For Love Of Lily

For Love Of LilyAttractive, Clever And Wilful, Lily Knowles Is Desperate To Leave Home So At Twenty One She Escapes To London To Train As A Nurse, Where She Gathers Many Admirers None Dashing Than RAF Officer Sandy Redfern, With Whom She Falls In LoveBut The Coming Of War, With The Chaos Of The Blitz, Brings Upheavals And Unforeseen Entanglements On Hearing Of Sandy S Reckless Affair With A Married Woman, A Heartbroken Lily Throws Herself Into Her Work Then Further Changes In Circumstances Bring Her To A Busy RAF Hospital In Hampshire, Where A Faithful Childhood Sweetheart Persuades Her To Become Engaged To HimAnd Then Fate Brings Sandy Redfern Back Into Her Life, Physically Scarred By Burns And Inwardly Embittered What Of Their Once Passionate Love And Her Present Commitment Can The Past Ever Be Recaptured A slow starter, and a main character that I don t think I really liked.but, a great story I wanted it to end differently, but the ending was great It tied up all of the loose ends, if somewhat abruptly It also has a lot of history involved which I love. Hmmm Scratches cheek in deep thought The problem is that in recent times I ve read books by some very good writers Now, I know it s not fair to compare a novel like this toliterary works, but my overall feeling is the standard of writing here is pretty amateurish.The reason I read this was out of an interest in the time period and the subject matter from that standpoint, there are some good nuggets of historical detail Though, on the other hand, from an authorial point of view, some of them are thrown in unnecessarily But on the whole, I think the level of medical, military and general war research is to be commended.A big problem is that the book is far too long If it had been tightened up by decent editing, the book could have been half the length This shouldn t have been a 500 page novel Something that sticks out and irked me was the dialogue Much of the dialogue is of the Oh my dear, goodness me variety Basically, many of the conversations are cheesy, cliched and corny You could make Doritos out of this stuff.I m not really sure what sort of market this is aimed at perhaps the Romance audience maybe in this case, none of the above objections really are pertinent Perhaps the author is giving the readership what it wants, I don t know.For me, while some of the period detail was interesting, I found the story quite dull I notice this when my mind keeps wandering , and it was a slog to keep pushing through.Again, I would really only recommend this to people with a fascination for the war on the home front, nursing, etc. Time taken to read 3 days on and offPublisher Arrow Pages 521Blurb from GoodreadsAttractive, clever and wilful, Lily Knowles is desperate to leave home So at twenty one she escapes to London to train as a nurse, where she gathers many admirers nonedashing than RAF officer Sandy Redfern, with whom she falls in love.But the coming of war, with the chaos of the Blitz, brings upheavals and unforeseen entanglements On hearing of Sandy s reckless affair with a married woman, a heartbroken Lily throws herself into her work Then further changes in circumstances bring her to a busy RAF hospital in Hampshire, where a faithful childhood sweetheart persuades her to become engaged to him.And then fate brings Sandy Redfern back into her life, physically scarred by burns and inwardly embittered What of their once passionate love and her present commitment Can the past ever be recaptured My ReviewLily Knowles is our main character, introduced to her in 1924 as a little girl and quickly moving on as she fast approaches her twenty first birthday Lily wants away from home, the scruffy children, her father and step mother and runs toward her grandparents and a career in nursing She meets RAF officer Sandy Redfern and finds herself torn between her career and putting Sandy first, particularly now the war is upon them The tale goes across war time and a chance conversation presents an opportunity to revisit her lost love or finally get some closure.Ugh, Lily is an infuriating character that I liked and hated in almost equal measures A selfish young fool of a girl who embarks on a career of nursing, then the war starts and Lily is forced to grow up She goes through quite a journey of self exploration and growth, the writing draws you in to experience the emotions young Lily endures and has to process.Not only is this a story of personal growth, love, relationships, families war, it also delves into some history I love a book where I learn a little something as well as enjoying the story for what it is, the author has done her homework and details of nursing procedures, medical advances developments at the time as well as events of war This was my first time reading this author and I would absolutely read her again, I plan on looking up her other titles, 4 5 for me this time. Maggie Holt s A nurse at war is a truly gripping read that is mesmirisingly captivating from the very first page to the very end, and a book that i took much enjoyment and pleasure from reading Maggie Holt s writing style has a beautiful fluidity to it and is very truth drawing exciting that makes you want to read on and find out , hence the momentum of the storyline my interest was continued throughout It is a story that is very character driven so that you end up following the journey of the main character Lily and being swept away with her adventure, that is really interesting and personal The second world war is the central focus and main theme of this story which adds to the realism and emotion that is already apparent, giving it thusrealism, authenticity and poinancy which is achived primarily through the detailed descriptions of the horrors of the war and a soldiers life For those readers who enjoy romance novels then this one is an epitimy of a really great one, which is full of heartfelt emotion, loss and longing and the huge mental struggle that the heart feelings have on ones mind and actions which is something that i think a lot of people would be able to relate to easily It is especially easy to relate to and empathise with the main character because she is just so believable and someone who i enjoyed descovering and getting to know throughout this story, which in a way makes it very emotionally personal too It is a novel that will make you think and ponder over things including the details that relate to the second world war , it is also a novel that will tug at the heartstrings of human emotion by exporing deeper into the depths of understanding of love and the true meaning of love This novel is also very correct and one that i found most facinating on explainations of nursing at this time being that i have several family members within this line of career , and it really does highlight the changes that have been made within the medical profession since then Hospitals and nursing was so different at that time especially during the war when the staff had to deal with a variety of casulties, that were very horrific shocking I was pleased to note that this book did not gloss over some of those details but rather kept it realistic and that Maggie Holt was honest in her writing in explaining what the impact of the war was like on the hospitals and their staff This novel is very truthful and honest which is so emotive, romantic and authentic and one that highlights how life is not always easy or purfunctorary It is a tale that many readers will love for those who enjoy nursing novels, for those who enjoy fiction that is based around the war and also for those readers who enjoy a truly romantic tale that is heartwarming and spine tingling This book was a really pleasent read that i greatly enjoyed and i would highly recomend that you take a look, as it may not be a Birdsong Sebastian Faulks but it still a very poinant tale that you will not forget.

Also wrote under the name Maggie Bennett.

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