Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep #1)

Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep #1) A Call For Heroes A Young Group Of Friends Stumble Across A Terrifying Conspiracy That Holds The Heir To The Blackstaff, The Defender Of The City Of Waterdeep, In Terrible Danger These Friends Must Search Deep Within Themselves To Become The Heroes Their City Needs To Save Its Champion From Those Who Would See Both Brought Low Ed Greenwood, Beloved Author And Creator Of The Forgotten Realms, Presents The First Book In A Brand New Series Dedicated To Showcasing Both The City Of Splendors And Our Most Talented Up And Coming Authors A Series Of Stand Alone Adventurers, This Book And The Series To Which It Belongs Were Written Specifically For Those Readers With No Prior Knowledge Of The Forgotten Realms, Making It An Excellent Entry Point For New Readers

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Steven Schend author readers around the world.

[Epub] ➞ Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep #1) By Steven Schend –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 307 pages
  • Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep #1)
  • Steven Schend
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9780786949137

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    Right now I sit at my in laws It is 10PM CST and I have just set down Blackstaff Tower, finishing it s Epilogue with a great smile on my face This book and Mistshore by Jayleigh Johnson are the first books to give us an inside view of Waterdeep The City of Spenldors, as it appears in the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons Now I hope that last statement does not turn anyone off to this wonderful tale Whether you love or hate the changes to DD or the Forgotten Realms, this book is well worth reading.After the shock that hit me during the Prologue it was actually about two days before I was able to move onto Chapter One but for that I do truly blame work I fell in love with Renaer Neverember He reminded me of me, which one always sees as a positive when picking up a new book Renaer likes to know things, he researches, he collects, but in the end it s all about the knowledge and its what makes a difference.Now for those who are coming in fresh, Khelben Arunsun is dead He died in the year 1374 The Year of Lightning Storms while participating in a ritual of high magic to bring about the City of Hope Rhymanthiin Upon his death, Tsarra Chaadren took up the mantle of the Blackstaff leading us into the whirlwind that begins this book I ll avoid the history lesson further while I may post some later except to say at the beginning of the book, Samark Dhanzscul is the fifth to hold the title of Blackstaff.I went into reading this book sitting of the opinion that I was reading it purely for information I had no interest whatsoever in what has happened to the Realms I was expecting the same rich and informative writing that Steven has brought to us in his previous novel Blackstaff and his other game materials I went into this book hoping to see the history of Tsarra Chaadren Well what can I say except that I was thrown for a loop.Steven has continued to impress me with his fiction writting as opposed to game writing which tends to blur together at times His references to minor characters of the Realms past have always driven me to research I like knowing what I m reading about, and this book was no exception How many people can make me constantly wonder about a penguin As for information on Tsarra It s there, but as I previously mentioned the book begins with the fifth Blackstaff it was a small shock to me, but knowing how some things have been torn apart recently it wasn t completely unexpected The fact that her history was still gotten across decently with her being deceased for such a long time was impressive.Now I get back to my previous mentioning about the Forgotten Realms of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons I had no interest in it, and still have very minor interests Upon finishing this book, not only do I want to do some research on some of the mentioned characters, but I want to dive straight into Misthore, re read this book, and am seriously considering checking out the rest of the Ed Greenwood presents Waterdeep series.My only complaint on this book is it seems too short It s wet my appetite and I want The characters were all intriguing and I would love to see Steven write about them They are far too interesting to be left alone.I give this book a 5 out of 5 It is by far one of the best pieces of fiction that was not a sequel that I have read this year It also includes something unseen in most current fantasy books a Glossary.Bravo Steven As Ed Greenwood says in his introduction I couldn t wait to read it the first time through and when I was done, I couldn t wait to read it again.

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    One recurring critique of Wizards DD novels is that they read as though the authors all simply turn their campaigns into fiction if this were true, the three authors in this omnibus must have the most creative DMs on the planet.These three novels collectively provide three very different perspectives on life in one of the Forgotten Realms most prominent cities, Waterdeep Each focuses on a particular area of the city, or an aspect of its society We re taken to two different slums and get a glimpse into the life of the Blackstaff, the most preeminent wizard in the city.Johnson s Mistshore and de Bie s Downshadow are excellent pieces of Realms fiction, far outshining Salvatore s recent Neverwinter novels Schend s Blackstaff Tower would be the weak link of this trio, in my opinion Nevertheless, taken as one combined entity, the volume really shines.

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    Blackstaff Tower is the first book in the Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep series of stand alone novels set in the Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons and Dragons There are six novels in Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep series including Blackstaff Tower The five other novels include Mistshore by Jaleigh Johnson, Downshadow by Erik Scott de Bie, City of the Dead by Rosemary Jones, The God Catcher by Erin M Evans, and Circle of Skulls by James P Davis Steven E Schend has written one other full length novel for The Wizards series of stand alone novels titled Blackstaff, which can be seen as the prequel for Blackstaff Tower He has also written a few short stories for three anthologies which are Concerning a Gambit of Fraternity in Fellowship Fantastic, Unreadable in The Dimension Next Door, and Being Played in Gamer Fantastic Blackstaff Tower was released September 2008 and was published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.Vajra Safahr has just became the next Blackstaff, after witnessing the former Blackstaff s murder Unfortunately, before she could assume the full power of being Blackstaff, the killer, a guildmaster for the Watchful Order named Khondar Ten Rings Naomal, is holding her and trying to torture the secrets of Blackstaff Tower and of the Blackstaff out of her Thankfully, a sellsword, Meloon Wardragon, and his employer, Laraelra Harsard, overhear the screams and investigate They learn that the house the screams are coming from is owned by Renaer Neverember and the trio, along with some of Renaer s friends, go to undercover the secrets But they find than they bargained for as they rescue the new Blackstaff and try to put a stop to Khondar s plans.Criticisms 1 Characters The biggest issue that Blackstaff Tower has is with the characters While not terrible characters, there are too many things that hinder them from being something than just generic archetypes The first noticeable problem with the characters is the amount of them There are way too many named characters that have little to no point in the story causing both confusion and a severe lack of development with the prominent ones This big problem with the characters because of the effect it has on how generic and underdeveloped the main characters are When time is taken away to introduce someone who plays little to no part in the novel the main characters really suffer On top of that, it was almost suffocating with the amount of the characters Names start blending together before too long and it does become hard to remember who was who The biggest issue that stems from the amount is that the main characters don t feel engaging They just feel there to do a job and it was hard to really connect and understand them Then there is an unfortunate side effect of the characters coming off as clich Just looking at the main characters, it s surprisingly easy to pick up on all the clich s Vajra is the most complex of the main characters, but only because of what happens with her By the end of the novel, you don t know her and you only know what she went through The others are really one dimensional Renaer Neverember is the noble headed leader, Meloon Wardragon is the muscle , Osco Salibuck is the wise cracking thief, and Laraelra Harsard is the level headed sorcerer There is little to them than that and as the story progresses, and they never felt like they changed in any significant way With such simple characters, it s hard to really like them as you re supposed to However, when all was said and done, the characters weren t that bad, they were just generic.2 Pacing Another issue with Blackstaff Tower is the with its pacing Simply put, Blackstaff Tower moves way, way too fast It felt rushed The best way to describe how fast the plot moved is by comparing it to a slide show For the most part, scenes would happen in such a way that they felt like they were pictures flashing on a screen Before you can even digest what just happened, you would find yourself in another scene that seemed barely connected to the previous one, aside from characters that is This made for a very choppy, yet quick story that never seemed to be connected from scene to scene There were some slower moments, but they were few and far between Blackstaff Tower really needed to slow down and not throw things at the reader.Praises 1 Khondar Naomal There is one character in Blackstaff Tower who does steal the show and that s the main antagonist, Khondar Ten Rings Naomal Like the rest of the characters, he does lack depth and is riddled with clich , but he makes Blackstaff Tower an insanely enjoyable read He s one of those bad, campy villains from anything who just wants to do right, by doing the wrong thing There never is a motivation for what he does, he just does it for what he thinks is the greater good Words can not describe how entertaining he is without reading the novel He is just entertaining and really makes Blackstaff Tower surprisingly enjoyable.2 Action Another thing that Blackstaff Tower does well is the action scenes When there is an action scene, you know exactly what is going on It s very easy to picture what is happening and who is doing what On top of the easy to follow action, it s intense You never know if the characters are going to make it out and that s proven as the story progresses On top of that, the action is insanely fun All in all, the action is just great and does make Blackstaff Tower enjoyable.Side Notes 1 Quotes Each chapter begins with a quote from some book within the world This was a very nice way to introduce a chapter s plot , as well as making the world feel deeper and real.2 Blackstaffs After reading Blackstaff Tower, I would love to learn about the five other Blackstaffs and what they were like Aside from Khelben and partially Tsarra, not much is known from a novel reader s standpoint.3 Cover Art Blackstaff Tower has a very colorful blue cover, but what exactly is it supposed to be Is it magic Spellplague Or something else It may have to do with something that occurs at the end of the novel, but it wasn t written to look like wavy magic It s not a bad cover, but it feels very random.Overall 3 5Final Thoughts It may look like I didn t enjoy Blackstaff Tower, but on the contrary, I loved it It is campy awesomeness that makes Blackstaff Tower awesome While the story suffers from too many characters with a severe lack of developed characters, they still were great in their clich , generic ways The biggest hindering issue with Blackstaff Tower is with the pacing The story unfolds way too fast It really seems like the story is just a series of short events barely strung together Thankfully, there are things that do make Blackstaff Tower enjoyable I ve already mentioned that while the characters are generic and never felt developed, they are still entertaining and fun But there is one character that really makes the novel enjoyable The main antagonist, Khondar Ten Rings Naomal is insanely entertaining You just have to read the novel to really understand why Also, the action in the novel is exciting, intense, and incredibly fun All in all, Blackstaff Tower is very entertaining It s not wonderful, but it s not terrible It s entertaining It would be worth reading if you knew a lot about Forgotten Realm history and lore, but new readers will be lost Still, it s entertaining and I did have a lot of fun reading it.

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    A fantasy in the classic sense the villains are mindlessly evil wizards, the heroes are either dashing charismatic rogues 3 or 4 of them , beefy warriors just the one for now , or beautiful sorceresses 2 of them , and every obstacle seems tailored specifically to the abilities of the hero trying to overcome them, to the point where it feels contrived.Absolutely no one grows or learns from their experiences, with the possible exception of Vajra, whose character development we have to mostly infer because so much of it happens while she is either comatose or insane.Worst of all, the villains could not have succeeded even if the heroes had done nothing In fact, part of the reasons one of the bad guys gets so far is because he steals an artifact from the heroes that he had no other way of getting without it, he would have been killed by magical traps that he was literally under magical compulsion to trip The heroes need to intervene as a result, but if they had stayed out of it from the start, nothing of value would have been lost.Aside from all that, it s okay, I guess It s a familiar style of fantasy, so it feels comfortable like an old couch, and the writing and dialog are alright Actually, if you play DnD and plan to run the Waterdeep Dragon Heist module, I consider this required reading several WDH nonplayer characters come directly from this book, and the story gives you some insight into who they are and how they interact.Osco the Halfling is a useless waste of a character though and the book was worse for having him in it.

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    As a work of RPG franchise fiction, Blackstaff Tower is unexceptional but entirely satisfying for the reader amenable to that genre In the venerable tradition of fantasy fiction, and especially that which looks to Dungeons Dragons for its formulae, the plot follows a party of up and coming warriors, wizards, and rogues who are thrown together in common cause against a villain whose treacherous designs threaten their city.The novel s unique aspects are somewhat adjunct to the main narrative First, Steven Schend has, quite consciously, made this story a vehicle by which to promulgate a treasure trove of the obscure details which fill the fictional history the franchise setting The Forgotten Realms This is certain to be lauded by readers who appreciate world building at least as highly as narrative construction, and there is never a sense of heavy handed exposition in its presentation.Another striking facet of the story, only addressed in passing but in fact strongly informing the antagonist s motivation, is the theme of class politics and the proper form of government, albeit in a world where rule by wizards stands in for aristocracy.

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    Mr Schend has already told you what he was doing with timelines in this book May I add that he does it very well This is a book for those who like deep lore and background history and all the other little details that make Ed Greenwood s city so fascinating BTW, I must also tell you that Steve is a incredibly generous correspondent and fun guy to have as a Internet friend his Facebook posts always make me laugh Should he ever travel to land of endless coffee, I owe him something fancy with foam for answering my questions about Waterdeep.

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    As an introduction to Ed Greenwood s Waterdeep series, Schend lays a sturdy foundation There were some pacing issues, but otherwise this was an enjoyable piece of pulp fantasy, establishing many aspects of the environment in modern Waterdeep Vajra s journey back to sanity and the full realization of her powers was the part that truly shone, but unfortunately I felt it was obscured by some of the other characters A good start to the first volume of the Waterdeep omnibus.

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    One of the few new Realms books that I was eager to read and not disspointed in.It does get a little confusing in places, because you have a Blackstaff heir going mad and hearing voices, living bad guys disguised as dead good guys, and mind bending wizard traps around almost every turn So it s easy to get lost if you re not careful But take it slow and easy and you should have no problem.Aside from the mind games, it was a very enjoyable, fast paced and entertaining read.

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    If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and the great setting of The Forgotten Realms, you know that Waterdeep the City of Splendors is the center of many tales This book gives a window into the great city and it s denziens and heroes All hail The Blackstaff.

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    Three books for the price of two And those books being the amazing Waterdeep series Yes please Seriously, this is a big chunk of story in an affordable and huge package Well worth it.

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