Adventure Time

Adventure Time A SUGARY WHODONEIT IN THE LAND OF ADVENTURE TIME! Something Rotten Is Afoot In The Land Of Ooo, And Someone's Gotta Sniff Out What It Is! When Finn And Jake Are Suddenly Kidnapped, Princess Bubblegum Deputizes Two Of Her Most Trusted CitizensPeppermint Butler And Cinnamon Bun?! The Crime Movie Homages Come Hard And Fast In The Candy Kingdom That Never Sleeps, Written By Acclaimed Cartoonists Yuko Ono And Ananth Panagariya JOHNNY WANDER! Don't Miss The Newest Hardboiled Addition To The ADVENTURE TIME Comic Book Family!

Yuko is a comic artist currently living in New York.

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  • Adventure Time
  • Yuko Ota
  • 24 January 2019

10 thoughts on “Adventure Time

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    Adventure Time Candy Capers--Fin and Jake are gone!

    The kingdom falls into disarray without them. P.B. can't focus on her research under these conditions & puts Peppermint Butler in charge of the Banana Guard along with Cinnamon Bun for-- moral support? This is Adventure Time in a semi noir detective story.

    This limited series of the Adventure Time comics is hilarious. It surrounds Peppermint Butler & all the side characters who are perfect to tell this story. Not to say that Fin and Jake aren't great--but the others are awesome as well. I love peppermint butlers deadpan comedy. He's like an in control sociopath & keeps it super real.

    Issue #1 - follows peppermint butler | cinnamon bun | and starchy
    Lol count = 9
    (Amount of times I genuinely lol'd while reading)

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    Marceline, tu non puoi farmi schiattare così alla fine. Okay? *defunta*

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