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Bad Girls Rebecca Griffin Only Ever Wanted One Thing To Be A Good Wife And Mother Her Own Domineering Italian American Mother, As Well As The Rest Of Her Big Hearted, Opinionated, Wild And Wonderful Italian Family, Had Been Telling Her How To Do Just That Since She Was Little And Wanted To Marry Roy Rogers Now, It S TheS And Rebecca Has Everything She Ever Dreamed Of But She Suspects Her Husband Is Having An Affair And Fears Her Daughter, Dana, Is Going Bad Hurtling Dangerously Out Of Reach Toward A Self Destructive Calamity Then Rebecca Learns Of The Mysterious Death Of A Distant Cousin Long Ago At The Prison Bordering The Small, Idyllic New England Town Where She Lives It S A Story She Can T Shake Questions About The Young Woman S Fate Nag At Rebecca As She Desperately Tries To Reclaim The Little Girl She Once Knew, While Hanging Onto The Ragged Remnants Of Her Marriage Rebecca, Her Troubled Daughter, Dana, And An Enigmatic Woman From The Past, Embark On A Journey Of Discovery Both Distinctly Their Own, And Shared Each Must Wrestle With The Demons That Nip At Their Heels Propelling Them Headlong, Until All Three Collide One Desperate, Enchanted Autumn NightBad Girls, At Its Heart, Is A Story About Family The Origins, Variations And Connections That Shaped Them Even The Places They Came From Set These Women On Their Path As The Unlikely Travelers Come To The End Of Their Journey, They Find New Paths Revealed In The Most Unearthly Of Places By The Most Innocent Of Messengers Bad Girls Is A Mesmerizing Story That Pulls Readers Into The Lives Of Three Women Drawn Together By A Young Woman S Mysterious And Tragic Death Deborah Doucette S Novel Is Beautifully Written With Characters That Are Rich, Complex And Memorable A Spell Binding Read Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer Barbara Walsh, Author Of August Gale A Father And Daughter S Journey Into The Storm

I began writing professionally after some soul searching led me to reflect on where I was in my career and what I really wanted to do I knew that answer was, write Soon, I was writing articles for local newspapers and looking for other opportunities Eventually, I became involved in the issue of grandparents raising their grandchildren and wrote my first book, a non fiction work, RAISING OUR CHI

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    Bad Girls is July 2013 publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Set in the 1990 s, this story is one part women s fiction family drama and one part murder mystery.Rebecca is married with two daughters Her marriage to the cold and domineering Drew is for all intents and purposes, dead in the water Her relationship with her daughter, Dana , is strained to put it mildly Her youngest daughter is too young to grasp the family situation fully, but is a victim non the less Rebecca works as a real estate agent When a house comes on the market, Rebecca must learn the history so she can disclose it to possible buyers This storied house was the topic of much speculation and gossip A disappearance, and a suicide and the possible murder of a Bad Girl , have fueled rumors for a long time As Rebecca investigates the history of the house, she is drawn into the story of a young woman named Serena The secrets Serena holds inside will shock you right to the core.The character of Rebecca grows from being a woman trod upon by her husband and daughter Neither of them respect her and Dana is on the verge of sinking into a life she could bear the scars of for a long time Rebecca finds the courage to do what she must to save her daughter and herself In the process long buried secrets and crimes will be revealed and finally closure Rebecca s life will never be the same afterwards.Deborah Doucette has an incredible writing style that just sucks you right into the story I worried about Rebecca and Dana, was curious about Serena and held an intense dislike for Drew There was character development and the promise of a healing relationship between mother and daughter I read this one in one sitting I could not put it down This one is an A

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    Rebecca Griffin is the main character in the book It starts out with the background of her family Granted if you never grew up with this type of family it is hard to relate to I don t think someone from Texas would relate to them as easily as I did I don t know if Rebecca s mom would be indeared either My Mother is still the exact same way, some say harsh Still has plastic runners over the carpet, makes gravy on Sunday and is on an all out war with someone every day That being said I did totally relate to her As I grew up I understood the term bad girls , others like she became pregnant got in trouble , went away for going to jail, and being called a tomato because you were easy Things take a turn when Rebecca learns of a few things, one being her husband is having an affair Now Rebecca has issues with Dana her daughter I sort of needed a little Dana Rebecca was a little over the top with Dana and worries sometime lead to you asking a question of yourself Do you think you can change her stop her love her any or less It was a good mother daughter battle Sometimes the internal battle and self punishment can be worse than actually acting on what you think I enjoyed the book and thought that the mystery aspect had it appeal I think if you look past the cover and read it you will enjoy it too When I say that, I mean the cover doesn t depict anything, certainly not a story like this It is not mysterious in a time frame the book is referencing.

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    Rebecca Griffin is a busy working mom She s a real estate agent and the central narrator of The Forgotten Roses by Deborah Doucette Rebecca has quite a bit to manage an emotionally distant and philandering husband, a troubled and disrespectful daughter, ethnic and religious familial obligations, and mysterious women from the past and present.As a real estate agent, Rebecca prides herself in knowing people and matching them with the right living circumstances One of the properties she shows is an old house and when she discovers that a murder may have taken place there, she is faced with an ethical dilemma whether to disclose this knowledge to the prospective buyers Her investigation into the history of the house leads her to a possible connection to the forty year old death of her own distant relative.The narration maintains Rebecca s point of view throughout the book, but shifts briefly to the points of view of two other characters, Rebecca s eldest daughter and a stranger who once lived in the house It is a technique that allows Doucette to keep the action moving in the present tense, giving it a quality of discovery We learn about the former occupants of the house at the same time Rebecca does, from her friend and local coffee shop owner.Doucette s characters are both authentic and memorable Rebecca s overly stressed life resounds with contemporary truth and her eldest daughter s backtalk and boy problems ring true especially to this former secondary school teacher of students with behavior issues Much of her language is vivid, but at times her word choice and metaphors interfere with the telling of the story for instance, Rebecca s grandmother s flowers sighing their scent throughout the house and a baby in her dream, his face as used as worry While descriptive, such language leads the reader to pause to figure out the significance There are also a few typos.A major stumbling block for this reader was the last chapter, which moves quickly and shifts orientation to the future The momentum is lost and the reader is rushed through the ending without the strong temporal details and sense of discovery that characterizes the earlier portions of the books.This is a compelling and enjoyable read There are many threads and subplots in this story, and for the most part Doucette does an excellent job of holding them together and weaving them into a fast paced narrative with a hint of suspense that compels the reader to keep Diane Stantonfor Story Circle Book Reviewsreviewing books by, for, and about women

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    Rebecca Griffin only ever wanted one thing to be a good wife and mother Her own domineering Italian American mother, as well as the rest of her big hearted, opinionated, wild and wonderful Italian family, had been telling her how to do just that since she was little and wanted to marry Roy Rogers Now, it s the 90 s and Rebecca has everything she ever dreamed of But she suspects her husband is having an affair and fears her daughter, Dana, is going bad hurtling dangerously out of reach toward a self destructive calamity Then Rebecca learns of the mysterious death of a distant cousin long ago at the prison bordering the small, idyllic New England town where she lives It s a story she can t shake Questions about the young woman s fate nag at Rebecca as she desperately tries to reclaim the little girl she once knew, while hanging onto the ragged remnants of her marriage Rebecca, her troubled daughter, Dana, and an enigmatic woman from the past, embark on a journey of discovery both distinctly their own, and shared Each must wrestle with the demons that nip at their heels propelling them headlong, until all three collide one desperate, enchanted autumn night.Bad Girls, at its heart, is a story about family The origins, variations and connections that shaped them even the places they came from set these women on their path As the unlikely travelers come to the end of their journey, they find new paths revealed in the most unearthly of places by the most innocent of messengers Bad Girls is a mesmerizing story that pulls readers into the lives of three women drawn together by a young woman s mysterious and tragic death Deborah Doucette s novel is beautifully written with characters that are rich, complex and memorable A spell binding read Pulitzer Prize winning writer Barbara Walsh, author of August Gale A Father and Daughter s Journey into the StormThis is a wonderful read that will pull at your heartstringswith a story characters that keep you mesmerized until the very end It s an emotional book with an amazing story Well worth reading I really enjoyed it alot This is the first book I ve read by this author I m very interested in reading .I rate this book 4 1 2 stars

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    After reading this novel, I read on Deborah Doucette s Goodreads author page that t he books that influenced her writing are Cat s Eye by Margaret Atwood, then Barbara Kingsolver s The Bean Trees, and finally Alice Hoffman s Turtle Moon All wonderful writers with unique voices, lyrical prose and sharp imagery I believe THE FORGOTTEN ROSES is indeed a combination of these three novels The cover and title were originally going to be the first things I would have suggested changing My first impression was that the softly lit roses on the cover were a generic stock photo and the title wistful and generic, but upon completion of the novel, I think they are both perfect choices Without giving away any spoilers, I will simply say that I dare you to think differently when you finish reading it for yourself Doucette nails the guilt and confusion of being a working mother with a rebellious child and a distant husband Her mental photographs and internal dialogue are precise as well as universal and her imagery is shocking and memorable There are a few inconsistencies and grammatical errors throughout the text and I wish the ending was a bit detailed but Doucette reeled me in and I couldn t let go I will be recommending THE FORGOTTEN ROSES as a book that may have been overlooked by mainstream media but definitely deserves a read Read my full review here

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    Rebecca Griffin is coping with nasty, hateful outbursts from her daughter, a cheating spouse, and a traditional Italian family that frowns on divorce As a real estate agent, she s been asked to list a house with a mysterious past Needing to disclose the truth to her buyers, she tries to find out what really happened there years ago This is a fascinating story with characters that are believable and have depth The writing is beautifully lyrical and multi sensory, which really brought me into the story I could really relate to Rebecca s frustration and thought processes as she struggles over what to do and say in various instances, having raised teenagers The story was also like a coming of age story for this adult, who learns a great deal about herself over the course of the story.The story was highly suspenseful, with little tidbits being revealed little by little along the way The plot was never predictable, I got surprised almost every step of the way My suggestion Don t miss this one I found it hard to put down.

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    Deborah Doucette places you in the middle of a small town s murder mystery Her story details one married woman s life changing crisis, her young teenage daughter s rebellious path to self destruction, and a woman in search of closure from a childhood of dysfunction She weaves her story meticulously through the small New England town, that will eventually change the lives of those three people The mystery, intrigue, great character development and their connections to each other, leaves you turning the pages.

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    Doucette presents the reader with such great imagery throughout Bad Girls, and all of it seems effortless on her part She paints a vivid picture of the intricacies and struggles between generations of Italian women and their men , and much of it rings true, regardless of your ethnicity Mystery and intrigue are woven through to create a interesting plot that leaves you wondering just how it will play out I look forward to reading of Doucette s work

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    What makes a Good Girl or a Bad Girl A woman in an unhappy marriage, with a disgruntled teen, who grew up in a traditional old world Italian home with definite ideas on what was right and what was wrong, according to her Mama Add in a mystery about a bad girl and a women s prison and you have the makings of a very good story

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    I ve never experienced a Mother like this before, or a family like this, but sure was thoughtful and enlightening The main character in the story is Rebecca Although the Mother was the one that played on my mind at times, really harsh lady I enjoyed reading this story, easy read and well written.

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