Mutluluk Fifteen Year Old Meryem Lives In A Rural Village In Eastern Anatolia, Turkey Her Simple, Conventional Way Of Life Changes Dramatically After Her Uncle, A Sheikh In A Dervish Order, Rapes Her And Condemns Her To Death For Shaming The Family Asked To Carry Out The Honor Killing Is His Son Cemal, A Commando In The Turkish ArmySo Begins A Long, Mystifying Voyage For Meryem As Her Shell Shocked Cousin Ushers Her To The Shining Metropolis Of Istanbul Where Another Troubled Soul, The Harvard Educated Professor Irfan, Embarks On His Own Journey Of Transformation One That Catapults Him Into The Heart Of Meryem And Cemal S ConflictThe Crossed Paths And Interwoven Destinies Of These Three Characters Makes For An Affecting, By Turns Brutal And Life Affirming Portrayal Of Traditional And Modern Day Turkey That No Reader Will Soon Forget

Z lf Livaneli born in 1946, is a singer, a composer, a bestselling Turkish author and a poet who is considered one of the most significant and influential authors and intellectuals of his time His books have won numerous literary awards, both in his home country and abroad.Although his novels are viewed as highly literary, Livaneli is considered the best selling contemporary author of Turkey today The article A Festival of Musical Contrasts, which appeared in the International New York Times 9.7.2014 refers to Zuflu Livaneli as a composer.Livaneli is known for his novels that interweave diverse social and historical backgrounds, figures, and incidents, such as in Bliss which won the Barnes Noble s Discovery of Great New Writers Award in 2006, and in his critically acclaimed Serenade for Nadia , Leyla s House , and My Brother s Story , which were all translated into 37 languages and won numerous Turkish and International literary awards, and were highly praised by prominent literary critics around the world His novels have been turned into theatrical movies, stage plays, and operas.Livaneli was imprisoned several times during the 1971 Turkish coup d tat because of his political views and had to leave Turkey in 1972 and went on exile He lived in Stockholm, Paris, Athens, and New York where he met and collaborated with artists and intellectuals such as Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller, James Baldwin, and Peter Ustinov among others Livaneli returned to Turkey in 1984.His works and cultural and political activities and contributions to world peace were recognized by UNESCO in 1995 when he was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO a post he still holds today He served a term in the Turkish Parliament as well as in the Council of Europe.Livaneli is as accomplished as a writer as he is as a poet and a songwriter, cultural and political activist Although he first became known for his contemporary music, Livaneli turned his focus to writing, in the last decades, when he realized that literature was closer to his heart His first collection of short stories, A Child in Purgatory , published in 1978 was turned into a movie by Swedish and German TV.He is also a prominent social democrat politician and was a member of the Turkish parliament for one term Livaneli s novels have been turned into theatrical movies, stage plays, and operas.Livaneli is known for his contemporary music, in much the same way as Bob Dylan and his contemporaries in the United States were in the 60 s His 1997 Ankara concert was attended by no less than 500 thousand people His collaborations with Mikis Theodorakis of Greece have been noted as a gesture of bringing together the two countries Livaneli has been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 1996.Livaneli has composed some three hundred songs, a rhapsody recorded by London Symphony Orchestra , and a ballet His compositions have reached cult status nationwide and have been performed by internationally renowned artists such as Joan Baez, Maria Farantouri, Mar a del Mar Bonet, Udo Lindenberg, Haris Alexiou, Jocelyn B Smith, and Kate Westbrook He has also written five plays and thirty film soundtracks Among these soundtracks are the soundtrack for Yol The Path , directed by Yilmaz G ney and winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes Film Festival, The Herd , directed by Y lmaz G ney and Zeki kten, and Shirin s Wedding by German director Helma Sanders Brahms His recordings have been published in the USA, Sweden, Germany, Holland and France, and he has given dozens of concerts throughout the world He has produced albums and performed with Mikis Theodorakis and Maria Farantouri, and he has also collaborated with Manos Hatzidakis, Giora Feidman, Inti Illimani and ngel Parra In 2010, he sang Mothers of The Disappeared with Bono at U2 s concert in Istanbul, Turkey, which was U2 s first ever concert in Istanbul Liv

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  • 05 April 2019
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    Read a book set in your country Kitab be endim ama y ld zdan fazla veremeyece im Bu kitap 2000 lerin ba lar nda ya ayan bir insan i in harika bir kitap olabilir ama u anda kitapta konu ulan konular her ne kadar devam etse de so udu art k nsan yeter ba ka bir eylere bakal m diyor Yazar T rkiye hakk nda ne varsa anlatm , kad nlar n ektikleri, tecav z, PKK yla sava , k ylerin yak lmas , askeri operasyonlar, haks zl klar, stanbul a g , fakirlik, zenginlik, meyhaneler, e lenceler, Kardak krizi, zidiler, Ege ye K rt ak n ne ararsan z var kitapta.Yazar karars z kalm gibi geliyor bana u ekilde bir karars zl k kitab siyasi ve d nya g r olarak karakterlerin g z nden mi yazmak gerekiyor yoksa yazar n kendi g r leri gere ince mi yazmak Kad nlar ve cinsiyet hakk nda yazarken Meryem in g z nden yazm her seferinde hi bir ekilde karakterlere m dahale ederek onlar n asl nda ger ek hayatlar nda kullanmayacaklar kelime s z oyunlar na yer vermemi Ama konu K rtler ve PKK olunca yazar kendi g r lerini geri tutmam Cemal in Gabar da lar nda komando birli inde oldu u ve K rtlere kar arp t biliniyor at mada ld rd kleri militan K rt gencini gerilla grubunun lideri Bunlar sadece bir ka rnek Anlat c ve karakter kim olursa olsun bir veya iki yer d nda hi bir ekilde ter rist laf ge miyor ki PKK Ter r iar bu lkede ok derinlere k k salm t r hsan Fazl o lu nun bir kitab n okuyordum orada yle bir c mle ge iyordu Evet Fark, fark etmekle ba lar ancak her fark edi , bir fark edenin bir eyi fark edi idir B yle tuhaf ne dedi inin fark nda olmayan bir s z i te O kadar gereksiz ve anlams z gelmi ti ki bana kitab yar m b rakm t m Mutluluk ta da yle bir sa mal kla kar la t m kitaba devam etmekte zorland m g renler a k nl ktan a k nl a d ecek, neye u rad klar n a racaklard Yorum yapm yorum art k ben buna D Olumsuz ele tiriye son olarak da unu ekleyeyim Profes r d rt ayak st ne d m t Bu ekilde okuyunca sanki adam bir ey kazanm , ans yaver gitmi gibi geliyor insana ama asl nda adam ger ekten de ellerinin dizlerinin zerine k yor bir ton dayak yedikten sonra Belki yazar bir ironi yapmak istedi bilemeyece im yle de ilse a r derece sa mal k Songs Recommended by this Book Gnossienne No 1 by Erik Satie Flute Concerto in G Major I Spiritoso by Jean Pierre RampalAre you lonesome tonight by Elvis PresleyWhat shal we do with a drunken sailor by The Irish RoversBook recs by this book El Greco ya Mektuplar Nikos Kazancakis in bir s z n hat rlam t El Greco ya Mektup adl otobiyografisinde Kazancakis, I k Elen de kutsal, lyonya da ise ehevidir, buyurmu tu.The Power Of Myth Joseph CampBell in Masks of God ve Bill Moyers le m lakatlar ndan olu an The Power Of Myth de vard O sabah kitaptan u c mleleri okumu tu Mitoslar her eyi sizin i in bi imlendirirler Mesela belli bir ya ta bir eri kin olman z gerekti ini s ylerler size Bu belirli ya , ortalama olarak do ru bir ya olabilir ama asl nda, bireyin hayat nda, ki iden ki iye ok fark eder Kimileri ge olgunla rlar ve eri kin a amas na daha ge ya ta gelirler Nerede durdu unuza dair bir duygu olmal i inizde Ya ayacak bir tek hayat n z var Manhattan Transfer John Dos Passos un Manhattan Transfer roman ndaki sahneyi ya ad n d n yordu Hani herkesin sakall oldu u bir d nemi anlatan o g zel romanda, adam eczanenin n nden ge erken yeni km Gillette reklam ndaki sinekkayd t ra l adama zenerek bir tak m al r, eve gelince banyoya kapanarak t ra olur ve d ar kt nda ocuklar , Aaa babama bak diye onu yabanc larlar ya i te aynen o durumu ya ayacakt.

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    I held off on reading this book for a while because the description sounds so depressing, but this was very misleading.This is a story of hope and triumph It is very intense in places, but the overall feel is very hopeful and beautiful.

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    Three characters cross paths in O Z Livaneli s Bliss a professor facing a mid life crisis an ex soldier experiencing PTSD a young woman condemned to death by her family after being raped Bliss, translated by i dem Aksoy Fromm, is my first but certainly not my last foray into Turkish literature If I were hoping for a book promoting Turkish tourism, I would be sorely disappointed Livaneli does not sugarcoat his native country Instead, he exposes Turkey s dark side ethnic conflicts, shantytowns, and institutionalized misogyny.After spending two years fighting the Kurds as a commando, Cemal returns to his village only to be ordered by his father to take his young cousin, Meryem, to Istanbul where he must kill her.Fifteen year old Meryem has been raped and ostracized by her family When she does not commit suicide to hide her shame, she is expelled from the village The cousins situations may feel appalling and antiquated to the Western reader, yet the book takes place in the 21st century.Eventually, the two meet rfan, who is experiencing an identity crisis As a Turk, he feels neither European nor Asian an atheist, he is confused by his Muslim heritage.Livaneli s characters are conflicted, complex, and compelling More than anything, he shows the reader that there is no such thing as a compact national identity.I keep reading books about Turkey, hoping to get a grasp on the nation and culture before I move there However, Bliss is a good reminder that no country, no culture, can be adequately summarized in a travel guide.

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    The novel tragically begins, a remote village blaming a fifteen year old girl for her rape Issues of patriarchy and women s empowerment come to the fore Meryem is not the only tragic victim in the story Both her cousin Cemal and their sailing acquaintance Irfan are running away from psychological pain Cemal has been a commando leader Irfan cannot tolerate contentiousness and falseness among his colleagues, i.e., Irfan yearned to surmount the restrictive, tiresome security of his life, which, disguised as happiness, threatened to overwhelm him To do this, he needed to change A personal metanoia should be experienced at least once in a lifetime The online dictionary defines metanoia as change in one s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion For Irfan the sociologist, conversion through adventurous sailboating makes sense Meryem s female tragedy, leading to her adventuresomeness, is literally running away from ritual sacrifice Cemal her male cousin bears the scars of wartime and the myth of indoctrination as well as the patriarchal duty of his village So, he appears quite reticent and unemotional yet he cannot fulfill his murderous duty The characterization of the protagonists is outstanding, imo For each one, the author gives the reader a close up of her his point of view The setting must be within the first two years 2000 2002 of the twenty first century That derives from my calculations post dissolution of the Soviet Union, timeframe of the headscarf controversy, statement about the twenty first century, prepublication of this novel The author presents his picture of contemporary Turkish society.

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    Meryem s life starts tragical and goes as it Professor is going to depart a journey due to his fears which is suddenly started, actually he wants to escape from everything He decided radically despite of his good life conditions Cemal, Meryem s cousin spent difficult times in the army while against to terrorists When he came back to village he depart through to Istanbul with Meryem in order to kill her But incidents has changed there There were interesting stories and characters explained in train journey Also It could be find interesting points such as some conflicts and in the public life and honor killing Two different life story will be combine at the a Aegean coast town surprisingly One retired ambassador attended to them at the end of the story Ultimately Meryem finds herself It was good story One good section from book Human takes another human poison.

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    Herhalde mutluluk dedikleri de bu olsa gerek Biraz g venlik, biraz can s k nt s.4,5 5Yazardan okudu um d rd nc kitab n n yorumuyla sizlerleyim Kitaplar n uzun aral klarla okumay tercih ediyorum San r m her kitab n n sonras nda kendisinin kalemine tekrar merak ve zlem duymam biraz zaman al yor Mutluluk kitab n n da ncesinde defalarca kez filmine denk gelip izledi im ve ba rol oyuncusunu ok sevdi im i in kitab n n oldu unu duydu um ilk andan beri okumak istedi im ba l ca kitaplar ndand B ylece nihayetinde elime al p filmi de akl mda r zgar gibi savrulup gelip ge erken okumaya ba lad m Kitab n olaylar sadece Meryem in bak a s alt nda inceleyece ini san yordum nk filmden hat rlad m kadar yla genel hatlar yla sadece Meryem in sorunlar n izliyorduk Ama romandaysa as l ana karakterimizin hayat na dair zel anlat mlarla kar la yoruz lk b l m nden itibaren her ne kadar filmini izlememle beraber gidi at n biliyor olsam da kitab n da ayr bir merakla okudum lk y z sayfa kadar nda yazar n dinimiz ve lkemiz hakk nda baz as ls z c mleleri karakterler zerinden yazmas sinir katsay m artt rd Bu durum b yle devam ederken bir yandan da neden bu kadar nl bir yazar oldu u ve kitaplar onlarca dile evrildi i halde lkemizi ve dinimizi b yle yans tmay tercih etti ini d n p durdum Fakat bu tutumum kitab n yar s na kadar devam etti Kitab n yar s nda insanlar n dini nas l kulland klar na dair konu malar ve asl nda kutsal kitab m zda nas l buyuruldu una dair as l ger ekli i ta yan a klamalar g r nce ok a rd m ve o andan itibaren yazar n kalemine tamamen farkl bir bak a s yla bakmaya ba lad m Sonu ta her d ncenin bulundu u, ki o unlukla herkesin birbirine sayg g stermedi i y zlerce tutum i erisinde ya ayan ve insanlar n d ncelerini farkl eylere yormalar kadar do al olan bir d zenekte ya yoruz B yle olunca da nas l normal hayatta kar la yorsak hem sa c , hem solcu, hem de dini s m r p tamamen farkl ve yobazca yans tanlar olarak her t rden insan n d ncesinin kitapta yans t ld n g rm oldum Her ne kadar yazardan nceki okudu um Serenad kitab nda baz d nceler bana hala affedilmez derecede gelse de bu kitab ndan sonra kalemini farkl bir d nce yap s yla okuyaca m Kitab n ana gidi at na gelirsek de sonlar na do ru i burkan, zellikle Meryem in hat ras n n canlanmas ndan sonraki hali tavr yla g zlerimi dolduran, son sat rlar n ysa soluksuz okutan bir kitapt Filminde orijinal kitab n n aksine farkl bir son kullan lm t ama kitab ndaki son da ok g zeldi Okumak isteyenlere kesinlikle neririm Yazardan bir di er okuyaca m kitab n yorumuyla g r mek zere

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    Really 4.5 stars for me I had never heard of this author before and I m really glad I read this thank you, Asmah It was interesting to read not long after having read Orhan Pamuk s Snow Some similar themes, and a similar time period, but very different stories Livaneli took three central characters who at the beginning of the story were in different places and each dealing with a personal crisis Their paths meet and each struggles with their crisis, undergoes some type of transformation, and then they go their separate ways I liked how well Livaneli wove their stories together and how deftly he handled the main theme, which is sexual violence against women honor killings in Turkey I think I have to say but I can t get my thoughts togethermaybe i ll be back.

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    The lives of three individuals collide each struggling to figure out life s path set against the backdrop of conflicting traditional religious beliefs and culture versus those of a progressive modern day Turkey There s Meryem a young uneducated girl, raised in the traditional environment, who is raped by her uncle, but no one knows the identify of the raper As the head of the family, her uncle orders that she must die, having brought shame on her family and orders his son, Cemal, to do the deed Torn between carrying out his duty and his reluctance to kill the cousin he grew up with, the story takes them out of their village into the metropolis of Istanbul where Cemal struggles to decide his course of action Meanwhile Irfan, a well known professor and television personality, despite his apparent comfortable life, is undergoing a what s life all about soul searching experience The three meet and the professor takes Meryem under his wing, unaware initially of the circumstances surrounding Meryem and Cemal s travels far away from their home village Livaneli aptly portrays the struggles between the traditional and modern Islamic beliefs mirrored in our world today.We don t come away with a winner except that we cheer for Meryem and the decision she makes at the end of the book

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    Bliss tells the story of three Turkish people at the beginning of the 21st century Meryem, a small village teenager with a 1st grade education Chemal, from the same village and fighting the Kurds in the mountains Irfan, a Harvard trained professor who married an incredibly wealthy woman and moved to Istanbul.As the novel starts, Meryem has been shamed by being raped by her uncle, the religious leader of the family, and Chemal is supposed to take her to Istanbul, which in her village means take her to the woods and shoot her But then they actually go to Istanbul, and end up meeting Irfan, and their lives intersect I was interested in the minor characters and some of the tiny details, partly because they seemed to have significant influence Seher on the train, who shows Meryem the first hints that the way she has been raised isn t everything, Chemal s friend who gives him a leg up, etc Also little details like wondering if the author is trying to portray Irfan as a completely out of touch idiot, partly because he likes to listen to Rampal so much In my classical music circles, Rampal is kind of a joke, and Livaneli is a composer But I don t know how Rampal is thought of in Turkey.The story is okay, but both Irfan and Chemal seem somewhat flat, and I m not sure either of them went through significant change in the end In my mind, I still see Irfan floating drunkenly on his boat, forgetting to tell his wife he s okay.

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