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Body and Soul He Wanted All Of Her Bruno Falcucci Was Nothing Less Than A Nasty Piece Of Work Not Only Had He Maneuvered Himself Into A Position Of Power At The Bank Where Martine Worked, But Now He Had Set His Eyes On Conquering Her, As Well But No Matter How Attractive Bruno Was, There Was No Way That Martine Was Going To Let Him, With His Big, Black, Italian, Come To Bed Eyes, Get The Better Of Her

Sheila Holland,

❰Reading❯ ➸ Body and Soul Author Charlotte Lamb –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Body and Soul
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9780373117338

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    Re Body and Soul Charlotte Lamb gives her insanely jealous typical H a new little twist in this when she pairs her Uber Alpha H with an h who is as competent and driven as he is.Welcome to the 1990 s in the CL province of HPlandia No longer does CL just focus on ethereal, dreamy unicorn grooming ladies who don t seem to be on the same plane of existence as the rest of us In this one the h is a full fledged assistant to a big time merchant bank chairman She is quite competent and has had a few rounds in the wars of romance, so she lost her grooming license and isn t really looking for another match.The book starts with the h rushing to meet her dear friend, who is also her boss, at his favorite restaurant The poor man is looking haggard every day, especially since his lovely young wife died in a car accident where he was driving two years earlier The h suspects he carries a lot of guilt over the accident and we soon see, that proves to be the case The restaurant has a revolving door and the h manages to get stuck with a very tall, dark and handsome stranger in the midst of it With a great deal of snarling and snapping, the two of them manage to get themselves unstuck and retreat to separate corners of the bar.When her boss arrives, he tells the h that he has invited his cousin over to learn the ropes of the bank The h s boss feels that his cousin s side of the family was unfairly cut out of inheriting part of the bank because his grandfather did not like whom the cousin s mother chose for a husband.The h s boss has a mind to fix that situation His aunt has now sadly passed on, but the cousin is a noteworthy banker himself and the h s boss feels sure that he will be an asset to the bank The h is concerned, especially when the long estranged cousin turns out to be the snarly man that got stuck in the door with her.The h s boss is insistent tho, so the H takes his place at the bank and the h is very hostile to the man, she thinks he is planning on usurping her boss s place as chairman Not that the man is much nicer to the h, he seems to think that the h is trying to use her wiles to con her boss into marriage and a lucrative lifestyle option.The h makes a few attempts to defend herself, but the H is so domineeringly sure that he is right and so insulting to the h, that she soon decides to let the H think whatever he wants Then they have to go to a conference in Rome together because the h s boss is too ill to make it.Things explode between them physically in Rome and they have a one night full fledged Lurve Force Mojo explosion The next morning, the h wakes up alone with only a terse little note from the H and this hurts her feelings and makes her feel cheap and ashamed.When the H is still cold and distant over breakfast, the war is on and this h is taking no prisoners What follows is a cold war between the H and h, it only gets worse when the h finds out she is preggers from her one night of passion Sadly the h s boss is looking worse and worse everyday and we find out that he has a brain tumor and he isn t sure how much longer he has to live, which is why he wanted the H in the bank to take over when he was gone.The h is horrified She really likes her boss, he is like an older brother to her and she demands that he do his best to focus on finding a reason to live instead of inviting death in The h insists that her boss also get some counseling and since he figured out that she was preggers with his cousin s baby, the h also has to turn down his very sweet marriage proposal The h gently refuses, but does do a lot of traveling to Germany and Vienna with her boss in an effort to encourage him to start living again The boss takes a keen interest in the baby as well, he and his wife only had two years together, so they weren t quite at the children stage when she died The H makes random appearances throughout this time and he is clearly driven by the demons of jealously and rage The gossip among the bank s staff is that the h and her boss are heavily involved The H shows up at the h s house when she is very ill with the flu as well, he cared for her in her sickness and then starts throwing around tarty gold digger accusations as soon as she is better.The h is miserable and wants to hit back at the H, so she refuses outright to tell him he is the father The h s boss is against that decision, but he is also fighting for his own health and besides, he likes the idear of a baby and he thinks maybe he can get the h to change his mind about marrying him.She doesn t change her mind, but her boss is all about the baby anyway and the H is getting and accusatory The h has decided to do the baby thing alone, her parents are very conservative farmers and her father would disown her if he knew about her situation Realistically, the h briefly considers termination at one point, but ultimately decides that since she is capable of earning good wages, she can handle single motherhood herself Then there is a wreck on the underground and the h goes into premature labor The h s boss shows up to be her labor coach and the H soon follows right behind The H explodes in the h s labor room and he is very ranty until the h s boss remarks that he has asked the h to marry him several times and she keeps refusing He also explains that he is not the father and the H finally figures out that he is going to be a daddy.He starts ranting about that and the h s boss tells him to hold the h s hand, she is in transition labor and they can fight things out at a less dramatic time The H tells the h he loves her and she confesses that she loves him back They both had too much pride to talk to each other and decided to try and irk each other to death instead.By this time the h is ready to deliver and she has a little girl The H is determined that they will marry, he is still wildly jealous of the h s boss and his cousin, he even hit the poor man when he found him with the h earlier The h explains about the tumor situation and tells the H he is just going to have to get over it, cause the thought of the baby has kept his cousin going and now he is in recovery The H makes no promises, but the h is holding him on a pretty tight leash and the H is too entranced with his little lactation fetish to make too many angry lion protecting his mate noises.The ward sister has finally had enough of the H s suspiciously inappropriate behavior, so as she is kicking the H out of the h s room, the H is telling the h to get well enough to get out of there soon The two of them and the baby have a lot of time to make up for the big, slightly naughty HPlandia HEA.This one was pretty good and CL does the best intensely passionate angry H and h scenes in all of HPlandia You could literally feel the frustration and hurt vibrating off the page, yet this book is a really fast read The h s boss and his struggle was very well done too and I had a little tear in my heart as the boss was explaining his tumor situation This one is definitely worth the time it takes to read it and delivers a really satisfying HP outing experience, so grab it if you find it and prepare yourself for a very intense CL trip to HPlandia as only she can write it.

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    Two prickly porcupines get stuck in a revolving door The attraction is mutual But the hero PP is jealous of his milquetoast cousin OM who is the heroine PP s boss The OM is middle aged, sickly, and grieving his wife He is no threat to hero PP, but PPs aren t known for their judgement.Their guard hairs come down in Rome when the PPs have a ONS The heroine PP ends up pregnant and the hero PP works along side her at the bank for 9 months without ever considering the little PP could be his sigh When heroine PP goes into labor the OM and the hero are there The heroine finally sorts out the misunderstandings and the newest PP is born They will name her Roma after the city of her conception Who knew porcupines were sentimental and tacky Since the heroine s guard hairs are down for breastfeeding, the hero PP discovers a new fetish to keep things interesting in the months ahead OM may or may not be cured of his brain tumor by talk therapy and having the will to live I enjoyed the H h s interactions This had way too much OM for my tastes, but this was not surprising in a vintage.I do have to climbs on soapbox object to the heroine floating the idea that you can bootstrap your way to wellness by your attitude Maybe, maybe not but if I had a brain tumor with blinding headaches, etc I doubt I d have a positive attitude, either Let people feel how they feel This idea you aren t supposed to be depressed by your illness or that you somehow caused your own illness needs to go My grandfather had a great attitude about his cancer, my mother in law did not have a good attitude about hers They handled their terminal illness like they handled their life My grandfather saw the glass half full my mother in law half empty News flash they both died I loved them both and miss them both They didn t have to prove anything to me or to their loved ones as they lay dying climbs down Boogenhagen and Naksed have detailed reviews without editorials Heroine was not a virgin H h were celibate after their ONS.

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    A very modern Harlequin, with the heroine being a 27 year old, ambitious and smart, career woman For once, her professional position is not just a decoration in the background nor is it her consolation prize for not having a husband and children I really liked how the author described her and made her simultaneously a tough cookie, passionate about her job, loyal to her friends, and sexy as hell, and at the same time deeply vulnerable, with a shaky past both in terms of her growing up with a stifling, domineering father and passive mother, and having experienced a bitter heartbreak I have read a few old timey Charlotte Lamb harlequins and knew she was very good at writing willowy, ethereal, innocent teenagers but this was a refreshing change of pace Obviously, this is one of her later books and I say kudos to her for adapting to the times and writing a very believable, modern woman I thought her views on pre marital sex, single motherhood and abortion also refreshingly sensitive and compassionate, very surprising to find in a genre that is usually ultra rigid and puritan.The hero is a typical Harlequinny suave Italian with dangerous good looks and a nasty temper who is not above cruelly crushing the heroine emotionally and verbally when he cannot control her or his jealousy over her Thankfully, as this is a modern Harlequin, there is none of that bodice rippery crap that we have come to love and loathe in the genre Martine may be fighting her attraction to Bruno but when these two let the erotic tension between them finally erupt in an explosion of molten lava, they are both definitely ready, willing and able participants.I have to say that the connection between them was hot as hell, intense and humorous at times, from the very first moment they meet as they both race to the revolving door of a restaurant and get stuck there together, getting into a furious fight, to the last scene in the book that left me with my jaw on the floor as Bruno indulges in some erotic play with Martine s generously endowed nursing breasts Yes, Charlotte Lamb went there And oh, it is glorious LOL.Lamb is superb as usual at painting a setting The would be lovers encounter in Rome was sizzling, with the city itself playing a large matchmaker role in getting these two together And I absolutely loved that she found a way to insert a decrepit, isolated farm in the English countryside even though it had absolutely nothing to do with the story But then, it just wouldn t be a Lamb tale if it was missing a little bit of the English countryside, would it Another book that made me love this new to me author just a bit .

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    CL books are like Chinese tea to me I take it between courses read other books to cleanse my palate And this one didn t disappoint not that CL books ever do Even the most OTT, fantastical plot lines penned by this author have the power to impress me and draw me in So Body and Soul was just another great read in my long list of favourites from Ms Lamb s work I d recently commented on a friend s review on how I stay away from office romances, but I have to say this is one office romance that I actually liked A lot Set in the banking world, the plot features one of the most pragmatic h s I ve come across Martine was a loyal PA to her boss and extremely efficient when it came to her work I would have hired her if I could Or if she was real P No nonsense, non virgin, unashamed of her sexuality this was one h I actually admired H Bruno was a typical CL hero all possessive and non communicative passionate and extremely prone to creating drama and angst He was crazy about the h and proved it to her in every way except by verbal expression In fact, the main issue between the protagonists was the lack of communication and their larger than life egos They could have come together a lot earlier if they hadn t been so stubborn about owning up to their feelings But I m kind of glad they didn t I would have missed out on all the delicious angst then Also, the steam factor in this book was unusually high for a CL Including in the final grovel scene And I m somewhat embarrassed to say I didn t mind it at all Four solid stars for this one.

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    But for that simply incendiary chemistry and beginning , this office romance has nothing fresh to offer.In fact, there s no office romance Whatever romance happened, happened outside the office and then we just have a drag it out non mu and a whopping non communication or rather a complete lack of h H interface for much of the book The h spends an annoying amount of quantity and quality time with the om.And to be brutally honest, there s no love as well An amazingly hot, sizzling, simmering, steaming animal attraction, definitely yes At least did not feel the love from the H So cropping 1 star Hate, yes Obsession, yes Passion, yes Connection, yes But love Ummm no But still a highly readable un missable CL And that last scene HP meets Erotica swoons

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    4.5 stars Body and Soul was the first book I read by Charlotte Lamb, which turned me into an instant fan There was so much to like the writing style, sexual tension, angst, plot and of course the leads, Bruno and Martine.I love a smitten hero and Bruno clearly fit that description to a T He wasn t nasty like the blurb claims, just very jealous of Martine s relationship with her boss It was really amusing how Martine tied Bruno into knots even without trying As much as I liked this, I was disappointed by the minimal screen time Bruno had He and Martine also didn t spend enough quality time together The ending was abrupt as well.

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    Aww I felt bad for Bruno Martine was a little too harsh to him I hate it when woman do such things like not telling about their pregnancy to the person who did it to them She should have at least told him The problems would have solved only if they would have TALKED Bruno was a total jackass at times, and even slightly annoying childish too, but he was also innocent And there were times he made me laugh with his sarcastic tone In the end, it was a Good romance But I was just wondering what would have happened if Bruno would have stopped bothering Martine after she constantly tells him to leave her alone.

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    Body and Soul is the story of Bruno and Martine.Martine works for Charlie and the bank as a self sufficient secretary, until the arrival of Bruno, Charlie s cousin causes an upheaval in her life.Rarely in CL romances do we see an experienced, self sufficient working heroine who stands her ground Martine was she She even understood and felt arousal not just hot and bothered and even though there s the usual obsessed hero OM crazy jealousy drama there was also angst and love if i can call it that between the leads.An one night stand with consequences I give it one extra star for the shock of the lactation fetish at the end.Safe3.5 5

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    Charlotte Lamb has the weirdest endings to her novels and it drives me bonkers but I did like this novel a lot I thought the heroine was a brave woman and the hero annoyed me to no end He was all macho, arrogant and possessive.

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    Probably like 3.5 , probably would have been 4 but I didn t really like the H Actually both the H h were incredibly silly regarding their misunderstandings, but I guess there has to be a reason to write the story.Wasn t really a secret baby plot so much as a secret pregnancy plot He knew she was pregnant but didn t know he was the father.

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