love at least on paper A writer of erotic romance, mostly m nage and male male, Tara loves all her characters, but especially her handsome heroes A lifelong writer of serious non fiction, Tara had the first novel she ever wrote accepted for publication in 2011 She s now on book 45 and counting After an exotic life of travel all over the world an

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    Aloysius is back.

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    Oh dear, it s going to be hard to review this and not give away any of the delicious details..oh well, I ll start with something really easy, I love the cover, I actually think this whole series has great covers I read the first book in this series Spell Cat but haven t gotten to Brush with Catastrophe the second in the series yet, and although I m sure I might have missed a little bit of backstory because of that, it was in no way a problem in reading and following this third one even without having read that one As the blurb mentions powerful witch familiar Aloysius is now a human An insanely attractive, a little naive and suffering from amnesia, good with animals and naked young man.Good thing he lands in Luke s veterinary clinic, Luke takes him in, clothes him a shame really that gives him a job with the animals at the clinic and teaches him the gay Luke has a history he isn t proud of and has been trying to keep secret, but the past has a habit of catching up with you.All the while Alain as Al now calls himself has flashes of memories that don t make sense and the compulsion to do certain things, that make even less sense.I loved watching Alain navigate his way as a human, he loves salmon and champagne, of course, but everything else is a learning by doing kind of thing As usual he charms everyone and that includes me.He charms all of his witches into becoming pet owners and he himself is adopted by an adorable little kitten, Amelia As I started this story I wondered what he would be like as a human, I loved Aloysius the cat, but thought he might be just a bit haughty as a human, but Alain isn t like that at all, although he is still as clever as always and still has some of his feline traits and habits, even as a man Meanwhile not only is Luke s past catching up with him, Killian, Blaine, Sammy, Ryder, Lavender and Jimmy have to be on the lookout as some power hungry witches are after the coven and Al Fighting off this threat is a tad challenging without the witch familiar to help them, but again that internal calling has the human Alain trying to help anyway The love story between these two very different and unlikely lovers was hot and cute, Luke takes to teaching Alain the gay very well and Alain is an excellent student in all things sexy I have to say, I actually sniffled a little at one point, Luke doesn t take to everything well and of course Alain Aloysius has difficult choices to make This story really brings home the friendship and love between Aloysius and his witches, deciding to do what is best for Al and wanting his happiness over their own.This is a must read for all Aloysius fans who want to see him in a whole new light.

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    OK I knew going in that I would need to skim skip and generally ignore a lot in this one But I still felt the need to finish this series Like with the others this one had a good strong story that was let down for me by the simple ease of writing style Things just happened too easily for my taste For example view spoiler Luke managed to save money go to school and become a vet all while working for a pimp A very kind pimp that obviously allowed Luke to only work when he wasn t busy studying and paid him well enough to not only pay for school but also start up his own practise Maybe I m cynical but I was always under the impression pimps were out to make money than the rent boy girl they managed Plus finding out Luke had only left that life a mere year ago Then on top you have a rather creepy cop that it s implied he paid for Lukes services before saving him See just to easy for me hide spoiler

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    Full review available at didn t think this series could get any better after reading Brush with Catastrophe, but I was wrong I loved Cataclysmic Shift by Tara Lain It s the third book in the Aloysius Tales series In this book, Aloysius finally gets a book that focuses on him And boy does the magical black cat and powerful witches familiar have a rocky road ahead.Aloysius isn t afraid to go into battle to protect his master and his master s friends like Sammy He acts as a conduit for both Killian and Sammy to draw magic from However, in the midst of a battle with two European witches, a direct hit of magic steals not only his memories and power but even the body he s lived in for several centuries Fearing for their unconscious cat s life, they take him to a vet that Killian s human mate, Blaine, knows through his men s group Luke s there to reassure them that although he s unconscious, he seems to be in good health However, when he goes back into the room to do some test, he finds that Aloysius has disappeared Luke promises to keep his eye out for him, and Killian and Blaine head for home believing that Aloysius had already headed home when he woke up.So when Luke finds a gorgeous naked man playing with all of the boarding animals at his veterinary practice the next morning, never once does it occur to him that this could be Aloysius And why would it, Luke is human and doesn t know anything about the paranormal community Even Aloysius doesn t remember who he is He only has vague memories of being a sixteenth century French gentleman named Alain Bellarose.But Alain has no memory of his time spent as a magical cat or a witch s familiar All he knows is that he can talk to animals and that the vet that found him and has given him a place to stay is hot and somebody that he would like to make time with But he has instances where he feels like he s being pulled by a magical force to protect somebody Now, if he could just figure out who he s supposed to protect When Alain gets his memories back, he s faced with the biggest dilemma of his life protect his community or stay with the man he loves.I loved Alain His personality and antics had me laughing on than one occasion Especially when he gave himself a cat bath and tried and was successful at licking his own genitals And I loved how protective he is of Luke I also loved Luke He has a past full of secrets and an ex boss that refuses to let him go I can t wait for the next book in the series to come out If you loved the other books in this series, then you have to read this book You won t be disappointed I know that I wasn t.Thank you, Tara Lain, for another fabulous book The ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press My review is an honest opinion of the book

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    4 1 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Aloysius is a powerful witch s familiar but when he saves Blaine and Killian from a witch s attack he loses everything his power, his memory and his cat form he wakes up human surround by cats and dogs with a vague memory of his name, Alain, and not much else Luckily for Alain he is in the hands of attractive vet Luke who helps him out with clothes, a place to stay and a job Luke is shocked when he comes across a naked man in his vet clinic but the innocence in the man s eyes has him helping him out, but Luke is hiding from his past which could bring down all he has built and Alain nearly gets dragged into danger Killian s power is greatly depleted with the loss of Aloysius, with evil witches determined to take over the coven Killian needs Aloysius now than ever but with Aloysius stuck in human form the prospects look dire Ah damn what a twisted tale this series has become, with the European covens determined to rule and a nasty man from Luke s past, we are also treated to a dilemma when Aloysius Alain regains his memories Luke is a great character who hides from his shady past, it took him years to get where he is as a vet and he has no intentions of ever revisiting his past When Luke meets Alain he is bewitched by his beauty but he resists the pull of attraction for as long as he can, especially as Alain has no real memories of his own Alain is drawn to Luke and can be quite persuasive and although he is enjoying his new life to the fullest, he knows that he has forgotten something important Bring in Killian, Blaine, Sammy and Ryder as they try to protect their coven and discover how they can get Aloysius back but then a dilemma happens when Alain falls in love with Luke, how can they ask him to give up his love to give them back their power I loved this story as the threads were drawn together, weaving a tale that pulls us in different directions as we want Alain and Luke to get their happily ever after, but we also want Killian and the coven to win against the attacks Luke is unaware of magic so his part in the story is of a very human aspect that Alain also gets dragged into, their relationship is pretty incredible and Aloysius as human is both sweet and funny and they make a delightful couple We then have the magical aspect with Killian and Sammy being affected by the loss of Aloysius and being attacked by witch s wanting power for themselves This was beautifully done and you get pulled in from the very first page, we see their plight as Aloysius Alain is torn in different directions and Luke s heartbreak and devastation upon learning the truth There are some very amusing scenes as Alain still has some very cat like traits I recommend this to those that love magical dilemma s, falling in love, danger from both human and magical attacks, a great story and a brilliant surprising ending.

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    Loved this book and hope it s not the last in the series although the way it ended suggests it might be as a major problem that has been an on going plot point appears to have been resolved in this book.I loved Aloysius getting his HEA in this and learning how he came to be a familiar Loved his catisms in human form He made me smile as Alain My heart broke when the others decided they had to make him human permanently so he could be with the guy he loved but they were all going to miss Aloysius so much and being without him was going to reduce their power and make them vunerable.I love how it worked out for them in the end and I think the coven has gained rather then lost with Aloysius now predominantly in human form cause they all got a little surprise with him at the end I just loved the sweetness and innocence of Alain and how he accepted Luke completely I loved Luke s character as well and wish he hadn t had to suffer a past that haunted him so badly and put his life at risk I was glad that things worked out so well for him in the end as well I love the emotions in the book and how much the characters look out for each other I hope there will be in the series

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    3.5 Stars Please check out Mandy s excellent review for details Thanks, Mandy A couple of thoughts It took me a bit to get into the story It felt like it was all over the place with all the characters from the previous two books making than a brief appearance, several different POV s and two story lines thrown in the mix It also tiptoed the view spoiler pet name not a fan hide spoiler

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    Goddamn, I love the covers in this series I really need to read them asap

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    4.5 rounded up, because it s Aloysius, FFS Not to mention the artwork on the cover is deserving of at least a half star My absolute favorite in the Aloysius Tales series It was great to see so many of the MCs from the previous stories not just included, but pertinent to the plot Have a feeling that there are tails to be told Meow

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    It was a nice book.

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