Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend MaterialThis book is romantic, awkward, funny, messy, and just really perfect I love Luc and Oliver so much Their story gave me every damn feel I can t express how much I love this book I LOVE THIS COVER aka Hollis material.yes please. 4.5 starsThis was one of my most anticipated books of 2020 and it did not disappoint Boyfriend Material has all of Alexis Hall s trademark humor, emotional depth, and gorgeous prose The plot is delightfully tropey, the characters are lovely, and there s really just so much here to love Luc and Oliver charmed me completely I m confident this is one book that will be read and reread again Full review to come. Reading this book felt like a cool glass of water on a hot day It was so very much the kind of romance I needed and everything I had hoped for and .I never know whether to repeat the plot in these reviews, because it tends to feel like I m just paraphrasing the blurb, so let s pretend I did that and we all know this is a rom com based on the fake relationship trope, something that I like quite a bit if done well, and Alexis Hall does a great job with it It s truly funny, romantic, has a good pacing with the right kinds of ups and downs, and if you ve not fallen for Luc and Oliver halfway through their first date I can t help you I had a fantastic time reading it I had to laugh out loud so many times I stopped counting, there is a Welcome to Night Vale reference that killed me, and I teared up towards the end The perfect feelings roller coaster with a perfect ending.I m too lazy to get up from my couch to check, but I m pretty sure all of his books are written in first person POV That tends not to be my favorite, but he always makes it work for me I did think it sounded a bit too much like Ardy, partly because he is surrounded by similar people, but I would be lying if I said it bothered me Mostly because I adore Ardy s voice, and so I adored Luc s voice as well.And I have to say, this book definitely has mainstream potential evenso than the Arden St Ives books In a meta way, you could argue that this book is the Oliver version of the Arden St Ives series, in that it is probably easier to like for people who are not entirely comfortable with queer books, but I don t see how that it is a bad thing I desperately hope there ll be a translation, so I can recommend it to evenpeople than I will be able to with the English edition I loved this a lot and I am so glad I signed up for Edelweiss and got the chance to read it right now, because I really needed this kind of book. I was so happy that the publisher SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and NetGalley selected me for this completely delightful book, and it s totally a five star read for me Boyfriend Material is a fake relationship trope, beautifully written in the first person Lucien s POV which I love and full of actual laugh out loud lines I adored the main characters Lucien and Oliver, and the way their relationship developed throughout the book They are both flawed and delicate and strong and funny and so relatable, and possess all the great characteristics that make the reader fall in love from the get go.Luc is the slightly off the rails product of divorced famous parents, with all the drama and media interest that goes with it, whilst Oliver is a middle class barrister with painful parents and very high expectations The friendship groups are fabulous characters in their own right and actually reminded me a lot of Bridget s friends from Bridget Jones Diary.Such a brilliant book, especially for Valentine s Day.Highly recommended LITERAL PERFECTION PAUSED READING MULTIPLE TIMES TO CALL PEOPLE ABOUT HOW MUCH I LIKED THIS BOOK.formal review to come. This was practically a perfect romance for me gay, British, tropey, and funny Plus, it was insightful as hell with tons of emotional growing and self actualizing Will probs re read on a rainy day THAT, my friends, is how to do a Rom Com mic drop Review to follow at AAR closer to publication date And now I have a book hangover. Wanted One Fake BoyfriendPractically Perfect In Every WayLuc O Donnell Is Tangentially And Reluctantly Famous His Rock Star Parents Split When He Was Young, And The Father He S Never Met Spent The Next Twenty Years Cruising In And Out Of Rehab Now That His Dad S Making A Comeback, Luc S Back In The Public Eye, And One Compromising Photo Is Enough To Ruin EverythingTo Clean Up His Image, Luc Has To Find A Nice, Normal Relationshipand Oliver Blackwood Is As Nice And Normal As They Come He S A Barrister, An Ethical Vegetarian, And He S Never Inspired A Moment Of Scandal In His Life In Other Words Perfect Boyfriend Material Unfortunately Apart From Being Gay, Single, And Really, Really In Need Of A Date For A Big Event, Luc And Oliver Have Nothing In Common So They Strike A Deal To Be Publicity Friendly Fake Boyfriends Until The Dust Has Settled Then They Can Go Their Separate Ways And Pretend It Never HappenedBut The Thing About Fake Dating Is That It Can Feel A Lot Like Real Dating And That S When You Get Used To Someone Start Falling For Them Don T Ever Want To Let Them Go

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  • Boyfriend Material
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  • English
  • 10 December 2018
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