Below the Surface (Code of Silence, #3)

Below the Surface (Code of Silence, #3) Something Is Wrong With Cooper He S Plagued By A Fear He Doesn T Understand And Can T Control Cooper Just Wants To Escape, And A Summer Vacation Aboard The Restored Cabin Cruiser, The Getaway, With Best Friends Gordy, Hiro, And Lunk Seems Like The Perfect Way To Do It Two Weeks Of Fun With No Mysteries Or Life And Death Danger That S The PlanBut Their Plans Are Shattered The Very First Night When They Witness A Murder Or Did They Despite Their Intentions Of Leaving The Investigation To The Police, Narrow Misses And Creepy Encounters Lure Them In Is There Really A Body Floating In The Underwater Currents Of The Lake The Closer They Get To The Truth, The Deeper Into Danger They Get Too Late They See The Trap Now Each Of Them Must Face Their Own Buried Fears Just Below The Surface

Tim Shoemaker is a speaker and author of eight books, including Dangerous Devotions for Guys Smashed Tomatoes, Bottle Rockets, and Other Outdoor Devotionals and Mashed Potatoes, Paint Balls, and Other Indoor Outdoor Devotionals He has three grown sons and has been happily married for over 32 years His debut into the juvenile fiction market draws from his experience with kids as a volunteer you

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  • Hardcover
  • 397 pages
  • Below the Surface (Code of Silence, #3)
  • Tim Shoemaker
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9780310735014

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    If I had one word to describe this middle grade book that took me by surprise, it would be GRIPPING.I haven t seen much of the suspense genre in a kid s category Especially Christian suspense for kids What a niche Basically, I enjoyed this read, because it was something different And new.To be honest, there s actually some pretty creepy stuff that happens Allegedly, a girl may have died in the lake, right in front of the four main characters eyes Later on, the four kids go through various stages of not even wanting to be in the water because her body could be floating around or laying somewhere on the lake bed On top of the idea of murder, someone is out to get the kids Or so it may seem, as a string of dangerous coincidences keep happening Like warning messages Not fun during your two week summer vacation.Not only that, but there s some other interesting elements in the book I loved how the author really brought in a problem that one of kids was having the fear of being under water It was something that Cooper hadn t had a problem with before, and yet the panic rose each time he dipped in the lake This is something he really tries to overcome, and he strives to dig out the dark, lurking thoughts to get rid of the frightening experiences he s going through Cooper doesn t work on his fear it just by himself though, he has his friends, his dad, and God He couldn t do it alone But he wouldn t be alone God was real and powerful and loving He believed that, didn t he Yes, Cooper would never be alone God was with him and God was big enough to handle whatever lay below the surface The main reason why I can really feel confident in recommending this book as a Christian is the godly view that is incorporated into the plot The spiritual content is by no means overwhelming, but it s there, sometime subtly, sometimes showing up in conversation, or when the characters are praying, etc It shows their faith in a good light, just as if it s a normal part of everyday life just right.Cons There was one one scene where a boy is physically fighting with his father He may have had reason to do so, but some parents may or may not approve of the scene Chapter 29 Only one other element caught me off guard, just slightly one of the villains in the story is depicted as the devil in one scene, especially when it says he only need a pair of horns for the effect to be complete Chapter 99.Anyways, it s definitely an intriguing book, and not just for kids either There are moments that are action packed, even with bullets flying to keep you on your toes Thanks to NetGalley for a free copy of this book I was not required to post a review.

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    I think that it was a great way to end the trilogy The trilogy was probably one of my favorite series

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    I truly do love this series, and am so glad that I got them all together in a bundle , took the chance on it and was NOT disappointed though have to admit this gand have the worst luck ever , you can t help but like the protagonists and root for them esp Copper, and the way the character of Lunk was developed was a true heart melterI won t say no to a 4th book, but that would be stretching their bad luck I guess. the only drawback is sometimes the paraphrasing gets too much, it might then the book few pages, but I guess it is how it goes in real life , the mind wanders round and round with what bothers it.

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    Oh my goodness this was so confusing and intense I had no idea what was going on for the first 2 3 of the book Which made me really excited to keep reading because I needed to figure out what happened I am really sad this is the last book, but I loved the way the author wrapped up the story series I definitely think that if you read the first book, you should finish the series because it wrapped up some loose ends and answered a lot of my questions So, I loved the book, I got really into it, and read it super fast I highly recommend it to anyone over the age of 11 12 as it would probably scare anyone younger pretty badly.

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    The last book in Code of Silence trilogy I sure enjoyed these Christian mystery books for teens The last one didn t disappoint Will be looking for from this author Great for boys and girls, main characters are fourteen in this one There is no swearing, some violence I loved them I give Below the Surface five stars.

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    A christian, gritty, murder mystery novel, with quaint characters and tangible dread.I give it an 8.6 out of 10, and an age range of 11 because it is a murder mystery after all.One of the trademarks of a Code of Silence novel, is an explosive, abrupt beginning, and Below The Surface does not disappoint The hooker pounces on you and charges the plot with suspense.Another trademark of these books is an extreme sense of reality Everything feels so plausibly real, and it s refreshing But it also works against the story, with some portions feeling lengthy and boring, and some chapters feeling altogether useless in advancing the plot This is where the book became dull to read, but was worth wading through.I think, that the most real part of the book, was the characters Their personalities were not particularly unique, but well developed Sometimes the characters stubbornness to listen to their friend irked me, and it became annoying to have two characters who would not accept what was right in front of them, for most of the book But their witty banter, and tightly bonded relationship was entertaining to read in a timeless way.Okay now I come to Cooper s fear attacks It was an interesting conflict to read, and the arc was okay, it just didn t blow me away What was amazing though, was the climax, and how the only way Cooper could beat the fear, was through God No allegories Bringing Christianity into novels, can be hard, but this book handled it perfectly All the messaging was biblical and not preached at the reader Certain characters constantly prayed, and it wasn t in an awkward way, it fit perfectly.The suspense near the beginning, and the second half of the book, was incredible The author did a great job of making the dread was ever present Surprisingly, when I look back, there are few action scenes, and just scenes that were so exciting that they seemed like action.Up until the second to last chapter, it was manifestly tense, and I loved it I ended the book, with a smile on my face, glad that I read it Below The Surface is not a masterpiece, but it s a great thriller, and a fun read.

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    The final book in the Code of Silence series For this one, there is a little background information from the first and second books that you wil need to really understand everything going on in this book unlike how you can read the second book without having read the first book although you should read them as a series anyway This book is just as riveting as the first and second books and is SO GOOD I finished it in about 2 days The books definitely have some darker elements but this adds to the suspense and how you sympathize with the characters Very fun, interesting, and great read

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    I loved this book so much, I couldn t put it down You will like it if you enjoy suspense, mystery One thing I liked about it is that there s no romance in any of the books in the series I personally find romance to be distracting from the plot, but the author replaces what could have been romantic subplots with character developement Definitely read the rest of the series to add to your reading experience The book is scary, but it s not really gory, if there are parents reading.Recommended age 10

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    I think that it should ve included something about Cooper s fear and whether or not it stopped I also think that Cooper or one of the others should ve been sucked under and saw Wendy Pom Pom s dead body and that was what was causing Cooper s panic attacks If not that something else should ve been included about the thing underwater that could ve been the thing causing his panic attacks Basically I just think that Tim Shoemaker should ve included about Cooper s panic attacks when he went underwater in the dark.

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    I m thankful for a review copy of a book that reminded me of a few fun movies where a bunch of kids go on a grand adventure such as The Goonies and Stand By Me.When I received this book I didnt realize that Below the Surface was the third and final book in the Code of Silence series Book one is titled Code of Silence the tag line is Is there ever a time to lie And what happens when the truth is dangerous Book Two is titled Back Before Dark the tag line is Sometimes rescuing a friend from darknessmeans going in after them.Below the Surface the third book in the series deals with fear A Note from Author in the back of the book states, Fear can be something deep and shadowlike something you cant quite put your finger on, but you sense its presence Fear can be something you try to bury, something you dread Or fear can be obvious, a pulse pounding terror you cant avoid He goes on to talk about Good Fear an Internal Warning Bad Fear Petrifies us There are four ways to Fight fear 1 Run from it 2 Ignore it 3 Bury it 4 Face it.The author works all of these elements of fear into the story through this group of young boys and one girl I wish I would have read the other two books in this series before this book so I would have known all the adventures this team had gone on before they tackled this murder mystery I would understand their closeness and why they trusted each other so much in investigating this dangerous situation I admit the author does a good job of having me quickly connect with these gang of kids I just wish I had known .This group is heading off on vacation together Fun in the sun and all that Until one night all of them hear screaming aboard a ship and what they presumed was a body thrown into the water When this group starts to look into what had happened to make sure they saw what they all thought was true crazy things start to happen They are given warnings to stop digging deeper into the matter or dangerous things will continue to happen to their small group.I enjoyed this action adventure novel and the kids in the gang There are great discussion questions in the back of the book to help ignite lively discussion I loved how the author discussed fear at the end of the book I loved how he also showed kids facing fear in the story in very different ways.I enjoyed this story If you liked the old movies I mentioned in the beginning of this review youll like this book Makes for a good book club pick too Disclosure of Material Connection AD Sponsored by publisher.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Nora St Laurent TBCN Where Book Fun Begins The Book Club Network blog Book Fun Magazine

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