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10 Weeks Weeks, Counsellors Summer Love Shouldn T Be This ComplicatedKay Kay Has Known Alex Since She Was First A Camper He S Always Been Her Friend, The Guy Who Gets Her Than Anyone Else Now, She S Nineteen And Suddenly He S Become But With So Much Of Her Life Still Ahead Of Her, Kay Kay Isn T Sure If Risking Her Heart Will Be Worth Risking Her FutureJody Is Not The Girl Who Goes After The Hottie She S The Girl Who Sits In The Corner With Her Steady Boyfriend And Observes But When Her Boyfriend Unexpectedly Dumps Her, And The Irish Bartender Seems Interested This Might Have To Be Her Summer Of FirstsSam Doesn T Do Love She S Tested Those Waters And Has No Interest In Nearly Drowning Again But A Summer Away From The Perfect Guy Isn T Doing Anything To Heal Her Heart Memories Of Nate Along With His Constant Texts Lead Sam Into A Self Destructive Spiral And It S Only When He Forces His Way Back Into Her Life That She Learns The Only Way To Save Herself Is To Open Her Heart

Mia s a middle and high school teacher turned writer She s obsessed with modern art, places with real museums, and In N Out Burger She is afraid of snakes than bears, rivers than oceans, and loves to sail Writing smart, tough women and the men who can keep up with them is her passion She is most often found sitting next to her computer with a bottle of Pellegrino and dark chocolate almond

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • 10 Weeks
  • Mia Josephs
  • 23 January 2019

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    10 Weeks by Jolene Perry and Janna Watts Pen name for a new signed author to Simon Schuster is a enjoyable read for one of my favourite type of books called New Adult.10 weeks is set in a Summer Camp and tells the story of 3 friends working at the camp.Kay Kay is the first story and my favourite out of all 3 just because it was so different and I loved that Kay Kay is in love with Alex who also works at the Camp but the trouble is she is 19 and he is 40 I loved loved how this story was told I loved Kay Kay and HELL I would have fallen for Alex as well PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Jolene Janna write for this couple Jody is the second story and it tells her story of trying to be perfect for her family and coping with her ex boyfriend who she thought she would marry and he also works across the lake at the boys camp then she meets Liam the hottie bartender who is too tattooed,too smirky, too Irish BUT who says these are bad things bring on the new Jody.Sam is the third and last story and my least favourite just because I felt this story has been over wrote in YA Sam has run away from her boyfriend because he dared to say the three words she never wanted to hear I Love You So Sam is hiding out at Camp teaching dance and trying to forget her boyfriend and come up with ways to get over him but then he turns up at Camp Over all 10 Weeks keep my reading and If you love YA or New Adult you should read this NOW

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    Blurb soon, o beloved Jolene No B, I see, so there s a clue

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    Update after finishing the book this book is divided into three 60 page stories about each one of the girls at the summer camp I m going to do separate ratings for each one Kay Kay 4 starsJody 3.5 to 4 starsSam 3 stars 10 Weeks is part of a new emerging genre called New Adult I am sure you have already heard about this genre and Jolene Perry even discusses above 10 Weeks is set during 10 weeks of summer camp and is about three girls who are counselors We ve got Kay Kay who is 19 and is in love with a man that is 40 Then we ve got Jody who can t get over her two year boyfriend breaking up with her because they now moved in different directions And lastly is Sam, the girl who is running away from the love she thinks she doesn t deserve Each girl s part is 60 pages long.We start off with Kay Kay She s this 19 year old independent girl who doesn t care about what anyone thinks She does what she wants and when she sets her mind on something, or shall I say someone, she usually gets what she wants Over here it is Alex, the 40 year old counselor I enjoyed Kay Kay s story the most out of all of them because it was definitely unique from the usual YA novels I read Kay Kay s story is for the span of all 10 weeks, you also see her conversing with Jody and Sam and you get hints of what is going on in their time at the camp The next story is about Jody, we go back to the first day of camp She s heartbroken over the breakup However when she lays eyes on the new bartender at The Little Minnow Bar and Grill close to camp He s Irish and maybe the distraction she needs But Jody is a commitment kind of girl and adding in a heartbreak This relationship was full of hiccups and frustration for me, though I really enjoyed it Again you can relate to these girls in how they make their decisions Jody is 20, she s not reckless and impulsive She thinks of the consequences and I sometimes miss that in YA novels.The last 60 pages stat again at the beginning of camp and this time we see Sam, a clich d 21 year old bad girl who is running away from what truly makes her happy because she thinks she doesn t deserve that Now here this is a story I ve read many times in YA novels, with a little less swearing and bad attitude I personally enjoyed this story the least since I find it very frustrating, in a bad way, that someone would think so little of themselves that they think they don t deserve happiness Overall I really enjoyed 10 Weeks, this is told from three very different girls Jolene Perry and Janna Watts have written a great New Adult novel that breaks the usual stories of YA novels I hope they continue on writing NA novels together or alone because I need of the NA genre

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    Meh I honestly could not get into this one I read all of Kay Kay s story but only a couple of the chapters in Jody s story Maybe it was the style of writing Idk, but I just couldn t get into it Maybe I will try it again later But for now I will stick with my rating This book just didn t do it for me.

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    The only reason it didn t get 5 stars is because it was just too short for me Instead of dividing the book in three, i wish it was made into a trilogy Each little story will leave you wanting for .

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    Por fin pude leer el ltimo cap tulo me gustaron mucho las tres historias, cada una en su estilo particular 3 precauci n, podr as morir de un coma diab tico

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    The premise makes it sound so promising but instead of a novel it s 3 disjointed short stories with no plot, depth, or climax.

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    Christina s BookReviews Separate rating for each story below RECAP Kay Kay and Alex have been friends since her first day of camp This year she is determined to get him to finally notice her and her love for him Even if that means breaking some rules The problem is their relationship would be complicated Alex is twice her age Will this feisty 19yr old get her way Or will her heart be broken Jody is having the worse summer ever After a two year relationship her boyfriend Jeff dumps her without a second thought Jody thought she had her whole life figured out Finish her business degree get a career and marry Jeff When her perfect life shatters she is lost She isn t like Kay Kay or Sam She s innocent But when the gorgeous bartender at Little Minnow sets her world on fire Jo will learn how to finally let go and be her Or will her heart be shattered again Sam doesn t care about anything but partying and having the time of her life at the miserable camp this summer She HAS to forget Nate wasn t suppose to happen She wasn t prepared for what was thrown her way Will Sam get her wish or will she finally see the good in her Each different, but all facing the same thing Complicated Love.MY RECAP 3.5 Stars I enjoyed Kay Kay s story with Alex and although it weirded me out at first I was happy when everything seemed to work out for them Her go for what you want attitude was exactly what was needed and what made her story great to read.4 Stars Jody s story was definitely my favorite Although she frustrated me at times I loved seeing the transformation in her I loved Liam and the impact he had on her change I loved how he was patient and loving with her Although he screwed up he made up for it and had me on his good side again When I got to the end of her story I was sad and wished for .3 Stars The story I liked least was Sam s I understood where her fear came from and why she ran but didn t really connect to her character She was really bitchy and slutty and then everything just patched up She got scared, she ran, she tried to forget, she ran back That sums up her story.The one thing I would have liked was for the girls to have of a connection It seemed like they were all just friends because they were stuck at camp.All in all I enjoyed reading this The first two stories were the best Jody s being my favorite Anyone looking for a light read will enjoy these three stories.

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    10 Weeks follows three friends during one summer Kay Kay, Jody, and Sam are all counselors at an all girls camp, and this is the summer where all of them find love The story doesn t alternate POV Instead, we get Kay Kay s story first, followed by Jody s, then Sam s Even though it s the same exact time frame, it s not repetitive There are mentions of events that happened, but that s to be expected And they re from a different POV, so we see a different side to things.Kay Kay s story was my favorite part of 10 Weeks She s 19 and in love with a man twice her age She s known Alex since she was a nine year old camper herself, but now she s all grown up Kay Kay is not shy about her feelings or anything, really so it s all up to Alex whether or not things develop between them Sure, it seems kind of creepy for a 40 year old man to be interested in a 19 year old, especially one he knew as a child But who cares She s grown now, and they re into each other I loved it Jody s story was good too, but there was some annoying drama near the end that kind of ruined it for me Jody is dealing with her ex who works at the neighboring boys camp He hasn t told his parents that they broke up, and wants her to keep up appearances But Jody has her eye on Liam, the local bartender She isn t sure if she should go for it or not, but when s the last time she did something for herself I also liked how her story dealt with figuring out what to do in college when you re already close to graduation Stay on the same path since you re so close, or jump ship 10 Weeks kind of lost me with Sam s story I cannot deal with the I don t know how to be in a relationship trope Sam comes from a rough background, but she seems to have found the perfect boyfriend in Nate But instead of staying with him when things get serious, she runs off to be a camp counselor without telling him She pulls the I don t know how to love someone so good card and I just couldn t Loving is not something you need to know how to do You either do, or you don t Stop being stupid.In the end, I did enjoy 10 Weeks overall Kay Kay and Alex s story was than enough to make up for the parts that I didn t like.Read of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews.

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    This is the story of 3 girls and their summer working at a camp They are the counselor s and this is their story It s as if each girl gets her own novella and they are all compiled a book together I loved it I got just enough from each story girl This really made me want to go back to summer camp Oh how I miss those times I never got to go for longer than a week though, and that would have seriously been my bread and butter Kay Kay19 yrs old and in love with a 40 yr old Sounds weird, but it wasn t at all AT ALL I ve never thought age mattered and I love hearing stories like these Kay Kay and Alex have been friends since she was 9 yrs old and coming to camp Now she s a counselor and she s had her sights set on Alex for a long time This summer she s going to do something about it I loved her personality and I loved watching them fall in love with each other I actually wouldn t mind a follow up story with these two JodyShe s my favorite story I guess I m most like Jody She is 21 and kind of a prude, well she s just a little naive She just hasn t had a lot of life s experiences She doesn t want to drink alcohol and she s not ready to have sex yet She is her own person Living life the way she wants Her boyfriend of 2 yrs broke up with her and she is heartbroken She meets the bartender Liam he s Irish and things start to change Let me tell you that this couple was my favorite I just love them with all of me I love Liam and I really really hope we get a follow up novella on them I need it SamShe s the screw up I wanted to slap her silly a few times She just doesn t know what to do with herself She s in love with Nate but doesn t want to say it Why would he want her She is the most harsh of the group She has really messed things up She s running and that s why she is back at camp this summer I loved seeing her change of heart and her courage to just go for it This is a really great novella and it makes me really want to go camping I hope we get a follow up of all these love stories I just want to touch base with them all See how they all are If you re looking for a great quick read then 10 Weeks is it

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