Big History

Big History This college text book is a readable and interesting history of the universe from the big bang to a history of the future It provides enough information about each era so that the reader is informed without becoming bogged down in detail The thirteen chapters cover the formation of the universe, our solar system, life, and early human evolution It continues with a history of agriculture, the emergence of cities and empires around the world and their subsequence histories, the modern revolution, and globalism It concludes with educated guesses about the near, intermediate, and far futures of civilization and the universe The book includes many maps, graphs, photographs, study questions, a brief bibliography for each chapter, glossary, and index This book is suitable for advanced high school and college students, as well as readers such as myself who are curious about the big story of the universe. Big History Between Nothing And Everything Surveys The Past Not Just Of Humanity, Or Even Of Planet Earth, But Of The Entire Universe In Reading This Book Instructors And Students Will Retrace A Voyage That BeganBillion Years Ago With The Big Bang And The Appearance Of The Universe Big History Incorporates Findings From Cosmology, Earth And Life Sciences, And Human History, And Assembles Them Into A Single, Universal Historical Narrative Of Our Universe And Of Our Place Within ItThe First Edition Of Big History Between Nothing And Everything, Is Written By The Pioneers Of The Field, And Presents A Framework For Learning About Anything And Everything It Encourages Students To Think Critically About Our Cumulative History And The Future Of The World Through A Variety Of LensesInstructors And Students Can Now Access Their Course Content Through The Connect Digital Learning Platform By Purchasing Either Standalone Connect Access Or A Bundle Of Print And Connect Access McGraw Hill Connect R Is A Subscription Based Learning Service Accessible Online Through Your Personal Computer Or Tablet Choose This Option If Your Instructor Will Require Connect To Be Used In The Course Your Subscription To Connect Includes The Following SmartBook R An Adaptive Digital Version Of The Course Textbook That Personalizes Your Reading Experience Based On How Well You Are Learning The Content Access To Your Instructor S Homework Assignments, Quizzes, Syllabus, Notes, Reminders, And Other Important Files For The Course Progress Dashboards That Quickly Show How You Are Performing On Your Assignments And Tips For Improvement The Option To Purchase For A Small Fee A Print Version Of The Book This Binder Ready, Loose Leaf Version Includes Free ShippingComplete System Requirements To Use Connect Can Be Found Here Http Mheducation Highered Platform Wow What a journey This is a textbook but an absorbing read It literally starts with the beginning of the universe and takes a big view of history in a remarkable and fascinating meld of science and history This is a book to be read many times in the future. 16 15 16 1500 1800 75% 16 40 Alfred Crosby 2 17 700 1000 16 90% 95% 70% 1868 15 1868 1912 1920 1894 1895 1904 1905 1800 35% 1878 67% 1914 84% 16 17 19 17 19 1800 5% 200 1850 1864 2000 1873 1896 40% 1899 1901 1911 1800 19 1873 1880 1900 Hiram Maxim 1840 1916 19 80 1890 5 20 11000 1900 17 60% . This textbook gives a brief history of the universe It is told through the development of eight breakthroughs thresholds that begin with the Big Bang and end with the Anthropocene of the modern world It is the story of pockets of growing complexity despite encroaching entropyThe two most important concepts in this book are thresholds and complexity Thresholds are used as a heuristic for understanding how increasing complexity reaches a tipping point whereby it gives rise to emergent properties ComplexityNo real definition of a complex entity is provided, but these are its characteristics 1 Contains diverse components 2 Arranged within a precise structure 3 Has emergent properties 4 Appears in Goldilocks conditions 5 Held together by flows of energy.ThresholdsThere are eight major thresholds in Big History which give rise to emergent properties 1 Big Bang potential to create everything 2 Stars energy flows and potential for fusion 3 Heavy chemical elements Chemical combination 4 Planets greater physical and chemical complexity 5 Life metabolism and adaption 6 Homo Sapiens Collective learning i.e., sharing information 7 Agriculture greater energy extraction 8 Anthropocene controlling the biosphere This story of the universe has only been uncovered in the last century as a result of chronometric dating, plate tectonics, the cosmic background radiation, and other recent scientific developments These developments allow us to go beyond the written record and illuminate billions of year of history unbeknownst to our ancestors It behooves us to learn this history.

David Gilbert Christian is an Anglo American historian and scholar of Russian history notable for creating and spearheading an interdisciplinary approach known as Big History He grew up in Africa and in England, where he earned his B.A from Oxford University, an M.A in Russian history from the University of Western Ontario, and a Ph.D in 19th century Russian history from Oxford University in 1

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  • Paperback
  • 332 pages
  • Big History
  • David Christian
  • English
  • 06 March 2019
  • 9780073385617

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