AQUA BLUE TheSecond Synopsis A Friendship That Begins To Unravel A Young Man Fleeing The Tragic Loss Of His Mother A Romance That Crosses The Boundary Of Hatred And Proves That Love Is Stronger Than The Color Of Skin Find It All In, AQUA BLUEThe Back Cover InA Child Was Born Her Father S Eyes Boast A Beautiful Green And Her Mother Was Born With Hazel Yet, Aqua Blue Was Brought Into The World With NeitherHaley Wishes Her Parents Would Forget Her Her Mother Wants To Control Her, Her Father Constantly Beats On Her And Haley, However, Just Wants To Dance On Broadway Will Her Dreams Cost Her Than She Ever Expected Jonathan Jacob Benjamin Brown Is Running From The Memory Of A Mother He Loved His Journey Will Thrust Him Into A World Filled With Secrets So Shocking, He Must Determine Whether He Will Forgive Or Walk AwayAs They Each Step Foot Into The Intoxicating City Of New York, Their Dreams Are Standing Before Them With Open Arms Yet, In Order To Embrace The Possibilities, They Must First Learn To Live, Love, And Breathe

Wife Author Women s Fiction Hometown Oak Park, IllinoisCurrent Atlanta, Georgia

[Epub] ➣ AQUA BLUE  ➤ Marian L. Thomas –
  • Paperback
  • 354 pages
  • Marian L. Thomas
  • English
  • 24 July 2019

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    You Can Run, But Haley, Aqua Blue, and Jonathan, though their reasons are different, have all outgrown their small town of Jackson County, Tennessee On a bus bound for New York, each is hoping for a better future But can you ever really escape your past The author s easy style kept this reader reading Aqua Blue made for an enjoyable read I did not, however, understand the emphasis on the AA characters eye colors While I enjoyed all three characters stories and think the development was there, I would have preferred a fleshed out story for the two girls Jonathan s story seemed complete while Haley s was the least rounded out.There are a few hiccups in editing, particularly commas and periods after closing quotation marks Also, at times I couldn t tell what time period I was in.All in all, Aqua Blue was a captivating read Not one for name dropping of other titles and characters within a storyline, the author has piqued my interest in regards to her previous titles.Reviewed by Toni

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    4.5 stars Here we go First lemme sayI heard the author read from the book and I was completely floored I had read the first chapter on her website and I could hear the country boy telling the storybut when she read it, I was excited and just pulled in There are a few different stories going on and I was a little uncomfortable with the timelinehowever, it fits It works You just have to make sure you re paying attentionotherwise you ll be missing something important First, there s Aqua Blue who feels ignored by her family from the outsidelooks completely trapped in her situation She makes a plan though She has a dream Next, there s HaleyAqua Blue s best friendIn the prologue, we get a glimpse of the two girls trying to sort out their lives Don t sleep on Haleyshe surprises us all.Johnathan is nexthe is a simple boy next door typewho loves his mama In the first chapter, we meet him with his mother and he is doing his best to protect her Her plea with him though is different than anything he has ever imagined Follow these three as they grow See the world through new eyes as the lives of these three youngsters intertwine and separate New truths are learned Secrets are revealed and love is found You ll learn to appreciate your families and friends.My major issue with the book is that it ended same song different book huh I m grateful to know though that the stories are complete There s no question unanswered, but you ll always want to knowwhat the characters are up to Maybe I m the only one who does that I love these characters and truly feel their pain It lingers Not many authors can pull that kind of emotion from me.The funniest thing about the book to meis a conversation Aqua Blue is having with a cab driver He is telling her about some books about a famous jazz singer named Jazzmyne called Color Me Jazzmyne and the two follow ups called My Father s Colors, and Strings of Colorthese are books by Marian lolI thought that was clever Enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the rest of Marian s work It feels good not to feel guilty about reading something.

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    Two friends are on a journey to new lives in Aqua Blue by Marian L Thomas Aqua Blue and Haley are two ambitious young women wanting out of their small hometown Aqua Blue s dream is to be a singer and songwriter Haley s dream is to be a professional dancer Both decide to move to New York to make their dreams come true Aqua Blue was raised in a home with distance parents Aqua feels she can accomplish her dreams with her best friends support After arriving in New York, Aqua starts to see a different side of Haley and learns of information Haley kept from her Aqua has no choice but to question their friendship Aqua is not a quitter and is determined to make the best out of being in New York When she crosses path with a fellow Jackson County, Tennessee resident things start to change for Aqua.Haley has her plans in order before leaving her hometown She just forgot to share them with her best friend When Haley arrives in New York she surprises Aqua Blue with some alarming and shocking news Haley has been accepted into a top dance school and will not let go of the dance to make her dream come true Haley soon learns that she will have to fight her way to the top and it is hard to stay there.Jonathan Brown s mother sends him to live with his aunt in New York after a family tragedy occurs Jonathan s aunt Charlotte is not what he expected When Jonathan learns about his family s history as well as their secrets, he will have to decide to walk away or embrace it Aqua Blue is a story about love, friendships, and family history The author has once again captured me with a wonderful story of love and sacrifice The bond of the two sisters in this story at an ugly time in the world was represented very well The characters were well developed and will draw readers into the different dynamics and making them anticipate the characters next moves The author also does a wonderful job connecting her present books with previous ones I recommend Aqua Blue to others.This Advanced Readers Copy was provided by the author for review purposes.Teresa BeasleyARBC Reviews

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    copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Aqua Blue is a beautifully written, captivating story about life and its changes Three character s lives weave together to tell a story about growing up and getting older Simone also known as Aqua Blue, and her best friend Haley are country girls to the core, but they have big city dreams Their home lives are far from perfect and they dream of getting away from the country to pursue their dreams At just 18 years old they take all the money they have, leave their troubles behind, and board a bus for New York City Right behind them is Jonathan Jonathan struggles, watching his mother constantly being beaten and controlled by his overbearing father He s had enough but he tries not to interfere until one day while outside his mom hands him five thousand dollars and tells him to disappear To never look back He doesn t want to but he would never disobey his mother So he slips his backpack on, takes the five thousand dollars begrudgingly and boards the bus to New York City.I always love these kinds of stories, the kind that unknowingly grab your heart, and keep hold long after you ve finished It s the kind of story that you live vicariously through your characters because their stories are so close to real life I loved how easy to read this book was The words simply flowed from one page to the next I loved the setting and the time frame that the author chose, including the language It made the story that much better The characters were the best part of this story They each had their own voices, and lives but they meshed together so nicely I also liked the way the author told the story from each characters perspective while maintaining the plot without confusion It was effortless, and flawless I had tears in my eyes by the end I just found another book to advocate for because I will be telling anyone and everyone I know about it It was great and I can t wait to read it again and again.

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    What to say about this book At first I didn t know what to make of it It was a little disjointed and listening to Haley and Aqua Blue talk was unnerving because Marian wrote their dialogue the way it should have been written for these two poor Southern girls.There s so much crammed into these 200 pages that it is hard to believe that Marian has told such an emotional story, of not oneor two..or even three characters..but really five This book chronicles the lives of both girls as well as Jonathan and then his aunt and mother in flashback form from the 60s.And their stories don t involve fluffy family life There s spousal abuse, child abuse, interracial marriage, bigotry You name it, it seems to fit on these pages.I still haven t figured out how such a short book, filled with such heavy themes managed to be so fulfilling.Each character s story was well rounded even though they were told often side by side and skipping through time, with Jonathan s mother and aunt s story being told as part 2 of the book.The ending is heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.This isn t your typical Southern novelthough you can t take the south of the characters, because their background plays such a huge part in defining who each of them are It is a novel of finding themselves, of coming of age, and starting to live.I also love how she mentions two of her other books in the story as well.Marian Thomas is definitely an author to watch

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    To think I was going to give up on this at 20% it just floors me Because seriously, WOW This was such an amazing book After I got over whatever funk I was in I couldn t put this down It was quite amazing how there could be so much in such a short story It had it all I mean how can you have multiple character and the story still make sense You have 2 best friends running away to New York to find themselves an then you have a huge secret between 2 other characters that changes the lives of 3 people but ultimately changes 5 people I know, crazy right It kinda is but it all makes sense This really had it all, love, hate, secrets, dreams coming true only to shatter at your feet The story is very fast paced All the characters involved have a big part in the unfolding of the craziness that they called life A great read see all my reviews at

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    Aqua Blue by Marian L Thomas is such a warm tale that is sure to touch even the coldest heart I believe that it is just human nature to cheer on forbidden love, and this is something that the author brought out very well from the readers The characters were explored nicely, and I personally enjoyed the shorter length of the chapters and overall pace of the book The words at each chapter s end with a definition is also a nice touch This heartwarming story will really keep you captivated from beginning to the end

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    A tale of two best friends and a school mate all running from the same small town trying to escape their deep dark secrets and hurts Coincidently, all three end up going to the Big City to follow their dreams.The twists and turns at the end of this book were totally unexpected Overall this was a good book It touched on a number of social issues and handles them well The author really makes you feel the emotions along with the characters I do recommend this book

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    Not my kind of book sorry

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