A Violation

A Violation violent intruder rape is not a good setting for a romance.in my opinion She Had It All, Conventional Wisdom Said A Creative Career In Glamorous Advertising And A Handsome, Upwardly Mobile Boyfriend Yet The Gnawing Dissatisfaction Clare Forrester Felt Was Pushing Her To The Crisis Point She Had No Answers, But She Knew Something Had To ChangeThen Fate Intervened With A Nightmare A Senseless Violent Rape She Was Powerless To Prevent When Time Began Again After That Shocking Moment, Clare S Life And The Lives Of Those Closest To Her Were Changed Beyond BeliefValues, Friendships, Family Relations All Were Traumatically Altered And Now The Question Was, Could Clare Rebuild Any Life At All From The Shattered Fragments Of Her Self And Would The Power Of Love Heal The Deepest Would A Woman Could Know To sloppily written, as tho CL got bored halfway through. I thought I would relate to this book but for me, I just couldn t I ve been through something similar a long time ago and I knew I could read this book but I wanted to see what kind of emotion it invoked but it invoked none I didn t relate to the characters, I felt the story had very little depth, it just skimmed the top of the issue Even the ending seemed like a fail to me.Clare and Tom had just had a fight when he walked out on her After going to sleep that night, she was unaware that someone had broken into her place, until he began to beat and rape her Afterwards things were never the same Clare broke up with Tom, knowing he did nothing but use her like the rapist did Pamela and Larry never gave up on her Pamela helped catch the rapist and Larry helped her move on from that point in her life Her mother helped Clare heal past wounds. If the cover I read looked like this woman with the 80s hair, I might have thought twice about reading it But as it was, it was Charlotte Lamb, and I delved into it without a second thought Turns out that it wasn t your run of the mill Harlequin romance but showcases the author s considerable writing prowess.I had always considered Charlotte Lamb better than average on the HP romance writing scale True, she had a few duds, but her books delivered Many authors have proved that anyone can write a romance and garner a thousand 4 star ratings with the writing being a dud except for the hero being a total sucker for the heroine, but that s not what I m looking for when I read a romance I don t go in for that over the top romance unless it s in character, and usually it isn t , and I don t go in for heroes who are supposedly against women but suddenly is a teddy bear when it comes to the heroine spare me What really irritates me is the overboard loaded descriptions of sensual lips, sensual voice, sensual rippling of muscles can people really ripple their muscles sensually it always looked comical to me Charlotte Lamb, like a few good HP writers, and I estimate I ve read maybe 80% of all the older writers, taking into account the number of books published per author, is one of these few Whenever I read her books, I m struck by a few of her writing pros her ability to open up a book with a scene that immediately captures the reader s attention Anne Hampson is another one that comes to mind , her ability for segue from one scene to the next with amazing dexterity whereas the current fashion is for paragraph breaks or chapter breaks Sally Wentworth is also a pro at this , her ability to span a person s background and history in a number of pages seamlessly, and her paced flashbacks that keep the reader on edge to find out.This book was not a comfortable read and I feel that the rating would reflect that After all, she is a romance writer, but this book is primarily not about romance, but about three women whose mindsets and lives are turned on its head due to the burglary and senseless rape of one of the women, Clare Clare is a quiet, submissive type of woman in a fast paced job as the assistant to an advertising exec, and due to her upbringing, is lonely and looking for love Clare and the reader don t know this, however, and think she s in a great relationship with Tom, but throughout the course of the book, the reader and Clare both find out that Tom is in the relationship for Tom, and Clare comes out the loser because she wanted to be with someone she could shower with love Her mother, Beattie, had a sad sort of existence After witnessing her mother s death upon the birth of her second daughter and her father s consequent withdrawal from life, Beattie dropped out of school at 14 to take care of her younger sister and when she married, was so afraid of giving birth that she treated Clare without any sort of affection Soon after the birth of her second child, she witnessed the traumatizing scene of her husband sleeping with her younger sister and had the further tragedy of suffering her son s SID before he reached one year old Such events made her punish her husband through a few decades of silent treatment and pushed her daughter at a further distance Clare s roommate, Pamela, is the one who finds Clare after the burglary and destruction of their flat and initially believes Clare to be dead Pamela is a model with a go getter attitude, especially towards sex and men, the exact opposite of Clare, and for the same reason, had rather despised Clare for her weakness and for allowing Tom to walk all over her She decided long ago she would be the one to initiate sex and that she would be the one to choose her sexual partners and that love and submission to the male sex was not for her it had caused her to despise her mother, who had been a slave to her demanding, bullying father These three women s lives are halted mid stride when the rape occurs Clare because on the night she was raped by a stranger, she was also initially raped emotionally by Tom, who disregarded her concerns in preference of his own Beattie who realized that she had alienated her daughter for no good reason but distant, long forgotten fears and punished her husband and herself for years by locking herself into a cage of ice Pamela who somehow falls in love with someone who, unlike her, is looking for love and commitment and rejects her not once but repeatedly They each come to realize that they are victims of their own making, victims of their background and upbringing, and that the ability to change is up to them The rape is never far from the pages of the book, and indeed, it was graphically detailed, along with brutal punches to the face and abdomen, enough for Clare to go from fighting to submitting and wishing it would soon be over Never having known anyone to be a victim of rape, I found it a heartbreaking account of the aftermath, of how Clare started at men s voices, how she didn t want anyone looking at her, how even dreaming of the rape itself gave her chills and guilt Undoubtedly, the rape and the aftermath could take an entire book all by itself, but the focus wasn t completely on that I could see this book especially with that cover as a Lifetime movie I enjoyed the book and reading about these three women, but it is an angsty, sad book Some things are never tied up, such as whether the rapist is convicted he s caught but the trial conclusion isn t specified and whether Pamela has her happy ending with her unrequited love, are never gone into But maybe that s the way the book meant for it to go There are some happy endings, and some not so happy endings in life, and that s just how life is A very credible read that diverges from the author s usual genre, but it won t be a reread because of the tense subject matter.

Sheila Holland,

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  • A Violation
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