A Shadow in Summer

A Shadow in Summer The City State Of Saraykeht Dominates The Summer Cities Its Wealth Is Beyond Measure Its Port Is Open To All The Merchants Of The World, And Its Ruler, The Khai Saraykeht, Commands Forces To Rival The Gods Commerce And Trade Fill The Streets With A Hundred Languages, And The Coffers Of The Wealthy With Jewels And Gold Any Desire, However Exotic Or Base, Can Be Satisfied In Its Soft Quarter Blissfully Ignorant Of The Forces That Fuel Their Prosperity, The People Live And Work Secure In The Knowledge That Their City Is A Bastion Of Progress In A Harsh World It Would Be A Tragedy If It FellSaraykeht Is Poised On The Knife Edge Of DisasterAt The Heart Of The City S Influence Are The Poet Sorcerer Heshai And The Captive Spirit, Seedless, Whom He Controls For All His Power, Heshai Is Weak, Haunted By Memories Of Shame And Humiliation A Man Faced With Constant Reminders Of His Responsibilities And His Failures, He Is The Linchpin And The Most Vulnerable Point In Saraykeht S GreatnessFar To The West, The Armies Of Galt Have Conquered Many Lands To Take Saraykeht, They Must First Destroy The Trade Upon Which Its Prosperity Is Based Marchat Wilsin, Head Of Galt S Trading House In The City, Is Planning A Terrible Crime Against Heshai And Seedless If He Succeeds, Saraykeht Will FallAmat, House Wilsin S Business Manager, Is A Woman Who Rose From The Slums To Wield The Power That Marchat Wilsin Would Use To Destroy Her City Through Accidents Of Fate And Circumstance Amat, Her Apprentice Liat, And Two Young Men From The Farthest Reaches Of Their Society Stand Alone Against The Dangers That Threaten The City

Daniel James Abraham, pen names

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  • Hardcover
  • 331 pages
  • A Shadow in Summer
  • Daniel Abraham
  • English
  • 13 November 2017
  • 9780765313409

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    I read this in Shadow and Betrayal omnibus 3.5 5 StarsA highly original debut and a good start to a quartet.A Shadow in Summer is Daniel Abraham s debut and the first book in the Long Price Quartet series After finishing this book, I have to say that I m deeply impressed by its originality There is a lot of subtlety that goes into the book here, Abraham also has created a low fantasy series that s influenced heavily by Eastern culture especially with the way he implemented poses in the characters daily activities However, the average rating on Goodreads speaks for itself already, this is not a book that most readers will enjoy There aren t any mythical beings except for one, I guess , this book contained zero actions, literally zero actions throughout the whole book because the plot revolves heavily around politics, the pacing of the book also moved at an extremely slow pace and I, who loved slow paced books, found it was too slow at times That said, Abraham s characters are multi layered, the engaging yet beautiful prose and the world building was also excellent These three factors were very important in making me invested in the book and yes, I am really invested to continue Not to mention, the concept of andat was incredibly interesting and I can t wait to see what the series has to offer on this Possibility is a wide field, dear Can t is a word for small imaginations It s quite a short book and in my opinion, Abraham has created something super unique in the market with this book and I will continue to the sequel From the first book alone, I can conclude that A Shadow in Summer is a totally foundational book, making this series a slow burn series I envision this is also one of those series that only gets better with each installment and I m going to find out about it immediately You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

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    Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at www.nikihawkes.comI will be the first one to admit that the overview sounds a little boring and convoluted The first time I picked it up in a bookstore, I almost disregarded it right away and put it back on the shelf The reading gods must have been looking out for me that day because for one reason or another I cracked it open to read the first page And didn t stop for thirty minutes It was fascinating and engaging starting out by introducing a complex communication system that involves intricate hand gestures that conveys everything from emotion to social status And you know what It only got better Abraham then went on to developed a mind blowing magic system that was as dangerous as it was beautiful These elements combined with an unforgettable writing style made for one of the most original stories I have ever read Both the communication and magic systems went a long way to build this world, but Abraham expanded on it anyway and created a stunning city that I can still remember vividly years later Top that off with an incredible cast of characters who will have you laughing and crying with them by the time the series ends and you have one of the most memorable stories on the market All of the characters were amazing and they only got better with each book.I loved every minute, and I ll say it again this was easily one of the best series I ve ever read I will definitely be reading it again and will DEFINITELY be buying anything else this author publishes be on the lookout for my review of The Dragon s Path the first book in Abraham s latest series hitting the blog sometime next month Outstanding Recommendations If you have read all the staples, from Robert Jordan to Brandon Sanderson, and are looking for your next great series, this is definitely the author for you I recommend him as often as I can because of how profoundly his work affected me Fantasy fans out there this is a must read

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    When you ve read fantasy for as long as I have you get tired of the fact that 90% of fantasy tales revolved around a dumb farm boy who is the missing heir to the kingdom or to long gone magical powers, he has a good heart but can t seem to get the girl, he has to leave home and help the world nation kingdom against some Dark Lord, who tends to be archetype and has some old mentor who gives him the sword magical talisman to win and kick the beejesus out of the Dark Lord Oh, and then he gets the girl usually or finds someone better than the girl because the girl wasn t a very nice person Heh Back then there weren t too many variations on this tale unless you wanted to read Michael Moorcock or maybe H.P Lovecraft, though, he s horror than fantasy Nowadays, fantasy is beginning to shift to grittier realistic tales George R.R Martin being at the forefront So, now, it isn t about such tales so much and if it is the dumb farm boy might not be such a nice guy or he may lose against the enemy Maybe, unlike traditional fantasy, someone can wear black and not be a bad person So, saying all that for those who have walked with the fantasy genre as long as I have, we finally get to encounter a novel that takes another spin A SHADOW IN SUMMER has a distinctive Asian flair to it with almost no focus on the usual medieval European setting Moreover, there isn t some Dark Lord to defeat The tale focuses on politics between various factions within the city of all cities This city has gained the powers of a powerful spirit that has the ability to give the city a major up in the cotton trade by taking the seed out of cotton plants, thus, giving them a huge advantage upon other cities that need to hand pick the seeds out of each cotton bushel Naturally, other cities, most notably one similar to a European one, wants to free that spirit or control that spirit so that they can then monopolize the cotton trade So the whole story is about various groups either trying to do this or about other people investigating this plot, not quite realizing the full details until later One of the world details I liked about this world and that is based on historical facts is that the people communicate very much in body language rather than words so people will be talking and then take on a pose of apology, love, joy, anger or conciliation It s definitely a nice touch So read this book if you like intrigue, court politics and strong characters, who are not the usual archetypes and are actually doing something besides running the from the minions of the Dark Lord STORY PLOTTING EDITING B to B plus CHARACTERS DIALOGUE B to B plus SETTING A minus INTRIGUE B plus to A minus OVERALL GRADE B plus.

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    And love is important than justice, Seedless said Sometimes Yes Seedless smiled and nodded What a terrible thought, he said That love and injustice should be married The main merit of A Shadow in Summer lies in how its Author bound ideas into words and then formed them into a language comprehensible for us, ordinary human beings As to the lives these ideas led, the choices they made, the roads they had taken and the tales that could be told about it that is altogether a different matter Abraham s worldbuilding ideas take us to the world where sophisticated and developed albeit waning civilisation of the East struggles for power with quite primitive and brutish ascendant culture stylised in the western manner The Summer Cities of the Khainate live off on the scraps of an imperium gone by They are still resplendent, still rich beyond measure, overflowing with goods and pleasures each of them independent and yet interdependent immersed in the ebbs and flows of international trade Arrogant yet secure in their frivolities by the powers wielded by poets For you see, only the poet is able to grasp and then hold the andat What is the andat Andat are like thoughts made real, ideas tamed and given human shape, thoughts translated by the poet into a form that includes volition, difficult to hold each time they escape Inevitably, the scarce they become, the greater treasure they were Especially that when faced with the raw but crude power of other nations, the cities of the East had the andat as their ultimate and only weapons I am a slave, my dear The slave you hope to own I admit, I thought the idea of the andat ingenious in its simplicity But Mr Abraham surpassed all my expectations when like a fine wordsmith, he wrought a form for his idea and then breathed life into it creating Seedless Seedless, neither the slave nor a puppet and a little bit of both, simultaneously compassionate god and malefic prankster, neither a monster nor a beast and yet so very elemental and inhuman, is a character so total that he could wander through the pages of Dostoyevsky or Mann, if any of them ever bothered to write fantasy, and never would be out of place I think we re past things like forgiveness, she said We re the servants of what we have to do This is so precisely because characterisation is the second pillar elevating A Shadow in the Summer above the average It is not merely the gallimaufry of protagonists The art lies in how with each word they gain depth and colour, how the cardboard figures absorb conventional tropes and fold them into intricate shapes This book is like a human origami You know I look askance at cliches But here cliches flare with new life the coming to age, the star crossed lovers, the late lovers, the love triangle, the revenge, the from wares to whores aka the bordello tycoon trope , the master apprentice, the younger son you will find them all in this novel But don t greet them like old friends they will be as surprising as they are disturbing and inconvenient Each of the protagonists stumbles upon the very bedrocks of their own personalities and things that render them unique prove to be both a blessing and a curse This was the main reason why I couldn t fully connect with any of the heroes and heroines They were endearing and annoying at once Too much like the living people, like us hard to classify, impossible to pigeonhole None of them has come out whole from the adventure, none emerged strengthened and refined Not something you usually get in fantasy, frequently these types of personal stories are found among the classic novels You aren t a killer I m a poet If we re going to stop this thing, one of us has to change Among all the characters Amat definitely stands out It might be that I have a soft spot for elder women in a genre conquered by hordes of cocky adolescents More probably though, it is how masterfully her arc was written she reminds me Bujold s characters from the World of the Five Gods In a word where action only complements a word and the form it has taken, she is a shining supernova I really loved how in this book language is than words The protagonists communicate via countless poses and each message has a double, sometimes even triple meaning Speaking is never reduced to merely talking He answered with a pose so gentle and complex thankfulness, requesting patience, expressing affection that it neared poetry I was taking poses as I read on I also appreciated how the tale gives a laudation of conceived life, regardless of its form and stage What are the weaknesses then, you ask While the personal stories and arc are superb, the overall plot is convoluted and a bit artificial The personal stories touch but do not meet head on They tangle, but the pattern they form is haphazard, inchoate and disjointed Further, the whole stratagem develops very slowly and not without bizarre hurdles The balance between what happens, the meanings the events are supposed to carry and then the actual weight of the narrative lacks equilibrium Not deeply enough nuanced tension between the lack of free will and the lack of freedom, the general nature of the andat versus the specificity of a flawed design, inconclusive character development of the supposedly main hero built on a twisted sense of loyalty and justice, especially when juxtaposed with his initial rejection of a system that demanded cruelty from him up to the breakup point and lauded him for the breaking all this together meant that when I finished the book and I was both satisfied and dissatisfied, very disturbed and unsure what to make of the whole story I was torn and conflicted in my rating between 3 and 4 stars, but taking into consideration the avalanche of reflections this book has awakened in me, I give it a benefit of depth and raise my rating A Shadow in Summer is definitely worthy of your attention However, you need to judge very carefully if the novel is actually for you as it does not cater to all the customary needs of an average fantasy reader Despite its shortages, I am taking a pose of invitation and encouragement Bonus Read QA with Daniel Abraham on Fantasy Buddy Reads Also in the series 2 A Betrayal in Winter 3 An Autumn War 4 The Price of Spring

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    I have definitely read much worse fantasy, or fiction, for that matter, and I see that subtlety and thoughtfulness is the name of this tune, but honestly, it was slow and not much happens.It was, on the other hand, quite readable and the characters were very solid, even memorable as far as they go The society, the empire, is also quite fleshed out and has a character all of its own I have no complaints with any of that Indeed, I think it s quite remarkable.I don t even have a problem with the premise, both literally through the magic that this old poet has, or stylistically, or plot based, that this old man and the empire are one and the same Both are old, as are quite a few of the main characters, and you can see that they re wracked with guilt and a bit of senility Rightly so, I might say Using magic to forcibly abort children with or without the woman s consent is unconscionable, as is a society that has no qualms with enslaving, whether with economics, force, or the Poet s magic of conception.It s rotten, and the death of one is the death of all, and I can t really find it in my heart to feel sad for either.As a novel, it is a beautiful painting, glacially slow and majestic like like the adjective I think it IS beautiful, but that doesn t necessarily make it a good novel.If you don t mind good character studies and an exploration of culpability, duty, justice, and love rather than a modern fantasy yarn full of death and daring and heroism, then I think you might really enjoy this novel.Even now that I ve finished it with a sigh and a fairly large undercurrent of regret that it didn t live up to some undefinable promise, I want to like it than I do I have great respect for Mr Abraham already, so it s not like I m giving up the cause I m a fanboy of the Expanse, after all.I know I ll give the other four of this series a shot, but I might not do it right away.

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    4.25 A buddy Read with the FBR Group Because we love originality And this is exactly what this book offered originality and plenty of it I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away by how different and complex the plot of this fascinating story offers If you are expecting a traditional Fantasy with some political jostling in it, you have the wrong book This is not at all in the realm of the Fantasy I have known up to now Yes, we have a world of imagination, a city state made strong by flourishing trade, while the trade itself is supported by the poet sorcerers and their bonded spirit slaves The sorcerers are called poets, because they form the physical representation of an idea and give it to a spirit called Andat, the boundaries of whom are given by how precise the poem and the character of the poet craft it It is definitely a double edged sward, since even if the poet believes to have crafted a spirit with only positive and perfect virtues, if there is pain, envy, hatred, or any other such negative intent in the heart of the creator and it bleeds into the poem, something very dangerous comes through into the spirit Such is the case with Seedless He is and Andat, given shape and bonded by the poet Heshai, who feels inferior and holds a lot of hatred and negativity in his heart, but wanted to give shape to perfection in Seedless, the way he thought perfection should be However, completely without meaning it, Heshai infused Seedless with all of his hate and negativity as well, so he is so much evil, bundled up in a perfect physical form Sometimes the hand pulls the puppet, sometimes the puppet pulls the hand, but the string runs both ways Such is the case that the city state of Saraykeht, the most powerful city among the Summer Cities, counts on its poets and the Andats they wield for their crops to be abundant and plenty and for the health of the state to be in balance No one could foresee an Andat hating its bonds and bondage so much, that is willing to kill itself by destroying the poet and the well being of the city it was supposed to protect and favor And it all starts rolling with a forced abortion of a baby who s mother had no idea of the evil about to be perpetuated on her To lose everything is not the worst can happen It s starting again, from nothing, with nothing, Otah said Is exactly this, Maj agreed, then a moment later Starting again, and doing better The government of Galt is set on destroying and taking over Saraykeht Marchat Wilsin is the head of a Galt trading house and Amat, a woman in her fifties with a bad hip and sharp wit is House Wilsin s business manager Marchat Wilsin is knees deep together with Seedless in the plot to take down the city, no matter the means Shen Amat finds out, she decides to expose them and slowly gathers information Just as involved, although unknowingly and unwittingly, are the student poet Maati, the laborer young man Itani also known as Otah , and his lover, Amat s apprentice Liat, my least favorite character of them all They all have a place in the intricacies of a story woven from political intrigues, power struggles and machinations, no battles or sword fights involved at all For a book having no action sequences and full of just character building and plotting, this was one of the most enthralling books I have read in a while I was not bored even for a second And the richness of the world and characters was beautiful and varied I would recommend this to all who appreciate just plain good writing Give it a try I m going to sleep Tomorrow can t be worse than today was Possibility is a wide field, dear Can t is a word for small imaginations Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book

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    This was part of a group read and I liked it best of everybody reading the book Which is odd because I think I m the first one to complain when Fantasy or Sci Fi books don t have any action and move slow Others thought that of this book but it wasn t that way for me There s just something about DA s writing style where both the characters and world are so descriptive The emotions and interactions come off the page in HD where another author trying for the same is a black and white 9 built in the 70 s.

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    The review that hooked me review that should ve hooked me much earlier don t think beginning this series with a marathon reading session while sick was the best approach, since fevers make me to skim faster and I missed some intricacies Illness also makes me so lazy, such that I was unwilling to move even though I d hunched down into a painful sitting crouching fetal position Despite that and despite the visual trumpet blare of the pompous title fonts, and my current aversion to epics this was an incredible fantasy story I skipped ahead and around to follow a character s storyline, just because it was so fascinating I just finished stumbling through the last bits of the 4 books and I m going to have to get over my epic aversion to re read this all properly someday I would give this series than 4 stars, a little less than 5 stars.10 generations ago which isn t actually all that long, is it a few hundred years an empire fell and now its remnants, called the Summer Cities, still dominate the world with its wealth, based on a fraction of the power it once had This power comes from control of creatures called andats, ideas given volition is the description from the book I think, that are created by poets not those laureates who speak at inaugurations or publish slim volumes or, ahem, rhyme stuff Stop it I mean it Would anybody like a peanut that s my kind of poetry , but scholars who strive to completely capture a concept with a special grammar meant for this purpose and hold it in their minds, bending it to their willmagic The andat takes on the form and personality imagined by the poet, an embodiment of the creator s mind Unfortunately, once caught and lost, the exact same idea can t be recaptured If you try, you die The grammar has to be adjusted to describe it differently if possible as the years go on, it becomes impossible to find a unique description and the andat, the idea, has to be abandoned It s possible to bestow an andat upon another person, another poet Each of the cities has its own poet, each andat s power used to boost the particular trade that is the basis of each city s economy.The Summer Cities culture is obviously drawn from Asia, with the almond eyes and teahouses, but how beautiful the added touches are Letters having edges sewn with silk thread are tucked into sleeves firekeepers maintain braziers along major thoroughfares during cold months the language consists of as many gestures as words the suffix kvo is used for teachers, cha for respect, and kya for great affection grace notes in this wicked awesome story And man, can this author write Too many lines that made me pause to appreciate, even in a feverish haze I wish I had the head to remember quotes to share them, but all I remember is the lift that comes from knowing something is very good.This first book introduces the world building it, hah It begins at the poet school where we learn how they attempt to select the right people to potentially wield andats Then fast forward to a young poet sent to one of the cities to be ready to take on the residing poet s andat when the time comes A plot to destroy the current poet is revealed to be just a feeler Threading around the plot are all the human relations that complicate everything There is the expected love triangle, whatever, but better is the delicate hum of Marchat and Amat Wonderful and quietly sad Anyway, the feeler plot felt flabby and small until it swelled to include nations and then gut punches a reader with a series of, uh, punches In the gut That final sentence, wow It s like the whole book was an orchestra just before a performance, sawing bows and turning knobs, an oddly harmonious dissonance heh, I know, dumb, but when the strings are tuning and don t quite match but all sound like a piece of silk running up your backthat , and at the last sentence the conductor dramatically raises his baton.

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    4. maybe a 3.75 stars So if I need to describe this first book in 2 words I would say Original and ClinicalOriginal, because let s be honest it s nothing like other fantasy novels I ve read, the magic system is about capturing ideas into humanoid forms called Andat and control them to do the bidding of the castor, however these forms develop somewhat human traits and emotions as well, cue instant interesting and favorite character The world building is also very engaging with a lot of oriental and Asian influences can we take a second to appreciate those beautiful covers Kudos to Stephanie Martiniere.The plot is politics and economy heavy which and completely action free, which you don t see much of, if ever, in fantasy This could be a big hit or miss for readers as the plot can be very slow paced at times cue audiobook to speed things up , I won t call it slow burn for now because that implies that they are great things to happen and I don t know that yet However, this series seems like one that only gets better and better with each book, so look forward for 3 reviews Why clinical Well you d think the slow nothing is happening pace is the reason of the low ish rating I gave, I actually like well done slow burn books cough RobinHobb cough This one though was kind of a miss regarding the presentation of the characters Don t get me wrong they are all interesting and engaging to read about, Otah and Seedless are my absolute favorite, Amat is a middle aged woman who is a BAMF that gets shit done and Maati is a precious child that you want to smack every once in a while and hug the rest of the time, Liat can go expire in a ditch for all I care but she is a very realistic 17 years old girl Not to mention a plethora of other rich charatersSo all of the above had great distinct characterization, but I just wasn t attached to any of them We would get description of all these horrible things that happened to them and I m like too bad bro..So that was a bit disappointing for someone like me who likes to get destroyed and left traumatized after finishing a book..So all in all, I recommend this book for someone who is bored with all the mainstream fantasy and would like to experience something new I am DEFINITELY going to continue with the series because ANDATS and because I really really liked the world and I am hopefully that my attachment issues with the characters will improve as the series advances.Buddy Read with my best book friend Petrik who always tries to keep me sane when I m in full geek out mode D

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    RTC after I finish the series..It was a bit difficult in the beginning of the book but then it grabs you and keeps you up til 3am Not that I did

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