Boyfriend 101 (Fever Falls #6)

Boyfriend 101 (Fever Falls #6) Something in the water Riley Hart knows how to write scorching scenes I m surprised Fever Falls doesn t catch fire I thought no couple could be better than Linc and Rush but Cam and Jude surprised me in the best way Jude has such a good heart and Cam is amazing with how he takes care of those he loves Their teasing banter is sweet and sexy, and wow are they hot Cam especially has a way with words I look at you and wonder if I was looking for you all along So many feels with Cam and Jude They are simply perfect together Watching Jude learn to find himself and trust in Cam was amazing and beautiful I love Cam and his cocky sweetness He should teach everyone how to be a boyfriend While I adore these two, especially Cam s taste in pie, Theo won my heart I m so glad he has Jude and everyone else in Fever Falls This town, the people and the Saturgay crew, they make me laugh so much and I will miss them all There may be something in the water but if so, I will happily drink it everyday. Well crap I m really gonna miss this group I m so happy Cam got his story He was great with everyone especially Sawyer, so I m happy to see this And it was so nice to get to know sweet Jude Gosh these two were absolutely perfect together It s always the ones who see you through the rough spots that mean the most Two men finding each other when they feel all alone I loved how patient they were with each other I love how they never tried to hide things, and they always talked it out I know some may complain about Jude and his messy head, but I m glad that he talked about it Not everyone s got it together so I appreciate that he did work through things and instead of being quite told cam that he was working through it The story was great, the side characters were of course great since we met them all The smexy was absolutely hawt I m really gonna miss Saturgays I m looking forward to seeing hopefully other characters maybe get their books Can t wait to see what else these two have up their sleeves Boyfriend 101 takes two friends and inserts the fake boyfriend trope, but honestly Not so much For everyone it s obvious that they are together, even if they re not admitting it to themselves out loud I would classify it as of a self discovery story for Jude , and a pining and hoping for story for Camden , with the backdrop of a group of amazing friends.The story was relatively low angst there s really no major drama to be found It s about Jude s road to accepting his sexuality a road that really is not bumpy at all Some extra interest is generated with Jude s teenaged neighbor Theo just so you know, he s awesome , but even with some small amount of turmoil that includes him the majority of the story flows quickly and easily It makes for a happy conclusion to the Fever Falls series while giving some favorite side characters their own happy ending.I found this to be an enjoyable close to the series, and even without the drama Camden and Jude were wonderful together and made this a solid 4 star read for me The adult language and their steamy physical scenes do make this story one for readers 18. Boyfriend 101 is everything I could have hoped for for Cam and Jude What an amazing book to end the series with As OFY stories go, this one is pretty much WOW Jude and Cam have been dancing around each other for a while, and it was so gratifying to finally see them take their friendship to the next level I loved the nickname thing they had going between them and I adored how careful and sweet they are with each other, even without the dreaded coddling I really liked that the story didn t only focus on Cam and Jude, but also on the importance of friends and family The strength of Cam s bond with his brother Sawyer is just inspiring and I loved the talks they had and how they navigated the changes in their relationship now both of them are coupled up The scenes with Jude and his family of choice , Rush, mama K, Theo, Jude s dad those were all so moving and heartwarming too Each chapter starts with a little line from either Henry or Awkward Boy, which I thought was just brilliantly done I loved everything about Theo, but it was also great to learn about Henry, even though his journey is sadly not as happy.The epilogue was wonderful, though bittersweet, gifting us with a final look into the lives of the amazing friends we made in Fever Falls. Perfect close to a fun series I will admit the brothers Sawyer and Camden were the two books I was really itching for in this series and of course they were both second to last and last respectively.If you have been keeping up with the series then you know Cam has been flirting his butt off with Jude since he turned up in Fever Falls to visit his best friend Rush Jude, who has always identified as a straight man, appeared to be out of reach of Cam s affections Strangely Jude and Cam end up becoming really close friends when Jude decides to stick around The Falls It isn t until analmost threesomewith a womanthat Jude realizes maybe he s not as straight as he seems You see, it s Cam s body he can t keep his eyes off of, not some beautiful woman From there it s on with the age old trope of the experienced gay Cam showing the newbie gay Jude the ropes, hence the title Boyfriend 101 The boys ain t fooling anyone, least of all themselves that what they are doing is essentially the definition of a real relationship It doesn t take them long to figure it out Once minds are made up both of these men are pretty brave and put themselves out there with the other It was really great how that worked No big misunderstandings and separation here I adored the side character of Jude s neighbor Theo, a 17 yo boy who writes comics about his life titled Awkward Boy Him and Jude bond over a love of art and a mutual understanding of being confused about one s sexuality I hope down the road there may be a spin off with Theo and a certain friend of Lincs who enjoys painted nails cough cough Trey This is it for the main crew of Fever Falls I enjoyed the time spent reading about this town and the crazy group of friends who exist in it I will surely miss the Saturgays and look forward to any spin offs in the future. I ve loved this series and I m bummed this is the last Jude and Cam have a friends to lovers situation kind of, except Cam has always flirted with Jude and Jude is a confused dude about who he wants Oh he definitely figures it out early on though These two are sweet together while also having great chemistry I also love hearing about the characters from previous books.My only teeny tiny complaint is sometimes the conversations between people felt not so flowy, a little wonky Other than that, I loved this couple and Jude s sweet neighbor that he treated like family. Free to be Who You AreThe story of Cam and Jude has been running in the background in previous books and here it is in full bloom One bi man, Cam who is comfortable with himself and Jude who is realising his bi nature and finding his confidence in his true nature Some may say that their story is a fake boyfriends trope but it was that Jude was not confident enough to declare himself The interaction between Cam and Jude is delightful, full of humour and consideration.Not only does the book have the main theme of 2 bi guys falling for each other, but also the stories of Cam s ex who refused to come out and teenager Theo gaining the confidence to come out The sub themes are well woven into the main story.It has been great reading the Fever Falls series and the great bond between the men in the gay community.Boyfriend 101 was a great finale to the series. So I have mixed reactionsThe begin of the book was Meh I almost didn t finish it until someone told me it was the last of the series I pressed on and I wasn t disappointed It was so good showing all the emotional roller coaster between Jude and Cam also Jude and Rush I love there dynamics I love their chemistry and I could feel their love But this book should have ended at the Christmas scene The rest was too much and very unnecessary I felt like it dragged too much at the end Safe to say I m still sad Fever Fall is ending there are few couples i m really gonna miss Oh I must say, the cover is hot That alone is the reason I m giving this book 4 I just imagine Jude with his beautiful self and get why Cam is in love with him He is truly gorgeous The story itself, I m giving it a 3.5. CamdenI M A Fun Loving Guy Who Doesn T Take Life Too Seriously If There S Something I Want, I Go For It Why Not Life S Too Short To Slide Into The Grave With Regrets But What I Don T Do Is Go For Men Who Aren T Out And Proud Been There, Done That The Only Real Way To Get To Me Is To Hurt My Brother, But Now That Sawyer S Happy, He Doesn T Need Me Any I M Stoked For Him, I Am But Seeing My Friends And Brother Paired Off Is A Constant Reminder Of The One Thing I Don T Have But Desperately Want Jude There S Something About This Beautiful Man Who Insists He S Not Into Men Even With My Rules About Guys Who Aren T Out, I Ve Craved Him Since The Moment He Stepped Foot In Fever Falls Now That He S One Of My Best Friends, That Desire Has Raged Into An Inferno I M Powerless To TameJudeI Ve Always Considered Myself Straight I Wrote Off The Whole Fascination With My Longtime Best Friend Rush As Something Weird That Happened I Ve Been Over Him For A While Now, And The Person Who Helped Me Was Camden Burke, The Flirty Man Who Calls Me Beautiful I Used To Hate Getting Compliments About My Looks, But When Cam Does It Well, Let S Say The Way He Makes Me Feel Is My First Clue That The Thing With Rush Wasn T A One Time Deal I M Bisexual And Cam Makes Me Laugh And Always Listens Since I Ve Been In Fever Falls, I Ve Become Closer To Him Than I Ve Ever Been With Anyone, Rush Included So When I Decide To Explore My Newfound Sexuality, Who Better Than Cam To Show Me All The Pleasures Of Being With A Man Only, We Get Caught, And Now It S Not Just Cam Showing Me What It S Like To Be With A Guy He S Become My Professor In What He Calls Boyfriend , And Apparently, I M Avery Good StudentBut Unfortunately, I Have Some Issues To Work Out And A Few Exam Scores Start Slipping Cam Has Already Graded On A Curve By Breaking Some Of His Rules To Be With Me If I Can T Get My Act Together, I Ll Flunk Out Of Boyfriend , And I Can T Imagine Retaking The Course With Anyone But Him Loved it I just loved Cam and Jude s story As soon as we met Jude, I knew there was a story there, and we needed to have it Thankfully Riley agreed I love a story with first times, and when one of the characters is still discovering his sexual identity Toss in a bit of fake boyfriend, and I m so here for it Cam and Jude had amazing chemistry and I loved that their relationship started with friendship The patience that Cam had for Jude while he found himself and what he wanted was so sweet I loved the huge hearts each of them had Their story made me smile, laugh, and fan myself Hello steaminess I ve loved all the Fever Falls stories, but this one May be my favorite It was great catching up with some of the other guys from Fever Falls too

Riley Hart is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve She s a hopeless romantic A lover of sexy stories, passionate men, and writing about all the trouble they can get into together If she s not writing, you ll probably find her reading Riley lives in California with her awesome family, who she is thankful for everyday.

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