All Kinds of Families

All Kinds of FamiliesThis non fiction children s book includes great descriptions of how families differ from one another While it does give a variety of topics for readers to explore, it is also very lengthy with no problem and resolution, nor a rich plot, so I feel young children may become uninterested towards the end However, the book does represent many different races and several perspectives and values The pictures and descriptions are simplified as much as possible with as much information the text gives, and depicts all characters as good The characters are very static throughout the book so their speech is limited, and no visible negative stereotypes. Mleh A mishmash of nothing faces with various skin tones is not diversity A tokenizing book that tells kids how families should be, rather than how they could be. This story talks about how every family is different This is a great beginner book for introducing family types This book can provide a lot of text to self relations for students a they find similarities between themselves and the characters in the story. A great message but the text is not my favorite Very wordy Not great for storytime. This book seems a bit outdated than the others in the text set that I have chosen but it still remains relevant It discusses how families are those who love and take care of you and the differences in between families Families can be big, small, average sized with old, young or middle aged people who all fight, laugh, cry and celebrate together The pictures are what stood out to me the very most rather than the text There were those with nose piercings, middle eastern families, family members out of the country, mixed families, family members in prison, grandparents, eskimo families, and African American families and it touched based with how different each family can look like.I like how it also talks about the terminology within family such as cousin, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, brother, son etc and how each one is still a apart of your family, no matter what name or label you put onto them It also talks about how you can make your own family once you grow up and that your new family and old family can all come together and be part of one collective family It also talks about how sometimes there are certain reasons why families cannot see each other whether it be distance, disagreements or fights that have taken place but it circles around to how families may be different but all families still love each other the same I would definitely recommend this as a good read because it enables each student to relate to the context of the book to their own personal lives It can also help them develop different perspectives ands help them learn acceptance and inclusion of those around them Informational text informational The story was a good one, the book describes that not every family is the traditional one It shows and describes all of the different types of families could be made up and also who makes a family complete One thing I particularly did not like in this story was one of the illustrations showed a father behind bars and the family coming to visit him I would not want to bring up bad memories in the classroom due to a students having family members being locked up. This non fictional children s book is very culturally rich The book goes through examples of many different families and their celebrations, struggles, traditions, routines, jobs, and even holidays This book does not have a main character but it instead has many different characters from different cultures Under one of the illustrations is a picture of a traditionally dressed small indian family sitting on a rug, the author writes under the picture that families are for caringlovingsharing, far or near, big or little..all kinds of families I will definitely use this book in my classroom because I believe that this book will help students understand their emotions when feelings such at sadness are discussed openly The direct approach of this book is easy for children to understand and the illustrations are very detailed The author does a great job in making an emphasis on how all families are different and how we all need to accept and embrace all kinds of families The only thing I think the book is lacking is color in the illustrations The author Norma Simon s training in education and psychotherapy allowed her to decide to write this special book that reassures children of where emotions are concerned. In A Book Far Ahead Of Its Time, All Kinds Of Families Celebrated The Broad Diversity Of American Families When It Was First Published In Now Norma Simon And Sarah S Brannen Have Updated This Classic For The Modern Age Multicultural And Multigenerational People Demonstrate What Being In A Family Means And How All Families Offer Each Other Support And Love This picture book explores in words and pictures what a family is and how families vary in makeup and styles I think this is a nice book about families, but it could use some updating It was originally published in 1976 and was probably cutting edge back then as it shows that families are not just made up by the traditional mom, dad and kids, but made up in multiple ways However, modern families can now include two moms or two dads and it would be nice to see race types included So, while I appreciate this book for what it was doing in its time, I think there are newer and better books to share with families of today.Update I just finished reading a new edition published in 2016 for the 40th anniversary and it looks like my concerns were found and addressed by others While this new edition has the same text, it has new illustrations representing many races and what appear to be families with same sex parents This is a great change and makes it relevant for today s families. Simon, Norma, and Joe Lasker All Kinds of Families Chicago A Whitman, 1976 Print Ages 8 10 All Kinds of Families is officially one of my favorite picture books I say this because of the fact that it goes through what families go through, fights, hardships, and all other things It describes how we as families are never perfect, but when we work together we are going to be the best It is so revealing and so awesome knowing that no family is perfect Even when I have thought that my family was so good, and could be so bad at the same time It is nice to know that no other family is perfect, unlike mine as well I liked this because it made me reflect back and realize what it was like growing up, talking with my siblings, parents, etc It is nice knowing that I am able to relate to books that I like reading and that I love to read about because it s nice to be able to think back of all the great memories we had as a family.

Norma Simon has published than fifty books for children Her bookshave the special quality of engaging children because they deal with experiences which have rich emotional meaning for them Her books explore awide spectrum of topics ranging from playful accounts of children and pets,from the pleasures of a rainy day WET WORLD is her most recent book forCandlewick to books which help childr

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