Amy Red Riding's Hood

Amy Red Riding's Hood In This Short Story Of Adult Fairy Tale Erotica, Red Riding Is Tired Of Being A Virgin Her Best Bet Is A Lycan Named Sean He S Perfect Crystal Blue Eyes, Dimpled Smile, Buff Chest, And Wicked Bulge But Being In A Community That Frowns Upon Human Lycan Relationships Makes Loving Sean Challenging Than She Ever ImaginedWARNING This Page Short Story Of Adult Fairy Tale Erotica Portrays Red Riding Hood As A Grown Woman Experiencing Sexual Activities With A Firm, Muscular Werewolf Of Exceptional Tongue Talents And Strength He Has Her Submit To A Sexual Discovery At The Edge Of Pleasure Fair Warning Reading This Adult Fairy Tale And Its Steamy, Explicit Sexual Content May Increase Your Desire For A Loved One To Raise Your Skirt And Wolf Down Your Essence Absolutely Only For Years And Older I really disliked this book And here are my reasons why The heroine, Amy aka Red , has bigoted parents who won t allow her to see her love, Sean because he s a Lycan Star crossed lovers, all that shit, I get it However, she s a doormat Her mother gives her her red coat and she notices something weird about it, but doesn t question it and when it turns out to be a chastity belt that s been forced on her, she just stomps her foot once and goes about her way WTF Maybe I ve been spoiled with strong heroines, but this chicky is weak The hero, Sean He shifts for no fucking reason Like at one point, he s just standing behind her and starts to shift no rhyme or reason to it Maybe he did it because she s afraid of it and he wants her to get used to it it s never said and you re left to infer it, which I didn t my literal thought was wtf is he shifting for That s stupid The Muzzle sex Holy crap, that was gross He s eating her out when he semi shifts and grows a fucking snout inside her pussy I don t find that sexy IN THE LEAST That reminds me of stories you hear about women and peanut butter a dog If his penis had been knotted, I could accept that a bit , I guess because there is no fur on it s penis OR BIG FUCKING TEETH SNOUTS DO NOT BELONG IN VAGINAS I get that this book retells the story of Little Red Riding Hood and normally I really like erotic fairy tales, but this did nothing for me weak characters, borderline beastiality and terrible plot. I don t know about reading it, but whew I loved writing it Erotica must be the only genre where editing isn t a chore, it s a delicious experience I get to enjoy over and over again Lol If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all and I must truthfully say This is a book that youcanread over and over again Holy Fucking Cow What did I just read Well, I am about to tell you regarding this little journey I have set out on in the past few weeks It was daring, bold, adventurous, delicious, hot, consuming, intense and kinky Haha I know Well you see I was a girl in red who was in love With a wolf Who was super hot and sexy by the way And he loved me But we couldn t be together Because of our status in the village and who we were as a personor a wolf It was a roller coaster ride and every now and then my Big Bad Wolf didn t mind in experimenting a little with me or making me faint with that big, luscious tongue of his.And the journey still continues but to know you have got to read this erotic short story I can t say I normally wouldn t go for an erotic short fairy tale story because I do I love them Isn t it every little girls dream to have the prince on the white horse come to her rescue To fall in love with a rich, handsome prince and live happily ever after in a large castle Well now that we are older and these feelings usually don t changemuch What we want now is still a Prince, who is dark, brooding, dangerous and mysterious And what better way to find them is through Erotic Fairy tales.They just arouse you and take you back to that fairytale dream you once had with a TWIST And what a wonderful twist it is With Liz Adams short erotica Amy Red Riding s Hood you will certainly be taken to up high into the clouds and when you come back down don t be surprised if you have a wet knickersIf you know what I mean Haha wink wink K.ShizzJim from Treasure Island Beast from Bueaty and the BeastSWOOOOOON Now don t tell me these men aren t worth to have for a short, sweet, seductive while A variation of the traditional Red Riding Hood story and most definitely for adults Here the wolf is a lycan or wolf man called Sean I liked the way Liz shows prejudice of the humans against a specie, the fictitious Lycan, and believe themselves the superior race and how they live in an apartheid societythough could have been done to show how bad it was for Lycan and mixed marriage and mixed breeds Rings bells of recent human history and how wrong it s been whether one race over another or one colour over another This starts well, starts to build some depth of characters, has a few erotic sex scenes, and a hopeful premise that goes awfully wrong The ending, however, in my opinion could have been a lot better Yes for BDSM fans, Sean is Dom and controls all when eventually the planned virginity loss takes place The weakness lies in what happens to the Aunt Carmen and where her sequence ends and a dealing with parental prejudices In fairy tales there is resolution one way or another to conflicts before any consideration to HEA HFN This leaves it in the air I considered this for 3 or 4stars and with weak points to potential good story have it as 3 star.One thing that disgruntled me I buy a story that has a stated KB or MB content, or page numbers Then find that almost half the believed content isn t the story I bought but great tracts of another story Here Ms Adams has chapters 3 to 6 inclusive of her Alice story Now I have read Alice Sexual Discovery in Wonderland and think it excellent and just a 5 star read I do object to finding it taking up almost half of the content of what I thought was the Red story Please writers, a paragraph to advertise other work is enough Every reader I ve spoken to hates this and most never read the free chapter or section offered It also makes me negate my reviews somewhat

Liz Adams, author of the erotic fairy tale Alice s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA Liz studied music and creative writing at UCLA and worked as a freelance model before making her writing her career In her spare time she cuddles with her husband on the couch to watch her favorite shows.

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  • 07 May 2019

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