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Alaska Home LONELY MEN IN HARD LUCK, ALASKA, LOOKING FOR WOMEN OUR TOWN MIGHT BE COLD, BUT OUR HEARTS ARE WARM Location North Of The Arctic Circle Population Mostly Men But The Three O Halloran Brothers, Who Run A Bush Plane Charter Service Called Midnight Sons, Are Heading A Campaign To Bring Women To Town Falling For Him Christian, The Youngest O Halloran Brother, Has A Problem, And Her Name Is Mariah Douglas The Midnight Sons Secretary Is Always Losing His Messages, Misplacing His Files And Generally Creating Chaos Despite That, He Can T Get Her Out Of His Mind Ending In Marriage The Clashes Between Pilot Duke Porter And Seattle Attorney Tracy Santiago Are Legendary Duke S A Tough, Rugged Individualist Who Delights In Expressing Outrageous Opinions, Particularly When Tracy S Around But She Gives As Good As She Gets And Not Just When They Re Arguing Includes A Special Extra Novella Midnight Sons And Daughters Scott O Halloran And Chrissie Harris Are All Grown Up Now After Years Away From Alaska, Scott S Back In Town, And Everybody S Wondering If He S Here To Stay Especially Chrissie, The Girl He Left Behind

Debbie Macomber is a 1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today s most popular writers with than 200 million copies of her books in print worldwide In her novels, Macomber brings to life compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring friendships, uplifting her readers with stories of connection and hope Macomber s novels have spent over 1,000 weeks on the New York Time

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  • Alaska Home
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  • 07 December 2017

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    Alaska Home is by Debbie Macomber It is the third book in the Alaska series It is actually three books in one Falling for Him is the story of Christian and Mariah Christian is the youngest of the O Hallorans and the man behind the idea of bringing in ladies for the pilots and men of Hard Luck, Alaska in order to keep their pilots from quitting His choice for secretary of their airplane business turns around and leaves She has no intention of staying Mariah Douglas did come and stay Unfortunately, Christian takes a dislike to her and she, in turn, has a crush on him This makes her extremely clumsy when Christian is around She isn t that way with the others After her year in Alaska is over, Christian once sets out to make her leave Will he succeed The book is cute and has some very humorous situations Ending in Marriage is book two and is the story of Duke Porter and Tracy Santiago Duke is the best and the first of the pilots to sign on with the 0 Hallorans He is the most vocal and the least gentlemanly of them Tracy Santiago is a Seattle attorney who was sent by Mariah Douglas family to bring her back home and to sue the O Halloran brothers When Tracy traveled to Hard Luck, she rode with Duke Porter who was attracted to Tracy but hit it well beneath his contempt for her as a liberated woman Tracy quickly determined that Mariah was here under her own terms and there was no case However, they remained friends Now Tracy has returned to Hard Luck to attend Mariah s wedding Her pilot is none other than Duke Porter What will happen now Sparks do fly and the fun begins The extra novella in this book is Midnight Sons and Daughters It is the story of Scott O Halloran, the adopted son of Sawyer O Halloran and Chrissie Harris, daughter of one of the men in Hard Luck The two grew up together after Scott s Mother answered the ad for work, a cabin, and 20 acres offered by the O Halloran brothers She became the town librarian As the only girl in town, Chrissie immediately became the best friend of Scott s sister Susan After having a crush on Scott as a child, Chrissie is determined not to get her heart involved with him again She is a lawyer now working in hard Luck and Scott is newly retired from the military He returns to Hard Luck to work for his Dad and Uncles Sparks fly when they meet again Can Chrissie keep her heart to herself The three books make the book fantastic There is a lot to read and enjoy.

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    A three volume book about the O Halloran brothers and the women theyChoose to marry A fast, delightful, entertaining read set in Alaska TheFinal story is about Scott and Chrissie who are now all grown up and wantto stay in their town of Hard Luck The stories reflect on previous charactersIn Hard Luck Enjoy ,

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    I haven t read the previous volume yet but it didn t stop me from enjoying this one I choose this book for the Alaska setting We may not see lots of landscape but it got the small town vibe that I like I adored the history of the town of Hard Luck and the O Halloran family s at the beginning It can be a little over the top at time, maybe it s because it s short stories, but I didn t mind Falling for him 4 starMariah is a klutz when her boss is near Christian O Halloran is exasperated because she lose things and ruin his coffee every morning He act like a grumpy bear but it didn t stop her from falling for him Clueless about being, in a manner of speaking, responsible for her clumsiness, it s almost funny how rude he can be The O Halloran brothers own and operate a bush plane business, and when Christian fly her in Anchorage for her vacation, a kiss will let him confuse He may be hard to follow, he change his mind too quickly, but it s amusing to see him trying to find all kind of excuse to deny what he really feels.Ending in marriage 3.5 starEver since she met Duke Porter, one of the pilot at Midnight Sons, she couldn t stand him and his archaic vision of women.Ever since he met Tracy Santiago, an attorney from Seattle who came to make sure there s nothing crooked about the contract in Hard Luck, he takes great delight in shocking her on purpose There s only one thing that can change their opinion on the other a life threatening experience I always liked the nemesis plot, but it s not always like I want it to be I enjoyed the first part of the story But Tracy sudden desire to marry and abandon her life in Seattle for Duke so fast did not seem plausible with the image and attitude of the character the author presented us at the beginning In the end, I didn t really believe in them as a couple Fortunately, there was a second romance with Ben and his new cook, Mary, that even if it was quick too, was satisfying When you want a good meal, a good coffee and advices, you go to Ben Hamilton s caf A wise man when it comes to guide the townsfolk, the elder will met his match.Midnight sons and daughters 2 starScott O Halloran and Chrissie Harris know each other since they were kids They thought they would marry eventually, but adolescence happened, Scott had a couple of hard knock and he broke Chrissie s heart twice First in enroling in the Army and the second time when he didn t tell her right away he have a fianc when they were about to resume their relationship Now Scott is back for good in Hard Luck to work at Midnight Sons and maybe work things out with Chrissie.In his youth, Scott was quite the matchmaker and helped the men with his advices That s why I don t understand what happened to make his own lovelife a mess and how he s not romantic at all It s fun that those couple intended to reciprocate with the matchmaking and it give us the opportunity to revisit all the couples.I m so disappointed by Scott and Chrissie romance But especially by the hero He should have listen to his own advices It s like it was not that big of a deal that he hided a fianc He didn t fight for Chrissie at the time, and he still didn t fight for her now, so that s why this story didn t work for me.

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    Falling for Him 3 stars This is Christian and Mariah s story I liked the parts involving thor story, but I didn t like everyone telling their stories too I wasn t interested in here them tell the story Although, I did like that there is than one happy ending Ending in Marriage 2 starsI don t like either main character This time I liked some of the other stories since it lessed the amount of time spent with Tracey and Duke Midnight Sons and Daughters 3 starsAgain, I liked the main characters, Scott and Chrissie, and their story It was nice to see them grown up and to find out what happened to them in between I didn t like have the rest of the characters getting involved in the storytelling It was too many people Although, I did like knowing what happened to the town from the end of the last story to the beginning of this one.

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    This was my favorite of the three collections I liked the female and male characters in this story, they were independent and hard working The only qualm I have is the ease and quickness that their romances became a real thing at the very endlike they were still fighting and suddenly they are married.The characters were definitely fun in this one though and I had been waiting for their stories throughout the series.

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    Romance, clean, mild language and sensualityFun, read with the misunderstandings, and quirky romance in Alaska Family secrets, hurts, and lovely attractions Great chemistry, figuring out romance, and falling for each other again for one couple in the frozen north.Genuine, honest characters, with some great chemistry and of course, visits from Characters in other novels Fun read

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    I loved this series, I felt like I was a resident of Hard Luck I truly have fallen in love with Alaska I am sad that the Midnight Sons has come to an end For sure a series I will have to read again sometime in the future.

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    This is such a great series Feel good and loving, but I love references to characters from the other stories in the series, and finding out all the updates on their lives Debbie Macomber s writing style is delicious

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    This one didn t seem to catch me like the others in the series did So is there going to be the kids of Hard Luck Alaska now You don t really know what happens with the other kids Just Susan married Ron.

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