AfterimageEine feine Beobachtung, ganz nah an den Figuren, und atmosph risch, und ich musste daran denken, dass ich die Filme Das Piano und Bright Star wieder einmal sehen m chte. Inspired not so much by real events if one was to look up Cameron s bio , but at the very least by real photographs, this book is a work of art in itself There is such beauty to the writing, the cadence of narrative, the astute characterizations In a wake of Downton Abbey s popularity, this can be described as an upstairs downstairs story, only the household is small and the lines quickly blur for the new servant Annie Phelan She becomes alternatively a muse, a model, a friend, a confidante, and most of all an escape from loneliness that defines the marriage of the master and mistress of the house It isn t quite a love triangle nor should it be marginalize as a lesbian fiction Just like photography itself it is a matter of perception, an emotionally intelligent study of how our perceptions control our reality and vice versa Do we see a person as they are or as we want them to beas our thoughts, desires and dreams inform our visions what might we miss really seeing Very moving thought provoking novel Recommended. I found this book to be rather strange While it had an intriguing dreamy narration, the story itself failed to impress me There was no overarching plotline or climax I felt as if I was reading a collection of short stories with the same characters in each one For example, in one section of the book Isabelle would take pictures of Annie, and in the next, Isabelle s husband would talk to Annie about how he wanted to be an explorer in his youth Both events happen in the same setting in a short time frame, but they do not connect or build off of the characterization that happened It felt as though, in each section of the book, characters were being revealed to me over and over again, but they were never being developed past that initial revelation Further, there was no goal or tension that built up to a climax I debated about giving this book three stars, because two seemed a little harsh, but then I realized that I actually did not like reading Afterimage at all. This is a story about an intelligent, quietly spirited young Annie Phelan, survivor of the potato famine who comes to an unusual household as a maid She quickly becomes a model for her mistress, Isabelle, a photographer struggling against the trivialization of women as artists and against the artistic dogma of the day photography is not real art That Isabelle has lost three children at childbirth has strained her marriage to Eldon Eldon finds Annie a most agreeable companion and he gives her books to read, shares his dreams of actually traveling to the Arctic rather than simply making maps Humphreys weaves together threads of early photography, Arctic expeditions, cartography, the role of women, the famine, class structure, attraction The writing is deep without being showy. Im curious as to what Ive missed from reading this book All the reviews seem to paint a different portrait than what I was presented with upon delving in to the world of the hoousehold of the Dashells I found it a bit boring, actually I will agree with the other reviews when they say that it was an easy read, perfectly easy to read in one sitting The only problem was the perpetual boredom with which I was taken by throughout the entire book Some spots were interesting Most were not Reading through the mapping bits and some of the stale descriptions, I would find myself fantasizing about other victorian pieces Ive read To me, the characters were very flat You couldnt tell the voices apart from one another They were all written by the same author, and the reader could feel that Not a book for me. If you are simply reading this novel based on the progtagonist character of Annie Phelan both Mary s Hillier and Ryan then it is a highly enjoyable story However, for myself, I really struggled to enjoy the storyline based upon the characters of Mr and Mrs Dashell Although, loosely based upon Mr and Mrs Charles Hay Cameron, the author purposefully wrote such stark differences in their life story, changing their life events so drastically that I honestly found the characters non sympathetic I understand full well changing the plot and storyline to suit the novel as the writing progresses, but what the author has done was fixate upon the married couple having them grow apart as a couple based upon facts that happend to Julia Margaret Cameron having her character make decisions that she herself did not make in real life affecting both her photography theme and subject matter Afterimage is beautifully written and perhaps if I had read it knowing nothing about the life of Julia Margaret Cameron, I would have loved it hands down. Can t rate it as gave up halfway through This is terrible I wish I hadn t wasted my money buying it I was attracted by the setting and the time periodbut any potential this had failed to be realised The story is utterly pointless and dull It only really gets going at the end The only relationship that came across in the book is the friendship between Annie and Eldon but apart from that all the characters are really dreary and 2D Minor characters have absolutely nothing about them, they just exist The most interesting events of the plot are never explored or developed This is such a disappointment.My main complaint with this though is the style of writing The use of the present tense is really confusing and distracting Rather than having a chapter or section from each character s point of view it just shows us what everyone is thinking all the time It was so hard to keep track of You would flit between anyone and everyone s thoughts within one paragraph I often had to re read bits to figure out who was supposed to having that thought or feeling.I will be taking this to the charity shop on Monday morning. I would becomfortable giving this 4.5 stars, but it s too good to be just a 4 so I will settle for 5.This is the third Humphreys novel I have read, and my favourite so far It s an absolutely beautiful Victorian era story of a young Irish maid named Annie and her relationship with both the lady of the house a wilful and somewhat unladylike photographer struggling to be recognized and the gentleman a map maker with a yearning to explore the world and map the entire thing Neither takes a particularly traditional approach to their servants, particularly Annie, who isn t a very typical servant herself.I find the tone and style of Humphreys writing suits me perfectly It s beautiful without veering into poetry descriptive without being verbose emotional without being excessivly melancholy or dramatic romantic without being sappy I like that she used a hint of true history as her inspiration, but didn t just repurpose or retell anyone else s story And I love the eras that she chooses to set her novels in, from the mid 19th to mid 20th Centuries I also like the fact that she keeps them relatively short at just under 250 pagesm it was easy enough to read this book in an afternoon and still have time to look out the window and mull it over afterwards. Inspired By The Life Of Julia Margaret Cameron, Afterimage Is The Bold And Provocative Story Of Annie Phelan, A Maid In The Home Of Isabel And Eldon Dashell Isabel Is Experimenting With The New Medium Of Photography, And Is Inspired By Annie, Who Becomes Her Muse The Two Form A Close Relationship, But When Eldon Devises His Own Plans For The Young Maid, Annie Nearly Loses Herself, Until Disaster Reveals Her Power Over The Dashells Work And Hearts

Helen Humphreys is the author of four books of poetry, five novels, and one work of creative non fiction She was born in Kingston on Thames, England, and now lives in Kingston, Ontario with her dog, Hazel.Her first novel, Leaving Earth 1997 , won the 1998 City of Toronto Book Award and was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year Her second novel, Afterimage 2000 , won the 2000 Rogers Writers

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  • 10 August 2018
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