Abel (5th Street #4)

Abel (5th Street #4) Coming Off The Worst Divorce In The History Of Marriages, Nellie Gamboa S Looking To Let Loose And Make Up For Years Of Neglect When Months Of Building Sexual Tension Between Her And The Young Hot Boxing Stud, Abel Ayala, Finally Peak, She Makes Him An Offer No Man Would Refuse No Promises No Demands Just Pure Unrestrained PassionAbel S Training For The Biggest Fight Of His Career He Has No Time For A Social Life, Much Less A Relationship So This Arrangement Couldn T Be Perfect A Beautiful Woman Asking Him To Help Her Alleviate Her Neglected Desires No Strings Attached What Can He Ask For As The Lines Between Lust And Something Much Deeper, Begin To Blur, Abel Finds Himself In An Even Bigger Fight The Fight To Regain Control Of His Now Demanding Heart

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  • Abel (5th Street #4)
  • Elizabeth Reyes
  • English
  • 17 October 2019

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    5 warm all over, giddy stars Review to come

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    When i first saw the cover. When i saw that Abel s story comes out sometime this year. That pretty much sums up how i m feeling right now xD _____________________________________________________________________________ Finally I read it And wished i didn t What the freak All i got from this was blahblahblah.SERRRRIOUSLY

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    FREE on US today 4 15 2015 BLURB Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa s looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse.No promises No demands Just pure unrestrained passion.Abel s training for the biggest fight of his career He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship So this arrangement couldn t be perfect A beautiful woman asking him to help her alleviate her neglected desires no strings attached What can he ask for As the lines between lust and something much deeper, begin to blur, Abel finds himself in an even bigger fight.The fight to regain control of his now demanding heart http www. Abel 5th StreetFREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 400 books

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    Okay, last CR book for at least a few days The binge is over heading back to the land of other genres now.3.5 stars Anyone else feel like moving within a block or two of the 5th Street gym after reading this series Show of hands Anyone Welcome to Cougar Ville 5th Street where the guys are hot and the fights aren t the only form of action happening.Seriously What is up Ms Reyes I wasn t expecting all of the sex that there was I mean, I knew there were sex scenes in the prior books, but this timeI think close to half of Abel okay, maybe I m exaggerating just a touch was sex scenes, which isn t normal for a Reyes book Not that I m complaining because this time it worked, given the characters history and how we d been waiting for these two to hook up since book 1 I LOVED how the story started right off with a great scene on the cruise ship If nothing else, I d consider the book to be a fun fluff read.There s nothing about 5th Street which jumps out for being exceptional or different when it comes to contemporary romance, but I don t seem to mind that with this series Abel had a spin I liked on a no strings attached scenario This author has always been sort of a hit or miss with me still not sure if I ll be going back to Moreno Brothers , but when she manages to write something that I like, I find myself having a good time Fans of Noah and Roni from book 1 will enjoy seeing what these two are up to now I won t plague yet another review with words like cute or sweet or sexy this week My internal thesaurus seems to be broken at the moment Fill in the blanks with your own words My one complaint there were some editing errors typos.

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    What I liked A sexy fighter having casual sex all the time with a sexy heroine What s not to like Abel and Nellie have known each other for a while through friends and family We actually start to feel and hear the sexual tension in the previous book Abel is a womanizer and a serious fighter He is approaching one of the biggest fights of his career, so he doesn t want any distractions including a serious relationship Nellie went through a horrible divorce two years ago and is still recovering She doesn t want anything serious, but she feels the need to spread her ovary wings My Abel My Nellie What I didn t like I think I had my expectations set too high I am in love with Ms Reyes s last book, Hector, and I had a picture in my head of both Abel and Nellie They are both smart asses, and I thought, When these two come together, there is going to be passion and drama and fighting and loving But there wasn t The characters fell short for me I ve read ALL of Ms Reyes s books I started reading her books at the beginning I love her YA books, but I feel like she should stick with the YA genre because you can tell that s where she has her roots Don t tell me the storySHOW ME Don t tell me how the character feltMAKE ME FEEL IT I think this might be the end of the road for me with Ms Reyes It s so hard to let go of an author that s been with you for so long I will always respect Ms Reyes She is a great author and so many readers love her as you can see by her amazing reviews I m saying this now, but when her next book comes out, I ll probably read it because I m a book slut and I can t help myself

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    Much better than Noah, but another older woman romance She s eight years older so not quite a May December, like a June September Both the heroine and the hero are completely and stupidly besotted with each other which works as they have sex like it s goin to be outlawed tomorrow Actual drama here as the heroine is trying to recover from the horror of being married divorced from the man that had a long term affair with her equally skanky sister, and the H is trying to get ready for his huge fight.The ex doesn t make it on page which is unfortunate I would have loved a scene where the H punches him out The heroine seriously upgrades as she gets Mr Muscles, excuse me, the younger Mr Muscles and finds out what all the bother about sex is.Very sweet One problem, Noah and Ronni from the first book are unbelievably annoying, and it s a miracle these two get together because of the smug meddling of the other couple.

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    I love an Elizabeth Reyes story and Abel was one I had been really looking forward too.When you read a series about a group of guys that that work at a gym in 5th Avenue LA you get to read about some hot, alpha men Abel was always the one that intrigued me the most, dark, good looking and quiet, the one that was just waiting in the background to have his story told..Once again an enjoyable read even with the lack of communication and misunderstandings between him and Nellie Abel was a perfect and caring guy and a typical alpha male that this author can write without making him sound like a jerk Look forward to Felix s story next

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    Abel was the perfect example of why I m an Elizabeth Reyes fan She creates characters that I ve fallen in love with and stories that I can relate to In this book, Abel and Nellie s chemistry was off the charts hot and I loved watching them finally give in to their attraction to each other But, I also loved their journey getting there I can say without a doubt that this was my favorite book in the series I usually start with the guy, especially when I have a strong attachment to the character, but Nellie is pretty awesome She s had to deal with a cheating husband and betrayal by her own sister, but in the end Nellie came out stronger She s resilient After dealing with her messy divorce, she s looking to have a little fun This is where Abel comes in They can t fight their attraction any, so they strike a deal to begin a no strings attached relationship The thing is, I think there was to their relationship even before it started.I love each 5th Street guy for different reasons, but Abel is my very favorite He s sexy, dedicated to his family and his career, and for a tough guypretty darn romantic He is the kind of Alpha male I typically fall for One of things I loved the most about Abel is that he s becoming this celebrity, but he s still very real Even though he was training hard for his fight, she was still the top priority He never expected to fall for Nellie as hard as he did, but as I said before, I think he had feelings for her long before they got involved They became a great couple and definitely my favorite of the group.Overall, I loved this book and was sad when I finished It was sexy, romantic, dramatic, and everything I had hoped to get from Abel and Nellie s story I also loved seeing all the characters again This is a special group of people I m still holding out hope that Felix will get his own story and that we ll get to see this group again If you re looking for a great NA series to start, check this one out Hot guys, steam, and true lovewhat could you ask for Quotes She might be great with this arrangement, but after today, he wasn t so sure he was any Things just may ve gotten complicated pg 43 It s true, he smiled, not just in love, Nell, but hopeless, there s no helping this guy kind of in love with you pg 190

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    3.5 Gimme jealous heroes stars it would have been a 4.5 star read easily but that long ass misunderstanding irrated me like no other i hate those stupid type of misunderstandings which are dragged through out the whole book, when they can easily be solved by some confrontation or easy talk C mon you potrait them as 25 or 31 yrs old adults yet they behave like some egoistic teenagers

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